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Saturday, November 24, 2012

My heart says ... No longer Home Alone

I feel happy today. Why? Because my husband, the Welder, arrived from work in Virginia the night before Thanksgiving Day.  He really tried to be home on this special yearly occasion and he was sooooo tired from long driving.  He experienced a problem while driving 100 miles already in Knoxville, Tennessee.  He stopped in a gas station to fill up his gas tank and buy coffee, but he found out there was something wrong --- he forgot his bill fold in the motel where he stayed for a night in Bristol, Virginia.  He had to drive back to the motel and luckily, he was able to have it back again.  He said he lost $50 worth of gas and 3 hours of time driving continuously instead on the road if that didn’t happen. I told him that it was still worth driving back rather than failing to have his bill fold again. It would be more aggravating if somebody has found and used his card.  That gave him a little moral boost, though I got worried, too.  

After the harvest in the garden was over, I can already set my alarm at 6 o’ clock in the morning.  I have one hour more to sleep after staying up late every nights to do my projects -- thank God (-.-). When he goes off for a job, I always text him to let him know that I’m already awake.  Then he calls me back to greet me a nice good morning and asks how I’m doing.  He calls me three times a day and oh yes, everyday – in the morning after getting off from work, when he wakes up in the afternoon, and while driving to work.  Ooops, I forgot, he also calls me during his break time whenever he has time to go out of the building to find a good reception. He always says, “Love you, hon” (-.-).  That’s why I tell him  also, “I love you three times a day, hon.” He is always like that – thoughtful, lovable, hardworking, and (ooops, don’t forget) he is a handsome guy, too (-.-). 

Image courtesy of "Home Alone,"the movie.

I was home alone for almost two months and what do you think I was doing?  Remember the movie, “Home Alone?” That kid was really very smart to think of ways how to prevent the burglars from entering their house. When you are home alone, you might be afraid that somebody might break in during the night or who knows even during the day. In our county, there are always bad news in the newspaper like, about somebody’s house was burglarized.  But I’m not afraid because my husband already taught me how to shoot. He left me a 22 pistol and 12 gauge shotgun.  

Image courtesy of "Home Alone,"the movie.

I will do anything to defend myself and anybody in his or her own senses will do the same. We live in a country and the only neighbor nearest our house is my brother-in-law’s house. It's just a walking distance from where we live.  My brother-in-law always passes by our house several times daily to attend to his business. They are really so gracious to help me whenever I need help in the absence of my husband. They are  really so kind to regularly pick me up to go to church every Saturday.  
When the Welder left for work, I took the responsibility of taking care of our humble garden.  At 5:00 am, I’m already up and I say my prayer before doing my everyday work. At 7:30 am after breakfast, I should be out already to our garden, watering the plants and harvesting a lot of vegetables ( I already posted them).  I become so busy frying okra everyday, baking, and storing other vegetables. My only day off from frying okra is when I give a day’s harvest to my sister-in-law and other members of the family. At first, they were really very happy to have my okras. Until one day I got a  big surprise -- my sister-in-law begged off from taking my okras.  I understand she has two grand kids to take care of and needs to attend to her own business, too.  Oh my! I felt as if the whole world fell on my head (-.-).  Thinking ---“What am I going to do with you now, Mrs. Okra? I said, “Well, Mrs. Okra, don’t worry, I won’t give up on you.”  The Great Gardener didn’t want to sell our harvests yet this year, so I have to continue frying the okras everyday and store them in our freezer. Since he left for a job, I didn’t find time to clean our house for a month because of my gardening, baking, and storing vegetables.  I was really, really sooooo very busy. By the time I'm finished frying okra and other work, it is already 3 or 4 pm. Then I need to go out in the garden again at 5 pm to put cover on the plants, turn on the electric fence, throw the compost, and water the plants again, if there is a need. I set my dinner time at 6 o’clock or can be extended – it depends.  I  always set my cell phone for different activities I need to do for a day, so it really serves as my “secretary.” That's my everyday work routine in the garden and inside the house.  My only company is my fighting fish, Fambo, named after Rambo, the movie, played by Sylvester Stallone.

It is only during the evening that I can do my projects.  I started crocheting pouches while I was in Virginia with my husband.  He was working, while I just stayed in the motel.  My inspiration in doing the pouches is my only granddaughter, Zoe.  That’s why I named those pouches after her - Zoe Pouches.  My intention was to publish a small book in our country about these small pouches that can be used as a project by any graders in school.  To make the story short,  I ended up blogging them and doing more greenecraft and knitting projects, as well as, writing articles about travel, flower arranging, food recipes, wonders of nature, and the Gospel.

Where am I now?  I’m no longer home alone.  I’m happy that the Welder is back home. We had the thanksgiving celebration at my sister-in-law’s house. This couple is really very so kind to invite us always whenever they have celebration. There is a lot of work to do in our garden, but the Great Gardener hasn’t been attending to his garden yet. Because his focus now is on another part of him – being a Hunter. It’s deer hunting season now.  Though he’s still tired of long driving and still making adjustment to his sleeping time (he worked night shift), he has been on the go everyday -- morning and afternoon -- since he has arrived.... 

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