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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My hands can do this --- Bottle Gift Wrapping

When giving something as a gift in a bottle, you may consider doing this simple, beautiful project.  Flowers from your garden can be dried and used to decorate this bottle. With a little bit of creativity, you will be amazed how it will turn out beautifully. The recipient will feel very glad of your thoughtfulness and creativity. And you will be glad you did it.


(4) half-pint Mason Jars with jam or jelly
(4) Offray ribbons (assorted color)
      burlap cloth
      dried mini roses
      glue gun and glue stick
      tape measure

Level of Difficulty – easy

1.  Measure and mark 2 ½ inches (W) X 9 inches (L) on the basket weave cloth and then cut. Make another 3 pieces of the same cloth with the same measurement. Set them aside.

2.  Measure and cut 27 inches each color of the ribbons. Cut the ends of the ribbons diagonally and set them aside.

3.  Choose small, good rose and leaves with stem.  You can pick a rose from one branch and pick the leaves with stem from another branch. Be very careful in cutting the rose, so to keep its petals from falling off.  Partner each rose and leaves together as many as you can.  Set them aside in one area of the table.

Note:  Rose flowers can be dried by hanging them upside down for a week or until you can see them really dry.  Group 3 pieces and tie its branch upside down on a hanger and let them dry inside a closet or cabinet where you don’t usually open it everyday. Don’t let the light come in, so to keep its color. 

4.  Lay the cloth on the table and turn the jar on its side.  Roll one end of the cloth on the jar and apply glue on the jar to attach this end.  Apply glue on the middle of the jar before rolling the other end of the cloth. Apply glue on the cloth for closing. Make this as the front center of the jar as shown in the picture below.

Attaching the Cloth

5.  Put the ribbon around the cloth and center it. Apply glue on one side of the cloth  and then on the other side to attach the ribbon. Tie the ribbon once and apply glue under it. Tie it to make a long loop and apply glue again under the ribbon.  Tie it again to make a long loop and apply glue under the ribbon.  There should be 4 long loops made as shown in the picture below.

Attaching the Ribbons

6.  Lay a rose on top of the leaves with stem and put them together on the center of the ribbon as shown below. Be very careful while applying glue and attaching them on the center of the ribbon. Do the same procedure around until you reach the first rose. There should be a little space left on the center and glue one rose on the center of all the roses.   Do the same procedures on the other Mason jars.

Attaching the Roses

I’m giving these Mason jars with fig jam (The Fruits of our Labor (2012) - Harvest # 2) to my sister-in-law, Linda, her eldest sister, Jeanie, and Linda’s daughters, Kelly and Jessica.  Jeanie was the one I mentioned in my article, A Wonderful One-day Trip, posted last November, 2012. I wasn’t able to give them a gift last Christmas. Remember, Our Christmas Story (2012)? It’s time to give something in return, though the holiday season has passed already. There’s no being late in giving. What matters most is the thoughtfulness coming from your heart.  I also mentioned about this before I left to travel. 

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