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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mr. Pinto Beans' sticky notes --- Garden Varmints

Normally in a country living, there are lots of animals living around the area that are nuisance to people.  They are disease carrier which can be dangerous and can cause damage to your  house and crops. That’s why, we need to protect our garden to preserve our produce.  Here are some animals that the Trapper  was able to trap in our garden. 


No Trespassing Sign
Gotcha! Sorry, Mr. Raccoonie.  Did you not see the big sign?  “NO TRESPASSING.” (-.+) This is one of the furry animals the Trapper likes to trap.  Its fur sells good in a fur auction.  It needs a lot of work and knowledge how  and when to trap furry animals. You have to know their behavior, diet, habitat, intelligence, life expectancy, reproduction, and senses.  The Trappers knows all about it.


“Please let me out,” said Mrs. Armadillo. Look here, Mrs. Armadillo, I will let you out, but you better stop digging in my garden. I will bring you to somewhere else, so  you can do your thing there.  That’s a better deal.  “I’m really sorry, Mr. Gardener.  Thank you very much.”  (-.-)

*Armadillos dig because their food source is found beneath the grounds surface. They use their powerful snouts and sharp front paws which can severely damage your lawn or garden.  They have  very poor eyesight, but very sensitive noses. They are territorial, so we condition them to stay away from our lawn or garden. 

*Information taken from


Just what you have seen and heard in a TV commercial-- “Hey, dad, I think it’s dead.  Nope, he's just playing opossum.” (-.-)  Then suddenly the opossum started growling which made the kids startled. In this video, he can't just play acting-- he was caught in the act eating our honeydew in our garden.  The Trapper had set up a trap in that area when he saw the other day a watermelon almost half-eaten.

*They are considered pests due to its somewhat raccoon-like-behavior-- raiding trash cans and nesting in locations that are not suitable.  Its tail without fur is somewhat similar to a giant rat tail. Their teeth allow  to eat many different types of foods--small insects, small animals, fruits, vegetables, and also carrion.   They can caused mayhem if encountered within a human living space and that's why they are often killed and trapped. 

*Information taken from


I saw this animal early in the morning when it was a little bit dark and the sun wasn’t up yet.  He was just roaming around, probably looking for food in those piles. I told the Trapper about seeing a skunk and took a video of it. He told me that I was lucky not to be attacked by this animal.  He warned me not to come near it the next time.  Has anyone smelled something awful?  Oh my! (-._)

Anybody who will see a snake in front of him or her, whether it is small or big,  poisonous or not, will really get scared.  One morning, I passed by our drive way to go to our garden and get something.  I didn’t see any snake at first.  It took me only a minute to get what I wanted. When I passed by our drive way again, then my eyes became bigger -- why?  a snake crawling.  It really made my nerves shaking and at an instance, I grabbed what my hand could reach immediately – a big broom.  I smacked its head several times until it was no longer moving.   It happened not only once, but twice, on different occasion. The Welder was not around when that happened because he was working on his job. 


A big snake crawling in our front porch
There was another snake and it was bigger than these baby snakes.  I was about to open our glass door in our front porch and then I saw this big, long snake.   I got my camera and took a video of it, but I felt scared.  Luckily, my brother-in-law was driving his four-wheeler drive and passing by our area.  I called him in his cell phone and asked for help.  He stopped and got an iron bar and killed the snake. 
I had an experienced, too, seeing a snake inside a house when my eldest daughter was just small.  It was bigger than those in the pictures shown above. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it because I got my daughter first to secure her  safety and it was gone when I looked around.

Birds are also one of the  garden varmints, but they are not dangerous.  I love them and I even made a coffee can birdhouse for them. There were hungry birds in my flower basket before. That's why it's understandable to see birds picking our fruits even before we can pick them.  

Oh my (^_^) This is life in the Garden of Eve

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