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Monday, November 26, 2012

Mr. Pinto Beans' sticky notes --- Deer Hunting Season (2012)

Before the Welder left for his job in Virginia, he installed two trail cameras in the ranch of his brother.  He set up two posts on the ground and attached the metal security box on each post.  He placed the trail camera inside each security boxes and attached a lock on each, so nobody can stole the camera.  He also set up a corn feeder, so deer will be enticed to go there. With these, he can be able to know what kind of wildlife there is in that area.   Some selected pictures of both cameras were taken from  Sept. 13 up to Nov. 21, 2012.  Here is my second animated story...


Mrs. Doe, The Curious 
Thinking—“Hmmm, I wonder who set this up?” asked Mrs. Doe.

Mr. Buck, The Sweetie
“Where are you, my darling?” asked Mr. Buck.

Husband and Wife Team 
“Come join me in this feast,” said Mr. Buck.

Mrs. Doe, The Great Worrier
“Do you think the Hunter is not yet here around?” asked Mrs. Doe.

Mrs. Doe, The Look Out
“I’m going to smell the air around if the Hunter is here or not,” said Mrs. Doe.

Mrs. Doe, The Detective
Then Mrs. Doe came back with the good news saying, “Ok, the Hunter is not yet around here.”

Mr. Cayote, The Loser
After 2 weeks, another desperate neighbor came to the site and found nothing. “Hmmp, there’s nothing meaty to eat here. I just have to go,” said Mr. Cayote.

Mr. Buck, King of the Ranch
After more than a week had passed, the king of the ranch arrived again and inspected the neighborhood. “I think I smell something nasty will happen. Somebody smelly will devour our food one night,”  said Mr. Buck.


 Mr. Hog, The Glutton
After more than 2 weeks, the prediction of Mr. Buck came true. "Ngoork, Ngoork, Ngoork… Oh, I love all of these,” said Mr. Hog.

Mr. Raccoonie, The Faultfinder
There was nothing left from the two night's feast. Who is to be blamed? “That nasty hog... He ate up everything," said Mr. Raccoonie.

Mr. Bobcat, The Cat with Nine Lives
Then one night, "Meoowww…Where’s everybody? Why is everybody avoiding me?” asked Mr. Bobcat. “Anyway, I’m very glad Mr. Cayote is not around,” said Mr. Bobcat.

Mrs. Doe, The Party Goer
Then another nice day shines again in the field,  “We’re going to have a party tonight,” said Mrs. Doe.  (Smile, you’re  on candid camera.)  


Mrs. Doe, The Gossipmonger
“Hey, my dear sister, have you heard from our friends if the Hunter has already arrived or not?”  "Nope, I haven't heard any," the sister doe answered.

Mrs. Armadillo, The Digger
Another trouble maker came, but she’s lucky no one was around. “Where can I dig? Where can I dig?" asked Mrs. Armadillo.

Raccoonie Brothers
The following day... “Hey, brother Raccoonies, let’s enjoy our last party tonight.  The Trapper might be here already tomorrow. I saw Mrs. Jelly Beans is no longer home alone." The next day, the Hunter/Trapper really arrived.  One Raccoonie brother said, "Hey, guys, here he comes now. I can smell him already.  Watch out." The news about his arrival spread around the community...  

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