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Monday, August 6, 2012

My hands can do this --- Coffee Can Flower Pot

Creativeness is in the heart of the giver especially, if you love to give a plant to a special someone or friend.  A nice indoor flower pot to display in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom is a good idea to give also.

Who would ever think that this coffee container can be made into a simple, beautiful flower pot? There is also an advantage of living in a country because you can have the natural resources you will need to make this kind of coffee can flower pot. But it doesn’t mean you can’t do it because there are alternative materials that you can use. I would also like to give tribute to the person who likes to drink cups of coffee everyday regardless of what time in a day.  His brand of coffee is Folgers Columbian.  


(1) empty, cleaned Folgers coffee container  27.8 oz (big size)
(6) dried mini roses or any dried flowers
(2) pieces long dried branch without leaves
            many 6” dried straight sticks
      glue gun and glue sticks
      portable drill with 1/16 drill bit
      small manual saw
      potting soil

      floral wire
      needle nose plier
      burlap cloth
      Craft ribbon (red)

Level of Difficulty -  easy


 Choosing and Cutting the Sticks
Choose dried, straight sticks from the falling limbs of a tree.  Cut them 6” long with a manual saw.  If the dried stick is big, you can cut it into half.  

 Hole Drilling on Cap

  Hole Drilling at the Bottom
Drill 5 holes on the cap and 5 holes at the bottom of the container.

Attaching the Cap at the Bottom
With a warm glue gun on hand, attach the cap at the bottom.  Fill in the gaps with glue, if possible. This will elevate a little bit the pot from the ground, so as not to wet the dried sticks when you water the plant. 

Attaching the Dried Sticks
With a warm glue gun on hand, attach one  stick at a time on the side of the container.  Fill in the gaps with glue, if possible. Attach other sticks around the container until all the sides are fully filled up.  Be sure both ends of the sticks are evenly positioned at the top and bottom.

Arranging the Plant
Fill the container with potting soil as you arrange the plant  on it.  You can choose the kind of plant you like to put in the pot.  

Making  the Branch Stand
 In this case, I need to make a stand because this plant grows in a vine.  Attach 2 dried, long branches together with a plastic tie.  Stick it on the center of the pot.  If possible, add more soil and then press the soil down to make the dried stick stand.   

 Attaching the Cloth
Cut 1 ½ inches wide and 30 inches long of  leftover burlap cloth (any cloth of your choice will do).   Glue it around the container and tie it once. 

Arranging and Attaching the Dried Roses
Choose 6 dried roses or any small dried flowers you have. Be very careful in handling dried flowers as they easily tear apart.  Arrange them first in your hand as you would like them to appear when glued on the cloth. In flower arranging, there should be  the tallest one which is the focal flower, add the taller one, and then the lowest one.  Arrange them in vertical levels like they are representing heaven, earth, and humankind in that order.  Add other roses following the same principle and cut their stems, if possible.

Making and Attaching a Ribbon
Have a ribbon that is long enough to make 3 rounds around your 4 fingers as shown in the picture.  Provide extra layer of ribbon  on both ends.  Carefully remove them from your fingers with your thumb holding them.  Tie the center with a floral wire and twist it with a needle nose plier. Leave an extra layer  of ribbon with the same length as the other end before cutting it.  Set aside and make another ribbon following the same procedure.  Put the 2 ribbons together and twist the floral wire with a needle nose pliers again.  The 4 extra layers of ribbon should be hanging down and then spread out each layer.  Position it first where to insert in the middle of the flowers. Cut the extra wire, apply glue, and insert it through the cloth on the center of the flowers.  

Don't forget about Wally
If you are planning to give a plant to a friend or relative, this kind of coffee flower pot can be a good choice to make and it is a very durable container.  Anything that is hand made, is going to be well appreciated because it comes from your heart.  Please don’t forget to water the plant and stick Wally, the worm, into the soil.  He will tell you when the soil needs water or not. 

*This project was featured also as "Coffee Jug Planter" in my craft designer's profile at Favecrafts and posted #1 in Top Green Crafting Projects (Nov. 02, 2013).  I feel grateful to all viewers for liking my design projects  and being #4 in What's Hot - Top Craft Designers Projects (Nov. 23, 2013).  I wasn't able to copy their list, but please note this ranking is not permanent.  

*This project has been listed as #11 under subheading -- Recycled Craft Ideas of Fave Crafts' Most Popular Top 100 Craft Ideas -2013 since last January 03, 2014. Because of this, I was given this extremely memorable award as shown below. 

*This is really awesome.  What a great surprise I got this New Year 2015!!! This project got another award from Favecrafts and has been listed #13 since last 2015 under the same subheading - Recycled Craft Ideas of The Best of the Best – Top 100 Projects of 2014 as shown below.  I failed to copy their list, but please note this ranking is not permanent. Thank you very much to all viewers again (-.-)


  1. I really like this idea and have plenty of coffee cans to do this with.
    I plan on making a few of these for Christmas for my mother and sister. Thanks for a great idea that I don't have to buy hardly anything for!

  2. Thank you very much for the compliment. That's true. It can be a great gift for your mother and sister or anybody. Anything handmade is filled with love and care. They will surely like it.