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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mrs. Jelly Beans' sticky notes --- Teddy and Wally

I really like to be funny.  You can notice some emoticons I have included in my writings. I put some humor in my articles because I believe humor can lighten you up after a hard day's work. Sometimes I become playful and crazy. That's why I make this animated pet story.  I used to be playful when I was young like impersonating someone in a TV show.  I had a best friend with whom I played this at that time. We really had good times doing "play acting" (impersonating) because we didn't have dolls or other toys to play with.  Though I'm not a little girl anymore, I think we still need to be playful and be childlike sometimes. When there were things in our past that we failed to have or experience when we were growing up, we still need to do and show what's the best in us inspite of these shortcomings. 
 Teddy and Wally
(My First Animated Story)

Teddy, The Turtle
Help! Help! I'm falling. Agghhhhh.  I need to call the ADT .

Teddy reaching the Top
Ahhhhh... Thank God! At last, I reach the top without anybody helping me.  She doesn't even care.  Hmp...  Mrs. Jelly Beans answered, "Nope, You are wrong, Teddy.  Remember, you clicked your ADT?  I'm the one sent by ADT  to watch over you." "I'm glad to hear ADT at the other end," said Teddy. (-.-)

Wally, The Worm
Mrs. Jelly Beans asked, “What’s the problem? Are you hiding from someone? “Nope. I’m waiting for somebody because he is trying to climb up to my other area of territory here,” said Wally, the worm.

Teddy Meets Wally
At last, Wally  confronted Teddy, the turtle and asked, “What are you doing here? You are not supposed to be here. This is my territory.”  Teddy begged Wally and said, “Sorry, Bro, but let me take a rest for a while because I’ve travelled for many days to reach this mountain.” Oh my! Poor little creature…. Hmmmmm  (-.-)

Teddy Going Down
I have to go now.  Thank you very much for the space you provided me to take a rest for awhile,”  said Teddy.  “You are welcome,” said Wally.  “But wait, I have a problem…I can’t go down just like that.  I might fall.  I have to call the ADT again,” said Teddy.  “What's ADT?” asked Wally.  Teddy explained,  "ADT stands for Alert Designer Tag.  I use it to call Mrs. Jelly Beans' attention. She is really very busy doing many things-- cooking, baking, gardening, crafting, and many others."   (-.-)

Mrs. Jelly Beans on the Rescue
"Oops, here I come.  Just let go, Teddy,” said Mrs. Jelly Beans.  "I'm really glad to see you, Mrs. Jelly Beans.  You are so nice. Thank you so much," said Teddy.

Teddy Walking Away
“You are welcome, Teddy. Just stay put and don’t go anywhere.  I’ll be watching you.  I need to go back to my cooking now,” said Mrs. Jelly Beans. 

Honey, I’m home
"Honey.. I'm home. What's for supper?”  Who’s that?” asked Teddy and Wally.  “Pssst… be quiet now both of you. He is here now.  I have to go now.  See you later, guys, and behave.” (-.-) 

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