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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mom's Oven - Thanksgiving Day Turkey Noodle Soup


Thanksgiving Day celebration has passed.  When family members bring their own food to share to celebrate this special day under one roof, surely, there are a lot of leftover foods like, turkey.  What to do with leftover turkey?  Here’s a simple, tasty recipe that you can try cooking it.  We know that it’s getting colder this fall season and winter season is also approaching.  It will be a delightful day to have a hot soup on the table during our meal which is usually, the first one to be served on the table.   It will not only nourish  our body, but also gives us warmth, lifts up our mood or appetite, and makes us feel better when we’re sick.  It is low in fat and great during dieting period.  It helps restore the necessary water balance in our body which in turn, keeps our blood pressure and salt content under control.   

½  lb          leftover turkey meat (without the bones)
10 c           water
½ of pack  rice sticks noodles (Hsinchu rice stick - 14oz /396 g)
1 tsp          garlic powder
1 tsp          Italian seasoning
1 tbsp        Lawry’s seasoning salt
1 tsp          ground black pepper
4 cubes      chicken broth
1 pc           small onion, chopped
3 c             frozen /fresh mixed vegetables, precut
5 c             water
                  milk (optional)

Preparation Time:  approximately 30 minutes

Cooking Time:  approximately 45 minutes

  1. Cut the leftover turkey (with bones) into small portions to fit in to a 5-quart cooking pot. Pour the first 10 cups of water and let it boil for 30 minutes. (Note: To avoid spillage, the amount of water will depend on how much leftover turkey you can put into the cooking pot.) 
  2. Soak the noodle in a big bowl with warm water.  Prepare the other ingredients.  (Note: Cut the vegetables into small pieces, if necessary.)
  3. As needed, debone the turkey and weigh the whole meat as indicated above.  (Note: Save the extra meat and broth, if there is any, and freeze them for the next soup making).  Separate the meat into small pieces and mix in to the cooking pot again.  Add another 5 cups of water into the pot.  Let it boil for another 10 minutes. 
  4. Add all the dry ingredients while boiling the turkey meat.  Stir to taste.
  5. Drain the water from the bowl.  Cut the rice stick noodles into halves.  Mix in to the pot and boil for another 3 minutes.  (Note: If you still like to add additional water, as the noodles can still absorb some of the water while boiling, you may do so.  But you might have to add additional seasoning or salt to maintain or suit your taste.)
  6. Mix in the onion and vegetables and boil for another 2 minutes. Serve hot immediately. (Note: Milk can also be added to a cup of soup, if preferred.)

Servings:  good for 5 to 7 people

Saturday, November 1, 2014

My heart says ... Coping with the Lost of a Loved One

Life is really unpredictable and life is short, too.  Things in life unexpectedly can happen, no matter what it is and no matter how it takes.  No one is spared from experiencing this.  It is like an arrow that can strike you suddenly anytime and anywhere you are.  One must have endurance to keep one’s emotional state stable  with eyes looking up  and not down.  Looking at what are still beautiful in the midst of trials like, having people around you who still love and support you and things you have that can make you become more appreciative than before.  Counting our blessings can be a great help to soothe and lift up our spirit. On the other hand, respecting other people’s feelings and empathizing by continuously giving hope to uplift the person's moral can be very helpful, too. 

Happiness is definable in many ways and searching for it is limitless. But  having peace of mind and heart is the most indispensable matter in life that money can’t buy.  It can affect your whole being, if not controlled.  Any thing that happens, either within our control or not, has a reason, but the level of acceptance by the person concerned is hard to determine because healing process really takes time.    Along the path of healing, prayer is the most important source of all graces.  God is the perfect Healer of all.     


Psalm 46:11

As I passed through the valley of tears,
Run I must go, but nowhere to go,
With confused mind and heart in despair--
“Be still and know that I am God,”
As softly whispered to my ears.

Mark 2:5

O’ Lord you have probed and know me,
You understand my thoughts from afar,
Your love is eternal and full of mercy--
  “Child, your sins are forgiven,”
 That brought me down to my knee.

Mark 14:36

Pain not to feel, please spare me--
“Abba Father, all things are possible to you,
Take this cup from me,
But not what I will, but what you will,”
Forsake me not, stand by me.

Mark 6:50

With teary eyes wandering around,
My spirit lightened up and looked above,
That gentle voice echoed through my heart--
 “Take courage, it is I.  Do not be afraid,”
As glowing light becomes fully abound.

Mark 9:23

Uplifting are your words You have spoken,
That put my mind and heart at rest,
  Endurance and strength  empower me--
“Everything is possible to one who has faith,”
 With all the graces You have given. 



“Whatever your heart feels and says,  it is the essence of who you are, what you are, and how you are.  Your heart is the engine of your body.  Maintain a good, healthy heart and be glad you did. 

Mei Lian Ang