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Friday, August 10, 2012

My hands can do these --- My First Made-to-Order Crochet and Knit Projects

Since my son knew that I wanted to have an income from home,  he told his co-employees about my crochet projects.  Upon knowing it, they requested for a made-to-order crochet and knitting projects.  I know how to crochet even when I was still young, but I never knew how to knit before. Oh, my golly bow wow wow!!!  What should I do (-.?) My son bought me a small knitting book, so his co-employees would have something to look on projects they like to order.   So I did what I could do and tried to learn how to  knit.  I even bought different sizes of circular knitting needles.  Oh, my golly bow wow wow (again)!!! They are expensive knitting needles. After several trials and errors,  I couldn't believe then that I can knit already (-.-) I was able to make my own crochet and knit designs specially made for them. Anyway, here are the pictures of my first sale of these projects to them.  I used them as my first models, too.  I’m thanking them for all the support they gave me (-.-) Then I have my succeeding knit projects featured in my designer's profile at All Free Knitting and crochet projects at All Free Crochet. Thank you very, very much to all viewers (-.-) 


Crocheted Edwardian Poncho (a)

Crocheted Edwardian Poncho (b)


Knitted Edwardian Scarf (a)

Knitted Edwardian Scarf (b)

Knitted Edwardian Scarf (c)

Knitted Tulips Scarf

Knitted Wildfire Scarf with Crocheted Beanie

“Your hand is a symbol of  hard work, sacrifice, commitment, and love.  It has the power to create, alter, and destroy.  It’s your choice which one to do. Learn to motivate yourself to fulfill your goals by doing things creatively and thinking positively. 

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