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Monday, December 2, 2013

My heart says ... Black Friday Fire (2013)

Every year, people celebrate Thanksgiving Day with their family members.  And we were glad that our sister-in-law invited us to celebrate this event in their house. Luckily, the Welder, has arrived already from his work in Virginia because last year he wasn’t able to make it.  And more good luck for him when he was able to catch an 8-point buck before this day.  We usually have pot luck on every occasion. We brought in a blackberry cobbler and other family members had theirs, too. We had a good serving of everybody’s food shared on the table.  After several hours of family interactions, we went home full and happy.

The following day, Black Friday, lots of people are really anticipating for their holiday shopping spree.  Every year, many people are eagerly waiting for many shopping deals whether online or in store.  And the Welder is no exception because he needs to buy a new laptop.  He got inside the home at around 5:25 pm after a hard day’s work around our area.  He went online and browsed till he made a decision to buy an HP laptop.  But this time, he wasn’t lucky to get it because the last stock was already sold out.  Though he got frustrated of spending time doing the final transaction, he didn’t consider it a big problem.  His old computer is still running good anyway – he thought.   

At around 5:55 pm,  a young guy with two women knocked at our door and informed him – “There is a fire going on at the back of your house.”  He calmly approached me in the kitchen and told me about it.  I couldn’t believe what I heard, so I went outside immediately without even wearing a jacket on.  “Oh! my God,” I exclaimed.  The fire was all over the shed already engulfing everything under it --- two lawn mowers, electric welding machine, three wheeler, and the four wheeler.  I immediately called my sister-in-law on her cell phone to inform her about it because I got worried that the fire might spread out and reach their chicken houses which is just near the shed under fire.  It was 6:08 pm, but I got no answer. I went inside the house to look for him.  He came out of the back garage door still very calm.  I couldn’t speak and didn’t know what to do.  I went outside again while he followed me.  He looked at the on-going blazing fire, while I waited for him what he was going to do.  He said there’s no more way that anything can be saved and there’s no need to call a fire department. He went near the water faucet and attached the hose.  I looked for the other end of the water hose and gave it to him.  He run the water hose to put off the fire on the grass.  Then the father of the young guy, who informed us about the fire, came by to see what happened.  He is the cousin of the Welder.  They talked and left after a while and we offered them our gratitude.

We went inside the house and ate our dinner at 6:20 pm.  He went back to the garage and turned on the light, but it wouldn’t turn on.  He checked on the circuit breaker and suddenly there was light again.  After cleaning up the kitchen, I went outside again to see if the fire was still going on.  The fire was continuously engulfing every thing and black smoke running up high. I called again my sister-in-law on her landline number at 6:43 pm and she answered me.  She said she felt sad to know about what happened and  informed her husband about it.

I went inside the house again and saw him watching the television.  What was in his mind?   I don’t know... I couldn’t even interrogate him why it happened or what went wrong? We were both shocked... Air of sadness suddenly filled up every corners of our house...We didn’t go to bed till the fire was over because we were still worried that the propane tank there might explode.  Thank God, it didn’t.  For the last time before I went to bed, I still looked at the window in our bedroom and saw small traces of “glowing in the dark” thing outside.  

Early morning of the following day, we went outside to look at the debris. We clearly saw that everything was black and ruined.  He turned over the dilapidated roof sheets and I took pictures of what were burned as shown below.

The Shed Area

The Four Wheeler

The Three Wheeler

The Welding Machine

The 2 Lawn Mowers

The Propane Tank

So this Black Friday was really BLACK to us.  Feeling sad and wondering why it happened still lingers in our  minds and hearts. Our memories of the fire made us just think that we are still lucky that our house didn’t get burn up and we didn’t catch fire ourselves.  Accident can happen anywhere at anytime of the day.  He said he can still buy a new four wheeler or a new lawn mower or a new welding machine or even a new shed… Yes, that’s right,  I believe we can still stand up and make up for the losses.   God is good.  His love is eternal.  He helps those who are in need and struggling. Amen. Amen. Amen.  

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