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Friday, August 10, 2012

My hands can do these --- Flower Arranging

I love flowers and I love doing flower arranging.  I had a chance to take flower arranging training, but it’s about Japanese flower arranging – Ikebana – in my country. The structure of a Japanese flower arrangement is based on a scalene triangle delineated by three main points, usually twigs, considered in some schools to symbolize heaven, earth, and man and in others sun, moon, and earth. The container is a key element of the composition, and various styles of pottery may be used in their construction.  I always apply these principles to every flower arranging I make.

So as a beginner, it’s nice to have a knowledge about it.  Once you have learned how to do it, you won’t envy anymore those who can make beautifully designed flower arrangements. You can show your creativeness by making different flower arranging as shown below. Make your passion into reality.

Some flowers that I used here were the flowers rejected by our previous parish priest to be displayed at our church altar.  I made my first flower arrangements of artificial flowers in our own parish church, but was rejected by our previous parish priest to be displayed.  I just asked his permission if I could have them instead.  But I designed the Christmas wreath for the front door of our church. I mentioned about this in ABOUT US page.  I’m very thankful to him for giving me these flowers. After rearranging them, see how they look now. They are the following first 5 flower arrangements below:

Flower Vase Arrangement

Flower Planter Arrangement
Flower Arranging is an art that involves heaven, earth, and humankind in that order.  It is an expression of who you are, how you are, and what you are as a person.  This is the Ikebana style.  I apply this principle to every flower arrangement I make.

Flower Carton Arrangement

 Flower Basket Arrangement

Hanging Flower Arrangement
Flowers can be arranged not only in bases, but you can also hang them  on the ceiling above your bed to create a princess- like room with curtains and ribbon hanging, too. Your room will look nice with this flower arranging.

Candle Holder Flower Arrangement

This is another kind of flower hanging arrangement.  I incorporated other items to hang, so to look like a portrait for the Christmas holiday which significantly improves the looks of the poster.  This project has also been featured in my designer’s profile at All Free Holiday Crafts as “Nativity Portrait.” Aside from this,  I also got an extremely good recognition from them -- #1 in Top Craft Designer Profiles. It's also listed as one of my Top Holiday Projects.

“Your passion for creativeness is everything you can do to make what is life all about.  It’s also putting one’s talents and skills into action, that is, of good use,  and  there should be no stopping into it.” 

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