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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My hands can do this --- Nativity Scene in Coffee Can

Lots of people are drinking different kinds of coffee brand, but the coffee brand the Great Gardener likes to drink is Folgers - Columbian.  We have lots of these containers saved and provided us many usages, like this special project I thought of to make because of a very special purpose, too.  

There is a reason to celebrate Christmas.  That’s why this Nativity Scene featuring the Blessed Family always helps us remember why our Lord became incarnated not only to serve an earthly purpose, but to serve an eternal purpose for us.  


(1)  Folgers Coffee Can (big) 27.8 oz
(4)  copper wires 7ft /2.1m each ( different colors)
(8)  small poinsettia flowers
       Christmas lights, 50 clear mini lights
   miniature Holy Family statues
       gold cross
       gold star
       needle nose plier  
   small knife
   portable drill and 1/8 drill bits
   many dried sticks, pre-cut 6 inches long
   glue gun
   glue sticks
       floral wire
       Scotch tape
   Garden Jute String
   black marker pen
   small ball pen
       peanut foams
   short green garland
Level of Difficulty - intermediate


Drilling Holes
Using a marker pen, mark the area to be drilled at the upper area of the coffee can.  Using the portable drill with 1/8 drill bit, drill 8 holes with equal spacing as shown above. 

Curling the Copper Wires Around
Have one 7ft copper wire on hand.  Leave 3 inches of copper wire in one end before starting to curl it around and around your marker pen.  Be sure the size of the marker pen will really provide good space to insert the Christmas lights  without any hassle.  It will look like this as shown above. Continue curling it around the marker pen until you reach the other end, but don’t curl the remaining 3 inches of it.  Do the same procedure for the remaining 3 copper wires.

Inserting the Christmas Lights
Insert carefully the first light bulb into the end of the copper wire.  Be sure they will not get tangled. Carefully handle the Christmas light bulbs as you insert and pull them till you reach its other end. Don’t make a mistake in pulling the bulb by itself. It will look like as shown above.  Move the copper wire further along the line of the Christmas lights till it passes through 20 light bulbs.  Make adjustments, if possible. Carefully insert the next copper wire into the Christmas lights. Do the same procedure for the remaining copper wires.  These light bulbs should be intact within the copper wires.

Attaching the Copper Wires with Christmas Lights
a)  Insert one end of the copper wire into one hole of the coffee can and twist it with a needle nose plier. This will be the first copper wire post. Pull the wire up till it measures 20 inches long from the edge of the coffee can.  As you pull the copper wire, be sure the first Christmas light bulb at the first end will not be pulled up through the wire again. Make adjustments, if possible.  Bend and insert the other end of the copper wire into the other hole facing the first hole and twist it with a needle nose plier. Make more adjustments with the wire and lights, if possible. Be sure the cord doesn’t go against its flow to go around the coffee can later on while attaching the wire to the hole.    

b)  Move over the next copper wire along the line of lights according to the space between two holes.  Insert the wire to the adjacent hole and twist it again. Pull the wire up till it measures 20 inches from the edge of the coffee can.  Run the wire on top of the first wire.  Attach its end to the hole next to the first hole in the other side.  Do the same procedure for the remaining wires.  Just insert each wire nearest the next hole till you finish it. Always run the wire on top of another wire.  

Christmas Lights and Star at the Center
a)  Cut a 15-inch floral wire and set them aside. Stretch each copper wire a little bit where the center bulbs are.  Take one bulb at the center out of each wire.  Have them all point upward. Pull the first bulb case of the first copper wire under and tie a floral wire around its cord twice.  Next, pull the second bulb case of the second copper wire under and tie the same floral wire around its cord twice.  Do the same procedure for the remaining two bulbs.  Twist all ends together to center the light bulbs, but don’t cut the excess wires yet. Adjust the copper wires at the center to put the light bulbs close together a little bit. The rest of the light bulbs remain intact within the copper wires. The outcome will look like as shown above.  

b)  Using a small knife, carefully insert it to make a slit at the lower side of the star where a small hole is and run the knife to the other side.  Carefully insert the four bulbs into the opening.  Insert the excess floral wire into the hole to close the opening.  Cut and hide the excess floral wires. Make further adjustments with the copper wires on its side, if possible, to make them look even in space and size.  

  Attaching the Dried Sticks
Using a glue gun with glue stick, attach the first dried stick on the side of the coffee can.  Attach the rest of the dried sticks around the coffee can.

(Note: If the dried sticks you gather are big, you can cut them into two.  Don’t worry about the imperfections of the dried sticks. Be sure they are all well aligning at the bottom edge so there will be no obstruction when the coffee can is laid flat on a table.) 
Attaching the excess Christmas Lights
Cut 8 seven-inch floral wires.   Turn the excess line of lights around on top of the dried sticks.  Provide allowance for the electrical plug. Tie the cords of the lights around each wire posts. Hide the excess wires except one wire near the center area.  This will be used to hold the cord of the gold cross and provide support.  

Attaching the Strings (a)

Attaching the Strings (b)
a) Determine which best area of the coffee can should be the center and mark a small X with a marker pen.  Be sure that the electrical plug is positioned at the back. Cut seven 45-inch garden jute strings. Hold their ends all together and then hold their center.  Using a glue gun, attach its center together  in the middle part of one dried stick as shown in picture (a) above. 
b) Attach all the rest of the strings together around the coffee can till you reach the center area mark X.  Tie them once, apply glue at the back, and press hard.  Make a ribbon and cut the loops.  If there are extra strings left at the end, cut them, and attach at the center. Trim and spread them out to look  like as shown in picture (b) above.

(Note: Be sure the strings are all aligned, not overlapping each other, and leveled.)

c) Use the excess floral wire on the copper wire post to tie the cord of the gold cross. This will provide extra support to hold the cross. Hide the excess wire. Spread out the strings. Using your glue gun, attach the gold cross at the center where the strings are.  


Attaching the Flowers
Just insert each stem of the flower into each copper wire posts. Arrange them by bending or twisting its stems.  Don’t need to cut the stems.  Be sure the view at the center is not blocked by flowers. Be sure also that there should be light bulbs near each poinsettia flower attached to illuminate them.
Putting the Fillers
a) Fill the coffee can with peanut foams,  but provide space for the garland.    

b)  Pre-cut 4 pieces of scotch tape. Measure the size of garland by putting it around the coffee can and hold it. Before cutting, move aside bits of pieces for both end sides to determine the middle area. Attach the scotch tape on one end first to prevent the pieces from getting loose. Do the same for the other end.  Cut the middle, pull and twist its wire ends with needle nose plier, and attach another scotch tape to hold and tighten them more together.  Arrange the garland and miniature family statues at the center. Elevate the head area of the baby Jesus’ statue to give more emphasis to the Nativity Scene by moving more peanut foams to that area. You are now ready to turn on the Christmas lights (-.-) yeheyyy.   Please view the video shown below:


*This project is also listed as one among my Top Holiday Projects and Top Green eCraft Projects.   It's my most special holiday craft project I ever done.  I gave it to a special friend as my special gift before I traveled back to my country.   You can really appreciate more its beauty when the lights are turned on. 

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*I was featured on All Free Holiday Crafts in its What’s Hot as number 2 in the list dated October 14, 2016.  Please note this ranking is not permanent.  Thank you very much to all viewers.

Merry Christmas  
Happy, Prosperous New Year

to  All !!! 

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