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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mom's Oven --- How to roast Sunflower Seeds

This is my favorite plant in our garden.  Its beauty plus the health benefits it provides are a big plus to anybody who knows how to appreciate what Mother Nature has offered to us all. That’s why I used this as my picture logo.  My symbol of my love for nature that having a green environment is a MUST for us.  My symbol of determination that I have to focus on making green craft projects to make people aware that something is still of good use if we try to do it.   My symbol of hope that everybody will become aware of the importance of nature and not just take it for granted by minimizing waste in our environment.  

Sunflower Seeds (1st variety)

Sunflower Seeds (2nd variety)
*Sunflower seeds are an exceptional source of *Vitamin E which provides cardiovascular benefits as well as anti-inflammatory effects. They are also a good source of selenium which improves detoxification and  cancer prevention.  They are also rich in magnesium which calms your nerves, muscles, and blood vessels. They also contain phytosterols which lower cholesterol.

*Nutrition Reference:

Please see about planting other vegetables and trees - The Garden (2012) and The Garden (2013).

5 cups         good sunflower seeds, sorted and washed
10 tsp          salt
3 3/4 cups   water

Note:  For every cup of sunflower seeds, provide 3/4 cup of water and 2 tsp of salt.


Sort out first the good seeds from the bad seeds by pressing each shell if it has seed inside or if it is just an empty shell.  Removing the fragments of the sunflower and dirt of bugs and insects while sorting them, will save you time and effort.  You don’t just wash them immediately after harvesting because it will be hard for you to look at the fragments and dirt of bugs and insects once they are already wet.  Besides this, it is useless to include those bad seeds on the baking tray when you can’t eat them anyway.  After sorting, put them in a strainer and wash them under running water.  Don’t forget to wear dish washing hand gloves because the dark-colored seed (2nd variety of sunflower seed) can stain your fingers and nails as they get wet.  Put them back in a container and mix in the salt and water well.  Let them stay overnight.

After soaking overnight, put them back in a strainer and drain the water into the sink. Let them stay for a while in the strainer. Have another container be placed under the strainer to avoid stain drippings on the table caused by the dark-colored seed (2nd variety of sunflower seed).

Have an old newspaper spread out on the table before you put the paper towel on top of it.  In this way, it will not wet the table and any excess water will easily be absorbed not only by the paper towel, but also the newspaper.  You have a choice if you want to let  them dry overnight or just in a few hours.  If you choose to dry them overnight, the baking time will be reduced to 15 minutes only or until the shell becomes crispy at 350 degrees. In this case, I choose to dry them in a few hours and bake them already because I’m going to bake the squash also at the same time to save electric consumption.  

I spread out the sunflower seeds in a tray not too close to some seeds for uniform baking.  You will need more baking trays to spread them out evenly in the same way as the first one.  If they are too close, some seeds will turn out not fully baked and not crispy.  Roast them  at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes or until the shell is crispy.  You may check on the crispiness of the shell after 30 minutes if it is well done already.  Otherwise, turn off the oven and let it stay inside the oven for more minutes. The remaining heat in the oven can still roast them and therefore save you from further electric consumption and avoid over roasting your sunflower seeds. If the sunflower seeds are dried overnight, the baking time is 15 minutes only at 350 degrees F also. This is really my first time to roast perfectly the sunflower seeds because I had trial and error before. I’m really glad I did it.  Have a taste and enjoy them. Don't forget to store them in an airtight container or ziploc or food saver bag that goes with my Food Saver Machine.

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“Cooking doesn’t only involve knowing what and how to cook and prepare all the ingredients, but also how much you love to cook for somebody." 

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