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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Fruits of our Labor - 2012 (Harvests #4)

"There is nothing more exciting and happy moment than when you see your plants growing and bearing fruits after lots of hard work everyday in our country living."


After I featured our newly planted garden last July,  the two pictures showing the squash, zucchini, and pumpkin plants above, have a lot of visible growth.  They are still growing continuously like crazy.  That’s a great, well job done,  by the Great Gardener. I sometimes get confused which ones are squash or which ones are pumpkins or which ones are zucchinis.  I have to use a bamboo stick to look where they are because they are so crowded already. They all look  like the same to me and I’ve found out that they really belong to one group of family-- (clap your hands please) -- the *Cucurbitaceae family.  So, Golden Egg, Saffron, and Zucchini are cousins. Hmmmm... I wonder who their grandfather was.  (-.-)

Golden Summer Squash Plant


Safron Summer Squash Plant

Golden egg and Saffron summer squash are *low in calories and  high in Vitamins A & C that can help protect from heart disease and stroke and maintain healthy blood pressure.  Its fiber also helps promote colon health.  I like the texture, size, appearance, and most of all, the consistent rich color of Golden Egg. Though Saffron has pale color, its appearance and smooth, shiny texture are also likeable.  I love them both (no jealousy please). (-.-)

Zucchini Plant

Being a member of the Cucurbitaceae family, makes zucchini also so important to include in our daily food diet. It is rich in *Vitamin A , folate, potassium, and fiber that makes heart healthy as well as colon healthy and has been linked with cancer prevention. It also contains Vitamin C and lutein which is excellent for the eyes and helps to reduce bruising. I like eating zucchinis raw with its skin on because they are as good as eating cucumber raw. I also like sautéing mixed vegetables, but I don’t over cook them so to preserve its crispness and nutrients. I have other upcoming recipes for this Cucurbitaceae family.

When to Harvest the Cucurbitaceae Family of Vegetables
 As you can see in the picture, the zucchini, as well as, the saffron and golden egg can be harvested when their blossom ends have withered already. Don’t wait too long till become they bigger before you pick them. Their seeds will become matured as they grow older and bigger. Look also on the color of its skin especially the golden egg.  When its color turns too dark like dark yellow orange, it means it’s getting older and forming matured seeds and its skin becoming thick which are not good signs anymore to cook. 

Please see Mom's Oven for several recipes:
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