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Monday, December 10, 2012

My hands can do this --- Letter to Santa Claus Holder

Children like to make a wish every holiday season.  Here’s one good, simple project to make for this purpose.  Encourage them to do this simple project and to write letters to Santa Clause, as many as they like, to make their holiday celebration more exciting, happy, and memorable.  This will also serve as a decoration in your Christmas tree or near the fireplace as shown below.  


(1)  used car air freshener (Christmas tree shape)
(1)  metal tone wire
(1)  Elmer’s glue clear
(1)  Glitter shake (6 pcs assorted/pack)
(1)  red ribbon (Offray-1/8 in X 10 yd)
(1)  snowman button (Favorite Findings Brrr- 3 pcs/pack)
       burlap cloth
       glue gun and glue stick
       floral wire
       marker pen
       small writing paper
Level of Difficulty – easy

1. Spread the newspaper on the table. Lay flat the used car air freshener Christmas tree on it. Apply glue all over on one side only and apply  your chosen glitter shake. You don’t need to apply glue on the bottom of the tree. Spread it evenly with your index finger to cover all the area.  Let it dry.

2. Cut a  2” X 7” burlap cloth. Cut a 6 inches floral wire. Set them aside.

3. Tie the metal tone wire around the marker pen 5X. Remove the marker pen from the wire.  Leave few inches of the wire before tying the wire again around the marker pen 5X. Remove the marker pen from the wire. Be sure both wires are spiral shaped. Set it aside.

4. Cut three 25 inches ribbon for ribbon making. Tie them both around your four fingers leaving few inches of the ends loose.  Insert the floral wire in between your third and fourth finger and bend to hold the ribbon.  Carefully remove the ribbons from your fingers and bend them as you twist the wire tightly twice.

5. Insert the snowman into the wire and twist the wire tightly twice. Be sure the snowman is in the center of the ribbon.       

6. Insert the spiraled  metal tone wire into the floral wire and twist it tightly twice.  Be sure the metal tone wire  is at the center of the snowman. Don’t cut the excess wire yet. Set them aside.

7. Get the center of the burlap cloth and have it glued only on the bottom center also of the Christmas tree using your glue gun.  Glue each fold you make on the right side.  Do the same on the left side.  Glue together 2 corners only of the  remaining cloth at the back of the tree.

8. Insert one end of  the floral wire into right side of the basket weave.  Be sure the end wire will go through at the back of the tree.  Do the same with the other end of the wire.  Pull both wire ends and tighten them twice. Spread out the ribbon and arrange the snowman and metal tone wire in the center. Cut the excess wires and glue the cloth into the tree to cover the the twisted wire.
9. Insert a small paper into the metal tone wire after you write your Christmas wish to Santa Claus. Hang it up in the Christmas tree or wherever you like to hang it like the one shown in the picture below.

Letter to Santa Claus Holder (b)
The used air freshener turns out to be of still good use rather than just throwing it away.  Their nice Christmas tree shapes really conforms to the spirit of the holiday season and additionally still fill the air in a room with good smell. 

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