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Monday, August 6, 2012

Mrs. Jelly Beans' sticky notes --- The Birds

The Birds on my Flower Basket
What are they doing in my flower basket? I can see 2 pairs of tiny eyes of the cutest, little birdies in the world. A mother bird has found a beautiful place to lay her eggs. She didn't even ask my permission. Hmmmmm..  (-.-)

The Hungry Birds
Oh my! They are hungry. They woke up without the mother birdie. I must find something to feed them. Oops! I change my mind. (-.-)

Open House 24/7
Instead of having my flower basket as their nest, I made them a nice coffee can birdhouse. Open house for everyone all the time – 24/7.  Oh yes, it's free board and lodging and bath . (-.-)


It's fun time
Wow! I’ve never thought that different kinds of birds on the loose would swarm around like this and took advantage of my promo.  They’re going like crazy and having lots of fun.  (-.-)

The Hummingbirds
I was removing the dead leaves off the holly plant when suddenly I heard something like a running motor. I turned my head around if there was somebody running a motor at some distance, but I couldn't find one. When I looked up, behold, I saw the smallest, cutest bird in the world! I got my cellphone at once and took a picture of it, while it kept on coming back and forth to the feeder.  Another cute creature on the loose that took advantage of the promo I made.  (-.-)


Loving the Hummingbirds 
Seldom can I be able to take this amazing video of hummingbirds while they were sipping the nectar out of the feeding container hanging in our front porch.  We bought another feeding container because of our love for these hummingbirds.  They are very nice to look at while flying around it.  I have another video showing several hummingbirds going crazy during feeding time. 

There were other birds that I took pictures of, but I don't know their names.  I just refer to them by their respective colors as shown below:

Blue Bird

Grey Bird

Red Bird

I had the chance of taking care of love birds in a big cage built in our garden when I was still in my own country.  One of my closest friends has a pet shop where I bought these love birds, food, and their mini houses.  They were really nice to look at, but it didn't prosper.  I know that birds have life span, too, but there maybe other factors that led to its death.  I totally depended on my friend's advice. I wasn't that anxious to make research about taking care of love birds that time because I wasn't technically savvy about computer. (Actually, I'm not really technically savvy even up to now.)  I was busy then with family and business.  But I really do love them.

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