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Monday, September 7, 2015

My heart says - The Chosen One


No one is spared from making decision in our life and it entails difficulty.  We are born and gifted with free will.  It’s with this gift that we are made to make decision about what life is stored for us. The daily struggles or problems we face like,  the goals we need to achieve and the “wants” and “likes” to have are never ending.  We are never satisfied because we always hunger for something.  We have inner desires built in us to satisfy our  emotional, financial, physical, social, moral, and spiritual needs.   If we refuse to face our problems or fail to find solutions, what do you think will happen?  On the other hand, if we find solution, is it temporary or permanent,  advantageous or disadvantageous,  fruitful or unproductive, effective or complicated, etc?  Remember, the end doesn’t justify the means or ways we use.   Meaning to say, we still have the moral obligation and responsibility to bring out a good, effective result and not inflict harm to others.  We need to adhere to the “Law of Karma” -- what you sow is what you reap; do not do to others what you don’t want to be done to you.

The most important question to ask ourselves is this – “What is life to us? When we have problems, we tend to be demoralized, as if, the whole world is upon our head to carry.  There are people who can not carry their heavy load  on their hearts and mind that they  commit suicide.  For them, life is not worthy to live by.  They lose hope because they can not cope with their struggles in life.  They feel left alone. Helpless to find solution or refuse to find solution?  Which one are we in this area? 

Knowing how to deal with anything is making use of our God-given abilities and talents.  From the moment babies are born, they are guided how to suck their mother’s breasts to satisfy their hunger, how to stand and walk, how to say a word, how to read and write, and all the how to’s.  At this stage and onwards, their abilities are enhanced and talents developed. But when we grow older, we tend to deviate from the normal way of living because our beliefs and personality change due to environmental factors and not only by our own family upbringing.  This is how our character is molded.  Regardless of this, how do we make a good, effective decision?    
In every decision making, spiritual guidance should be sought to have  peace of mind and heart especially, if one is dealing with what vocation to take.  God’s word is the most important source of guidance to help us in our daily decision making.  We need to reflect on what we need to do.  For example,  moral status is the choice we have to deal with, whether we like it or not.  The question our own parents usually ask, when we reach the late age 30’s of our adulthood life, is this -- “Do you have a plan of getting married or not?”  Sometimes, we feel intimidated by this question or we don’t know even how to answer this simple question.  Marriage is a vocation, likewise, being single is a vocation, also.   Being single with the desire to serve the Lord is a very good decision one is to take in his life.  That’s why we are very proud in the family that my beloved cousin, Eric, has done so much reflection regarding his decision to enter priesthood.  We love and support you, Eric.  God bless you (-.-)  


My Lord, my God has called me -
“You are chosen and blessed
To take the journey with Me;
With full guidance and graces,
To uphold my law is the best.”

What my God has given me -
“I’m your God, My love is eternal
To give what is  best for you;
Nothing is impossible with Me,
To follow Me is perpetual.”

What my God has blessed me -
“Courage and perseverance
To know the Way, the Truth;
The truth that My name is “I am,”
To lead people to deliverance.”

What my God has guided me -
“Not by anyone else to decide
To do what your heart desires;
The stewardship of man needed,
To serve Me not for awhile.”

What my God has instructed me -
“Take your humble heart
To serve and not be served;
Be strong, My beloved servant,
 To keep My sheep unhurt.”

What my God has wanted me to be -
“A simple, righteous life  to have
To set good example to all;
Stand firm, My loyal servant,
 To my lost sheep for you to save.”


*This poem is lovingly dedicated to my beloved cousin who is currently staying in a seminary in San Jose, California.  We feel blessed and happy that a member of the family will become a priest.  Here are some of the activities he likes to do that I like to share. 

St. Patricks’s Ministry of Acolyte

The Fisher of Men at the Faith Festival 

The Basketball Player

The Caroler

The Bowler

The Dog Lover

The Seminarians

Special Meeting with Pope Francis

Happy Birthday, Mama Mary !!!

Friday, August 7, 2015

My hands can do this --- Coffee Can Hanging Planter with Upside-down Tomato Plant

Sometimes we need to make things possible, even though it’s different from the traditional way of planting a plant.  For example, setting a tomato plant upside down is something a cool thing to do, especially if you haven’t done it before.  There’s an advantage in doing it because it will be easier to harvest the tomatoes later on.  There will be no bugs crawling into it and eating the tomatoes, unlike if the plant is planted on the ground.  While the disadvantage is, the plant won’t grow so big, as it has a limited space for the roots to expand.  Well, let’s try this unique, simple project and just hope for a good harvest later on.   

(1)  empty Folgers coffee can 27.8 oz (big)
       portable drill with 5/8, 9/64 drill bits 
       floral wires
       needle nose plier
       screw driver
       small tomato plant
       potting soil
       used tea bags (2 to 3 pieces)
Level of Difficulty – easy


Soaking the Roots of the Plant
Remove the tomato plant from its biodegradable pot.  Carefully remove ¾ part of the soil without hurting the roots of the plant.  Soak the roots in water for a while to loosen up  the remaining soil.

Drilling of Holes

Using 5/8 drill bit, make a big hole at the bottom center of the coffee can.  If there is a need to increase the size of the hole when inserting the roots of the plant later on,  do it.  You just have to run the portable drill back and forth  through the hole.  Lastly, using the 9/64 drill bit, make 4 holes with equal spacing also around the rim side.  

Tying of Wires (a)

The length of wires to be cut will depend on the height where you will hang the coffee can planter.  In this case,  I just extend my both arms while holding one wire end from one hand to another hand to approximately measure it.  I cut and used it as my pattern to cut additional 3 wires.  Insert one wire end into the first hole at the rim.  Pull both  wire ends together and then twist them together at the edge of the coffee can several times only to keep the hold as shown in picture (a).  Do the same procedure with the other 3 wires.  

Tying of Wires (b)

Set the coffee can on the table. Hold all the wire ends together up while holding the coffee can with one hand as you align all the wires.  Twist all the wire ends together at the top only.  Provide an allowance to bend the wires around the screw driver to make a perfect circle for hanging as in picture (b).  Twist the excess wires altogether around at the end.       

Setting up the Tomato Plant (a)
Cut the bottom part of the biodegradable pot as in picture (a). Make a slit and a small hole at the center and set aside.  This will be used to prevent the roots from slipping down the hole when the plant is turned upside down.  The roots need to be stabilized inside the planter.

Setting up the Tomato Plant (b)

Remove the plant from the water and check on the roots if the soil has loosened up already as in picture (b).  Turn the coffee can upside down.  Carefully insert the roots of the tomato plant into the center hole.  Insert the slit bottom part of the biodegradable pot into the roots and stem to hold the plant itself inside the coffee can when the plant turns upside down.  If there is a need to make adjustment on the center hole of the biodegradable pot, do it.  Turn the coffee can up while holding the tomato plant with one hand. Half-filled the coffee can with potting soil and then layer the used tea bags. Fill up again with potting soil until well covered.  

This tea bag is a good source of fertilizer that helps plant grow and absorbs water to retain moisture. Home saving tips shows some uses of tea bags. 

(Note: Sorry about the size of this picture being shown which is different from the other pictures.  I failed to rotate it while it was still in my camera.)

Hanging the Upside-Down Tomato Plant (a) 

Hanging the Upside-Down Tomato Plant (b)

Choose the best area where there is enough sunlight for the tomato plant.  You can hang it on one of the branches of the tree as in picture (a) or  hang it on the ceiling of your front porch as in picture (b)

The First Fruit
Look at that cute tomato!  (-.-) ha ha ha. After several weeks of watering and waiting, it bore its first fruit.  How amazing, isn’t it?  I really feel thankful that God gifted me with His blessings and graces to make this project possible.  Thank you very much, my Lord.

Looking back, at first I didn’t even know that I could really plant or make a plant alive.  I even experienced being ridiculed by a certain person I’ve known for many years who had a small garden. I requested my household helper to ask for some vegetables from her.  Before giving in to my request, she told my household helper this, “She just knows how to ask for some vegetables in my garden, but never knows how to plant them herself.”   My household helper went back to the house with the vegetables and told me the story.  Because of that “nice comment,” I didn’t ask for vegetables from her anymore. I looked around the area of the small house where I used to live even for a little ground space where I could plant. I just found a small ground area in the side area of the house where the soil looked not so fertile and there were even small stones which I removed.   I didn’t have any garden or potting soil and gardening tools to use because I really didn’t have any knowledge  about them.  I just used a big knife to dig a hole wearing no hand gloves at all.  It didn’t cross my mind also to buy pack of seeds from the grocery store.  To test if I could plant also, I tried to plant vegetables like, celery, carrots, bell pepper, chayote, and other vegetables I bought from the market that have roots, especially. My first plant I planted was a small chayote I bought from the market.  I dug a small hole and stuck it into the ground.  Next, I had a whole celery which I cut the bottom part with the roots and dug a small hole enough to hide the roots.  I had a carrot which I cut the upper part with the leaves and dug a small hole and stuck it into the ground also.  They all became alive and grew.  I even gave away the celery to a close friend of mine who saw it when it became big already. I used a small tin can to plant my first bell pepper and I was surprised that it grew and bore small bell peppers. I discovered that I could plant vegetables with roots or without roots and make them alive.  

When I had my own house constructed in the city, my eldest brother (Dear my Beloved Bro) gave me several small grafted plants like, santol,  avocado, lanzones, and duhat.  The ground around the house looked not so fertile and it was stony also.   I couldn’t removed them because they were big and heavy.  I just looked for the best area where I could easily dig with my knife and transplant them on the ground.  I didn’t even use any garden or potting soil also.  They all grew and I harvested the fruits of avocado, santol, and duhat after several years. My first harvest of avocado  was so abundant that I gave away lots to my close friends.  Its fruits were really nice and big while santol and duhat were not that sweet yet.  As the santol and duhat became older, their fruits became sweeter and abundant, especially the duhat.  I also transplanted a kamias plant given to me by a close friend in the same stony ground area near the lanzones plant. I also planted apple mango straight from the seed of the same fruit I ate. Overflowing in abundance of fruits that we couldn’t eat them all, but to share them with others. 

I’m thankful that it is an amazing grace that my Lord, my God endowed me with this “green thumb.”   Though how hurting her comment was previously, God made her an instrument in helping me discover my innate talent.   Maybe I should have showed her my unique plant I transformed and told her like this, “Hey, thank you very much for your previous “nice comment.”  If you didn’t say that, I would never discover that I can also plant.  I’m sorry, but I got a small branch only (without roots) from your garden without your knowledge and it grew so nicely.  Take a look at this plant.  I don’t think you know about this art of planting because there is none in your garden. It’s called bonsai. ” (-.-)