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Saturday, January 26, 2013

My heart says ... Happy, Happy Me

January 18 -- I went to my sister-in-law, Linda, to bring the pumpkin bread I baked as our food donation for the forthcoming spaghetti dinner, a yearly fundraising campaign, which our Altar Society has sponsored.  Linda is our hardworking President of this church organization. We talked for few minutes in front of her house about things--- blah, blah, blah.  At the end of our talk, she invited me to have a tea in their house sometime. She’s always nice to me, so I scheduled to come back on Friday, January 25.

I started walking back to our house. I really like taking a walk when I go to their house which is not too far from our house. I always wear my pair of boots every time I walk along the gravel road. On that day, it was a little bit cold, but sunny.  That’s why, I have to wear my hat, too, so I won’t get facial sunburn.  I’m really conscious about this because I like to maintain my good-skinned face especially, if one is not getting any younger------     ha ha ha ha (-.-)        
January 19 -- I was thinking of Jeanie’s husband, Ernest, who got the flu virus. I called Jeanie to check about his condition. Actually, Jeanie had the flu virus first and she recovered. Unfortunately, Ernest got the flu virus also, though he had a “heavy-duty” flu shot before. Jeanie had an ordinary flu shot before she got it. It’s really very nice   to see a couple taking care of each other, especially in time of sickness. Jeanie and I talked over the phone for a few minutes – blah, blah, blah, until I mentioned to her about my schedule to go to Linda’s house on the 25th.  I thought Linda called her already and told her about it, but to my surprise-- she hadn’t gotten yet any call from Linda.  Jeanie just decided to call her instead.  
January 20 to 24 – I’m always very busy doing my greenecrafts everyday from morning till in the evening before I go to bed at 9 pm. But I also need to do some important household chores before I work on my projects. I haven’t really given much attention to my crocheting and my knitting projects.  I still have to pack my things.  I really need to write the things I need to do or else I forget them. My mind is really, really bugging me to finish these green projects before I leave.

January 25 – This is the scheduled day to go to Linda’s house. I brought them something special. Look at what made me so busy these past few days. This is just one of the few greenecrafts I did first before I left.  I also posted this project in other website, like Pinterest later on. 

Linda and Jeanie were so delighted to see them because the dried roses were really so beautiful and carefully set on each Mason Jars with fig jam.  Linda said she really like dried roses and talked about the dried roses she ordered before.  We talked a lot about many things – blah, blah, blah.  It was really a nice day for the three of us sharing each other’s stories and laughing. It was a two-hour ladies’ talk. Linda prepared a cup of green tea for me, which I really love, while Jeanie had a cup of brewed coffee.  Linda really knows that it will be my special day soon, so she also baked her sooooo delicious cake with nuts. They gave me their own respective birthday gifts which I didn’t really expect. They are both so nice to me always and Linda let me bring home some slices of the cake.  When I came home, I got a birthday letter from my only sister also. I really, really felt very happy with their thoughtfulness. Thank you so much. (-.-)

Birthday Gifts

January 26 – My husband and I attended the Saturday mass at 6:00 pm and I was the lector.  I always get excited every time I read His words. I read His words with all the feelings coming from my heart. I love my Lord very much. My desire to humbly serve Him has been fulfilled. This is my destiny and my time to proclaim His marvelous deeds through the Words.

After the mass, my husband gave me a special flower bouquet, as shown above. He knows I like flowers and flower arranging. We celebrated my special day at Lin Cuisine Chinese Buffet Restaurant and I brought home my pair of chopstick and fortune cookie. I always save the chopsticks for another project which I wasn’t able to finish yet. With my fortune cookie, I believe I’ll win the lottery someday (-.-)  When we went home, the hour was getting shorter already. Oh my, I still have to do the last batch of laundry and other things before I travel to……    

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