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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mr. Pinto Beans' sticky notes --- The Great Gardener

The Great Gardener
The Great Gardener standing by his corn field.  He is a hard working man.  Everyday before sunrise,  he goes to the garden and looks after all the "fruits of his labor." Of course, I also help him do the rest, especially when he is out of the country working on his job. 

Picking Blackberries
He picks some ripe blackberries when I can't go out yet because of my chiggers' bite.  I'm going to miss picking the fruits, but one day, I will be alright.

Picking Tomatoes
He regularly waters the vegetation and checks on every fruit trees everyday.  Lucky him,  he got some tomatoes from the wild plants, too.    

Solar-Powered Electric Fence
One night, a "friendly, neighboring animal" visited our garden. It became nosey, torn apart the soak er hose, and pulled out some of the plants. He decided to install a solar-powered electric fence after the next day. It's a lot of hard work, but the garden should be protected.

Caught in the Act
Gotcha! Sorry, Mr. Raccoon. Did you not see the big sign? "PRIVATE PROPERTY - NO TRESPASSING."  (-.-)


The Handsome Hunter and Trapper
So you see, Mr. Raccoon, you can't get away from him.  He's not only a good Gardener, but he's also a good Hunter and a Trapper.  (-.-)
Damaged Electric Fence
There was another "friendly neighbor" who visited our garden last night.  "What a mess! Look what they did to the electric post I installed.  This is really terrible and very annoying," (-_^) said the Great Gardener.  They are our garden varmints and very hard to control and discipline.

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