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Friday, August 10, 2012

My hands can do these --- Zoe Pouches


I was inspired to design these pouches for my only granddaughter who was born after several years of marriage of my elder daughter.  I named these pouches after her and thought of having her use these  pouches when she grows up.  I did these projects while I was in a motel waiting the whole day for my husband to arrive after a hard day's work.  He always works in an out-of-state job as a welder. They are my first crochet projects. This is one of the reasons why I started this blog. Some of these are featured in my crochet designer's profile at All Free Crochet

I also initially uploaded only 6 of these projects to HGTV (03/23/2014) and look what my projects got! This is really great – (1st rating – outstanding; 2nd rating – good; 3rd rating- fair …..). I tried to paste a screenshot to show the first rating, but technically the screenshot extended outside the right border of my website. Unlike the screenshot I copied from All Free Holiday Crafts, as shown in my About Us page, it is well-aligned with the borders.  I couldn’t do anything to fix it technically, so I deleted it. The one modeling the All Summer Zoe Pouch and Sweet Candy Zoe Pouch, is my own beloved granddaughter.  I was criticized for posting these projects, but criticisms can’t put me down.  Sorry for being emotional (‘.’) but I really cried upon seeing these ratings because I got worried that HGTV might ask me to remove the photos due to one viewer’s criticism. Actually, I also have another controversial crochet project, Child Bathing Suit, which was featured on All Free Crochet. I was also criticized for posting this project and really got negative criticisms. Whatever ratings these projects will get, I will still appreciate it. The reality is no one can’t please everybody. Each one is entitled to his or her opinion and I just respect them. Thank you very, very much to all viewers (-.-)  

“Your hand is a symbol of  hard work, sacrifice, commitment, and love.  It has the power to create, alter, and destroy.  It’s your choice which one to do. Learn to motivate yourself to fulfill your goals by doing things creatively and thinking positively.” 

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