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Saturday, November 3, 2012

My hands can do this --- The Nativity Portrait

Jesus Christ is the reason why we are celebrating Christmas. Let’s us give honor and praise to Him this season by having a nativity scene in our house. If you don’t have enough  space in your living room to set up a nativity scene, you can have a nativity poster fix on the wall and attach simple decorations around it to make it like a live nativity scene.  This makes us remember always the reason why He was born. 

There are many ways of expressing your creativeness through flower arranging.  One way is this nativity portrait where the flowers are arranged by hanging them on the wall which significantly improves the looks of the poster.  

(1)  nativity poster
(6)  silver angels
(1)  20 ft  non-lit soft garland
(1)  300  mini light, multi-colored Christmas lights
(3)  red poinsettia bush                             
(2)  red holly berry bush
(4)  long, thin dried limbs
(1)  15 ft gift wrap gold ribbon, wide
       push pins
       scotch tape
       chicken wires
       glue gun
       glue sticks

Level of Difficulty - easy

1. Choose the best area where you want to attach the poster on the wall. There should be an electrical outlet near the wall. Try to put up the poster on the wall and mark the four corners with a pencil to help you remember the right vertical and horizontal levels.  Spread the back of the poster on the table so you can attach as many strips of scotch tape as you can.  Attach the poster on the wall by evenly flattening it with your hands so that the strips of scotch tapes will be firmly attached.  Use push pins on every sides and corners of the portrait evenly.

2. Precut 4-inch chicken wires. Find the center of the garland.  Tie a chicken wire on the  center of the garland and hang the chicken wire around the push pins.  After that, start attaching the garland with chicken wires into every push pins going to your left side (1st corner) and then downward to the 2nd corner.  Continue hanging the excess garland until it reaches the lower center of the poster only.  Go to the other half of the garland center above. Continue hanging the garland with chicken wires going to your right side (3rd corner) and then downward going to the 4th corner.  Hang the excess garland until it reaches the lower center of the poster also.  Tie both sides at the center with chicken wires again.  Don’t cut the excess garland.

3. Precut three or four 7-inch chicken wires. Attach together the 4 long, thin, dried limbs with chicken wires.  Leave some inches of the chicken wires for hanging it to the push pins later.  Use the heated glue gun with glue stick to strengthen the hold.  There should be 3 to 4 chicken wires tied and spaced on the dried limbs.  Try hanging the dried limbs on the push pins to test the strength of the hold.  If it needs more chicken wires or push pins to hang it on the wall, do it.  Remove and set them aside.

4. Arrange the red poinsettias bush, as well as, the red holly berry bush.  You don’t need to separate each of them.  Just spread them out and tie them all together with chicken wires.

5. Precut additional 7-inch chicken wires. Attach the arranged  flowers and holly to the dried limbs with chicken wires.  Use  heated glue gun with glue stick to strengthen the hold.

6. Consume all one roll of ribbon in making a big ribbon, but leave few inches for 2 layers hanging. Attach it to the dried limbs with a pre-cut chicken wire.  Use heated glue gun with glue stick to strengthen the hold, if possible.

7. Hang the dried limbs with the flowers to the lower center of the poster.  Use heated glue gun with glue stick to strengthen the hold, if possible.

8. Arrange the excess garland on the center of the flowers and tie it around the dried limbs.  Make adjustments, if possible. Use your heated glue gun, chicken wires, and push pins to secure the hold of dried limbs on the wall as you arrange the garland. 

9. Before hanging the Christmas lights, be sure that the end plug is near an electrical outlet. You have to know the extent of these lights that can be used to cover the whole area and where you should start and end.  Hang the colored Christmas lights around the portrait and on the edges of the pictures by using separate line of push pins to hold them.  Be sure that the focal point of the portrait is well lighted and the lights should be pointing to them. Whatever is the excess of the Christmas lights, they should be arranged on the flowers at the center. Make adjustments, if possible.

10 Hang the silver angels on both sides of the portrait. Plug in the Christmas lights.   

The Nativity Scene can’t be completed without this Nativity Angel. He brings the Good News to the whole world. Alleluia! This Nativity Angel can be placed above the Nativity Portrait.  Garland tied around the dried limbs  is also used to hang it.  A slightly transparent used plastic covering is attached  at the back of the angel with Christmas lights in the background. Some artificial jewels are glued on the plastic covering and dried baby’s breath flowers are added to give more beauty to it.  

Actually, I like angels, especially St. Michael, the archangel, and that's why I also made a project named, Holiday Angels.  Though they don't look like this nativity angel shown above, but they are cutely done.

If you have more space in your living room, even dried limbs can be used to house a nativity scene.  They are tied to each other around with chicken wires.  Some fresh pine leaves, holy plant fruits, and Christmas lights are added to give more color. A long garland is spread out inside and outside it with all the figurines properly set inside.  But if you don't have enough space, try this Nativity Scene in Coffee Can for a new Christmas craft project.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Here comes Santa Claus.  Have a ride with him. It’s fun. 

Nativity Portrait
(full view)

 *This project was also featured in my designer's profile at All Free Holiday Crafts as "Nativity Portrait," posted as #1 in What’s Hot-Christmas Ideas (May 09, 2015) as shown below.  Aside from this,  I also got an extremely good recognition from them -- #1 in Top Craft Designer Profiles  (March 21, 2014) as shown below also. It's also listed as one of my Top Holiday Projects and one way of setting up a Flower Arranging.  Please note this ranking is not permanent.  Thank you very much to all viewers.

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Merry Christmas  
Happy, Prosperous New Year
to  All !!! 



  1. All of your Christmas crafts are wonderful. A fitting way to celebrate the birthday of Jesus.
    God bless your creative hands

  2. Hi Deirdre,
    Thank you very much for your compliment and liking my Christmas crafts. God bless you, too. Have a great day.