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Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Travel --- Happy, Happy Me (Part 3)

It’s celebration time! Celebrating a special day doesn’t mean it needs to be a grand one.  What matters most is the thoughtfulness that you are being remembered and being with your loved ones to celebrate your special day is important.  It brings unity, reconciliation, peace, happiness, and most of all, love.  When your special day ends, it should not just end there.  We should look forward to all positive things to come to our life and do our best what we can afford to give or offer to help others if not, financially, but most especially spiritually.  To lend an ear to someone,  who is emotionally disturbed because of family problems, is a great help we can extend and offer him or her a good advice.  Prayer should always go with it.  In the same way, faith should be coupled with action. One can’t do without the other. That’s how good karma comes to our life. 

From the day I arrived, my mother cooked a noodle for my special day. She gave away this to all the members of the family, employees, and workers of my elder brother. I’m really very happy that I arrived safely and be with my family even once a year. I really have to rest and make time adjustment, especially with my sleeping time, and my elder brother knows this.  He wanted me to take a rest first while he works in his office. Here are the pictures of my family members as shown below:

My Family Members

This picture was taken at my eldest sister’s house 10 years ago during our family reunion after New Year’s celebration. At last, now you can see who I am, what I am, and who are my family members are after having 80 posts already. Front row sitting from left to right -- my eldest sister, my mother, and yours truly (happy, happy me.) Back row from left to right -- my eldest brother (who died already) and my elder brother.  I’m sorry if this picture is showing in a position different from the succeeding pictures below. I have no choice because this is the last family picture I had saved in my computer before my eldest sister and I migrated to the United States. I’m the youngest in the family and I still feel blessed to have such wonderful family even without having seen my own father.

My Special Day Celebration
Three days after my arrival, my elder brother brought me to a fine dining restaurant with some members of the family invited, except my sister, who is also living in the United States. After our dinner, we took the chance to have a family picture in front of a beautifully embossed wall decor in the reception area as shown from left to right – my niece (daughter of my elder brother), my mother, happy, happy me, my eldest daughter, my son-in-law, and my nephew (3rd son of my eldest brother).  Some went home early and that’s why they were not included in this picture.  

Church in Tagaytay City
My elder daughter and another son-in-law brought me to this church the following day after the celebration in that restaurant.  I need to pray and thank my Lord for His guidance and protection during my travel.  This church is really awesome because the upper center of the altar will show the crucifix by way of a video with corresponding sound effect during the consecration of the Holy Eucharist.  I wasn’t able to take the picture when it showed during the mass because of too many people lining up to receive the communion.  I felt great afterwards and went to our destination.

Family Bonding at Sonya's Garden

Granddaughter and Grandmother Bonding
After having our lunch, we walked around to see the place.  It’s an awesome garden restaurant named, Sonya's Garden, and I really felt delighted to see the nature surrounding the area.  They have different store areas like bread store, antique furniture store, souvenir store, spa and massage area.  We were not really allowed to take pictures of these stores, but only the outside area.  The first picture above shows my elder daughter’s family.  The second picture is showing me with my only granddaughter.  I named my pouch projects after her—Zoe Pouch.

Farewell Dinner
My son will be going to the United States also.  That’s why we gave him a small dinner celebration in a Japanese restaurant before he leaves this February. He requested that because he likes to eat tempura. My mother was also very happy for him that night. I also feel blessed that my two daughters have their own respective wonderful families.  I’m also proud of my two sons-in-law who are really both very good family man.  Unfortunately, my 2 grandsons were not included in this picture because they still had to study for their exams.

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