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Friday, July 13, 2012

Mrs. Jelly Beans' sticky notes --- Welcome to our Country Living


Mr. Sunshine
Good morning, Mr. Sunshine!  A lucky day to have another day to start our day right. Thank you very much for giving us the energy to do the things we need to do at the right time and place, at the right phase, and with the right purpose. 

The Shadow
Mr. Sunshine is really up already.  Look at my shadow as I stand behind it.  I look taller than in person and I like it.   It's emitting the most powerful energy in the world.  But watch out--don't get sunburn. (-.-)

The Gravel Road
This is the real Country Living where there is serenity, green trees, and fresh air,  EXCEPT when there is a vehicle or truck running along this gravel road.  Oops, sorry for the inconvenience.  (-.-)

Trees Everywhere

The Garden of Eve
Trees are everywhere.  They are sweet haven for all animals and can provide an enormous sustaining necessities of all mankind.  More than enough to be thankful as if you have lived in God's Garden of Eve. Oops, too much daydreaming. (-.-)

Welcome to Native America.  The land rich in natural resources and cultural heritage. It’s a good place for hunting, trapping, fishing, boating, camping, kayaking, and doing other cultural activities. 

The Cotton Wood Trees 
These are cotton wood trees planted many years ago.  They grew so tall, even taller than our house already and trying to reach up the sky.  Their roots are visible above the ground already and possibly beneath our house's cement floor.  I hope someday we'll be able to build a new house.  I wish that  one day the HGTV people will come over here and feature our old house in the TV for renovation. They only feature houses in California. Oh my, I need to win in the lottery. (-.-) I love all these trees because they give shade to our house which makes our place naturally cool and provides a haven for many kinds of beautiful birds for us to see everyday at the front porch. 

The Oak Trees
Our house is really being surrounded by trees.  These big oak trees were planted at the same time as the cotton wood trees.   Their big roots are also visible above the ground.  I always pick many dried sticks from the falling limbs of the oak and cotton wood trees in the morning.  It’s a good exercise walking around the house while picking up these dried sticks.  These are the same dried sticks I used for making my coffee can projects, like coffee can birdhousecoffee can flower pot, coffee can hanging plantersnativity scene in coffeecan, and flower pot rack.

Neighboring Field
Hello, new neighbors!  Wait till you see them. 


New Neighbors
Good morning new neighbors!  Are you ready for a bundle? Phone…TV…Internet…Puppy  We allllll bundle….  Hey! Wait... Why are you walking away, neighbors?  (-.-)

The Holly Plant
Since this holly plant doesn’t bear any flowers, I arranged some artificial flowers I got from our parish church.  I went inside the house to get something.  When I came back, I saw a beautiful creature that made me excited to take its picture.

 Nosey Butterfly
Isn't funny that after I set the artificial flower on top of the holly plant, a butterfly became nosey to see if it can sip a nectar out of it? It really made my day happy.  Thank you very much, Mrs. Butterfly, for dropping by. (-.-)

Nosey Dragonfly
Here’s another little cute creature that is also nosey about my artificial flower I set on the holly plant.  I saw him this morning and he was a little bit camera shy. The holly plant seems becoming a STAR because it has been drawing  a lot of attention from some visitors.  Thank you for dropping by, Mr. Dragonfly.   Come back again.  (-.-)

Hummingbird Vines
This is the first time that this plant blooms after it was planted two years ago. This hummingbird vine, also known as “trumpet vine,” is a perennial climbing plant whose bright, trumpet-shaped flowers attract hummingbirds, hence, they are called hummingbird vines. This explains the reason why we have lots of hummingbirds flying around and even flying above my head when I set up my coffee can hanging planters in our front porch.  I was able to take a video of them, too.  

Because we have a wide space area in our country living, we decided to make our first garden.  Please see these posts:
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