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Monday, November 12, 2012

Mrs. Jelly Beans' sticky notes --- A Wonderful One-Day Trip

Last Nov. 06,  I was invited by my gracious two family members, Ernest and Jeanie,  to have a trip to places I have never been before and to spend a nice time all of us together with Jeanie's mother, Alma .  We went to visit the Forest Heritage Center and saw many artifacts that are really very rich in historical background and being supported continuously by the community by contributing their art works and designs primarily made of wood and other raw materials they have obtained from the forest. There are many showcases being displayed inside that highlight the historical background and many struggles of the early people to maintain and preserve  the forest. Aside from these, the many end products that were produced that we now often buy and use like paper, toilet tissue, mugs, diapers, pencils, and many others are also shown. People are encouraged to attend the scheduled craft events to show their individual creativity of how they turn different raw materials into an awesome end products one can be able to use.  Exhibitors and vendors, who come to showcase their crafts and skills, are engaged in broom making, woodturning, lye soap making and knife making.  Other activities are also included like storytelling for children, petting zoo, musical performances, and herbal foot soaks. There are also cabins that you can rent for your weekend outing to have a chance to see and explore everything what’s in there around the place as provided by the management.  

I really enjoyed this wonderful one-day trip this fall season. I’m very thankful for the time and effort Ernest and Jeanie had spent for me.  We also went around looking at the beautiful lake with its calm water, while enjoying the sweet aroma of fresh air courtesy of the many trees surrounding the area. We had a nice lunch meal and afterwards, we even went further up the hills where we saw many  trees with its colorful fall foliage along the way.   Here are some pictures taken and shared by this very good couple about the Wonders of Nature we saw as shown below:      

This short trip made me realized that I missed so much time not being able to see the Wonders of Nature in my own country.  I never thought that I would be able to travel this far, especially to USA.  Before, traveling even by bus only to go to the province of my grandparents was already a terrible experience for me every vacation time because of my motion sickness.  Now, I’m very glad that I have overcome it as time goes by.  

Though traveling to distant country is expensive, it is still worth it to see places that you haven’t seen before.   God made our eyes to see the beauty of His creation.  That’s why I’m going to post more of my future travels and this is just the beginning…

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