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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mrs. Jelly Beans' sticky Notes --- A Wonderful One-Day Trip (Part 2)

Wanting to travel can be anybody’s desire.  It’s always so  wonderful to see places that  we admire, but sad to say, we just can see them in pictures only.  How about making it a reality?  (-.-)

This is the dream of my elder daughter who arrived here for a month’s vacation.  Though she had a hectic schedule to do all the things she needed to do before she left our country, the excitement of going to travel is what giving her the energy. Aside from this, she really needs a rest from her work. She first traveled to see her friend who is in Illinois.  She was very happy to see her, together with her friend’s mother because it has been many years ago since they were together in one office company.  Though she spent only 3 days there, she said they had fun together  --  dined out and drove to downtown of Chicago.

The day before she arrives, I’ve been very busy with my gardening and harvesting. The Great Gardener has been gone for more than 1 month already working on a job.  That’s why I can’t do big crochet or knitting projects.  I really need to schedule everything and have little time left in the evening to do small projects only.  I get tired and stressed also, but the joy of seeing my daughter come for a visit is what giving me energy, too.

When she arrived, she rested for 3 days before I took her to my son’s house during the weekends.  She needs to  adjust to her new sleeping time.  The schedule is - during weekdays, she stays in my place and every weekend, she stays in my son’s place. After  a week’s arrival, we were invited by Linda, my sister-in-law, to celebrate her husband’s birthday in their house. Then after more than a week, we were invited by Ernest and Jeannie (my sister-in-law’s brother-in-law and her eldest sister) to go to the same place where they brought me before - Forest Heritage Center.  My daughter and I really appreciate all their hospitality and goodness.  

This experience is very educational and amusing one for my daughter and me. Not all people will have a chance to see different animals, especially if one is living in a city.  Even if you go to a zoo where the animals are kept alive, accidents happen sometimes that can put people in danger when an animal is intimidated.  While these wild animals we saw are no longer alive, they are still worth seeing. These wild animals were already preserved by a taxidermist and donated to the state forest office and museum by hunters and trappers for free public viewing.

Albino Gopher

Albino Opossum




Black Bear


Grey Fox



River Otter

Striped Skunk

Western Diamond Rattlesnake

Inside the museum, we also came to know about the historical background of the forest, the forest pioneers,  the uses of trees that provide our necessities and its products, its preservation to maintain balance in our environment, and continuous research to provide for our future needs. There are also old carvings and furnitures depicting the excellent craftsmanship of the people -- their hard work to make  their imagination become a reality.  They put their talent into good use that others might get inspired by their work and do more good things in life. Because of this, many things made out of the trees were invented either for commercial or personal uses.

Couple's Chair

Single Chair (a)

Single Chair (b)

The Man

The Woman

History speaks for itself when people discover fossil remains of primitive man or animals that lived hundred million years ago, like the Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur. This dinosaur is displayed for viewing at the Museum of the Red RiverWe are born to explore and continuously trying to explore everything whether new or old to us. We like keeping old memories of the past to study and provide us knowledge about what was life during those years.  Survival of the fittest is the game, but no human beings or animals can live permanently in this world.  Evolution can’t be avoided, in the same way that we can’t keep the earth from rotating around its axis.  The earth never changes itself – it still has a round shape—but human beings and animals do, so does our environment, too.

Acrocanthosaurus Dinosaur

Jeanie, my daughter, and Ernest

By the river

I’m very happy that my daughter is with me even for a short period of time.  In my heart and mind, I’m wishing that she lives and works here like my son.  She has helped me a lot in the kitchen and even shared a recipe with me which I will post it later. She learned how to cook and do marketing at a young age which I wasn’t taught by my own mother that way. She likes to learn new things to do in the kitchen.  So, I've taught her how to can figs and tomatoes and fry okra.  I prepare her breakfast and she prepares our lunch everyday, while I’m in the garden. This  daily kitchen chore that she does for me is well appreciated.

I can’t do so much at a time because I’m neither a Super Mom nor a Perfect Mother.   Respect for each other’s time is important to maintain harmony. The important things to take note here are – I do what I can do for a day and I give time to what is important – my daughter.  Besides these,  I really appreciate her giving me her time to be together that she left her own family for a vacation by herself. After a hard day’s work in the garden, I take her out to eat in a restaurant, or do some shopping, or visit family members and friends.  One time, we made a one-hour  drive to a shopping mall together with my son. She also had spent a good time with her brother when they went on kayaking in a river.  While in his place, they would just take a walk in the neighborhood or eat in a nearby restaurant, or go shopping, too.  All of  us attend mass every Saturday or Sunday.  Our faith bonds us together.   

Soon my daughter will leave and I will miss her very much.   How time does fly! The opportunity to be with someone whom you love should be cherished and appreciated.  Time is the essence and we can’t bring back the time when we fail to show our love or sense of appreciation to someone.  We won't know if a certain day will be the last time we will be with our loved ones. Regret is always at the end, if we make ourselves insensitive to other’s feelings.  All of us have each own ‘travel time’ (life).  It differs on how we manage the things we need to do or how we practice our sense of priorities in life.  Though everyone is not perfect,  trying to  correct our mistakes or make up with our shortcomings should not be set aside.  Life is what you make it that makes the difference to anybody.     

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