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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mom's Oven --- Skinless Garlic Venison Sausage

Who likes garlic? Others don’t like eating garlic because of the smell that can stay in our mouth causing bad breath.  Hmmmm (-.*), let’s just maintain our good oral hygiene well, but the benefits of eating garlic should not be disregarded.   Garlic helps lower our cholesterol level and blood pressure which are necessary to maintain  a healthy heart.  There were some garlic plants that grew by the side of our garage.  It was previously planted by my mother-in-law.  It just regrows and dies every year.  The Great Gardener was able to gather some garlic.  When it is ready for harvest, the plant itself withers.  I failed to take picture of them because he gathered them  without my knowledge. 

That's why I made this homemade recipe,  combining with venison meat.  This is just so good and right for anyone who loves sausage.  Whether fried or grilled, it can be eaten with rice or make a hot sausage sandwich.  It's another favorite food of the Hunter.  


2 lbs    ground venison meat
½ c      garlic, diced
½ c      vinegar
1 tsp    ground black pepper
1 tsp    creole seasoning
1 tsp    oregano
2 tsp    salt
2 tbsp  sugar
½ c      corn oil


Preparation Time:  30 - 45 minutes

Cooking Time:  30 - 45 minutes

1.   Preheat the pan with cooking oil.

2.   Mix all together the ingredients.  Blend them well.

3.  Measure 1/3 cup of the mixture and roll it in between your    palms to lengthen it and shape like a sausage.  Do the same procedure with the rest of the mixture.

4.   Fry them until medium brown. Place a paper towel on the
plate to absorb the oil after frying.

(Note: You can also grill them. I prefer to cook them medium brown to preserve its juicy taste.  When there are leftovers, I store them in the freezer and reheat them later.  The same juicy taste is still there, as if, it's just newly cooked.

Yield: 27 sausages

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“Cooking doesn’t only involve knowing what and how to cook and prepare  all the ingredients, but also how much you love to cook for somebody ."  

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