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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My hands can do this --- White Christmas Flower Arranging

When it comes to food preparation,  we never forget to think of the what’s, how’s, who’s, and where to celebrate the holiday season. After all the foods have been cooked and prepared by the members of the family, table setting plays an important part in the presentation of all these foods, especially in a buffet table set up.  Table accessories are added to make a really good table setting and create a holiday ambience. This nice, simple flower arranging can make a difference to add a theme in the Christmas family celebration.  It can also be placed as a decorative item in a center table as shown below, in an altar table, or any place where it fits most.


(1)  big white poinsettia bush (old)
(1)  small floral foam (old)
       old newspaper
       short green garland (old)
       red ribbon (Offray)
       oval-shaped rattan basket (old)
       bead garland (silver) (old)
       chicken wire

Level of Difficulty - easy

(1) Cut (8) 14-inch ribbon and (8) 4-inch chicken wire.  Make 8  ribbons.  Insert each chicken wire into the center of each ribbon. Set them aside.

(2) Measure out the distance or space between two ribbons to be attached in the basket and mark them first.  There should be 3 ribbons evenly spaced to attach on the front and back side, while one ribbon each on the remaining 2 sides of the basket.

(3) Get the first ribbon with a chicken wire, attach the first silver bead of the garland, and then attach to the first side of the basket where there is a marking.  Be sure that the line of silver beads is also evenly spaced and needs to be layered down a little bit. Attach the second ribbon to the next line of silver beads and attach to the basket where there is a marking, too.  Do the same procedure with the rest of the ribbons and bead garland around the basket.

(4) Spread out its branches to take the shape of the basket. There should be  three tallest flowers in the middle, while the rest should be bending forward or sideward. Stick the poinsettia into the center of the floral foam and place it on the center of the basket.  Crumple some old newspaper and put them around the floral foam until the basket is almost filled up.  Arrange the  flowers again if there is a need.

(5) Arrange the garland around the basket. Place a centerpiece on top of your dining table or center table.  Center the basket on top.

Note:This Christmas flower arranging can be kept in your storage box or cabinet as is.  You just have to wrap it in a big plastic bag to maintain its arrangement. Next holiday season, you can have it set again.

White Christmas Flower Arranging 
(on top of crocheted centerpiece)

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