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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My hands can do this --- Porch Flower Arrangement

Flowers do attract the eyes of any beholder especially, if they are arranged well in a vase or set in any space. Its nice scent fills the air and lifts up our spirit. It provides peace and harmony in a relationship and gives good ambience and color in our surroundings.  


9 x 4 inch rectangular floral foam (new or used)
small nails
cut, dried branches
fresh flowers of your choice
garden stretch ties
plastic mesh or net (new or used)
chicken wires
needle nose plier
tape measure
spray bottle of water

Level of Difficulty - easy


Cut long branches from the hedge and form them into circle.  Tie the ends with chicken wire to form a wreath. Hang them for many weeks to dry. 


Curving of Dried Stems
After drying, trim the small stems and leaves around.  If there is a long stem curving nicely, don’t cut it because it can be considered a good design of the wreath.

Positioning the Wreath on Post

Position the wreath where it can be seen eye-leveled to the viewer when hanged. Mark both the bottom and top area where to hammer the nails. Be sure that the distance between two nails measures 10 inches.   Hammer the first two nails into where the marks are. Be sure that they are at the center of the post. Hammer also another nail in the middle of both two nails. Cut four 10-inch chicken wires. Attach the first wreath on the nails by using two pre-cut chicken wires.  Tie them tightly with a needle nose plier.  Get another dried wreath, attach it to the first wreath and then coil the chicken wires around the nails.

 Positioning the Wreath on Post
Put the floral form inside a plastic mesh and afterwards position it against the middle nail on the post.  Cut two 30-inch stretch ties and tie them around the floral foam to further hold it. Spray the floral foam with water before attaching the flowers.

Gathering of Flowers
Gather any flowers of your choice as many as you can. Since we have many beautiful sunflower plants in the garden, I used them to make this project. From the flower base, provide 2-inch allowance before cutting the stem. Retain its leaves, if possible. If the stem of the flower is not that sturdy to easily poke into the floral foam, you can use a small stick and attach it to the stem with a bread tie.  Poke each flower beginning from the top going down to its sides and front area making a round or oval shape flower arranging.   Though sunflowers are really beautiful, they are very pliable and don’t last longer.  But I made sunflowers as my symbol of hope and life to represent as my logo under my sitemap in this website.  Other flowers I used are shown below:

Porch Flower Arrangement - Mums

Porch Flower Arrangement - Roses

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