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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My heart says --- Happy Happy Me - Top Blogger

Though I have a plan to travel this month, this is not for my travel write up yet.  There’s something more to my feeling very happy today.   I didn’t expect this, but I really feel elated about it.  I’ve been working hard on every project I post in this blog.  What made me start making a blog about greencrafts? -- COFFEE CANS. This first project I made came to my mind when my husband run out of brewed coffee one time.  He didn’t know that I had an extra small coffee can reserved in our cabinet.  I'm always prepared, just in case of emergency like this happens. He can't live without a coffee (-.-) He can consume more than 12 cups of coffee a day. One big coffee can will last for more than two weeks only. Imagine having lots of coffee cans in our house!  I really don’t have a big place to keep them, but I have many usages for them, just like any other items I’ve reused also. That’s why I’ve made a "Home Saving Tips" page for this purpose.  So when I decided to make this "Coffee Can Flower Pot,."  I asked him to cut some dried sticks for me and then started on this project.  

Coffee Can Flower Pot

Coffee Can Flower Pot (with Wally, the worm)

It’s really an honor to have my project be included in the Most Popular Crafts-100 Craft Ideas 2013 of Fave Crafts. It is posted as “Coffee Jug Planter” under Recycled Crafts Ideas. This is something great to remember. Thank you very much to Fave Crafts for giving me a great space to create my craft designer profile and show my projects. Thank you very much to all the viewers.  

This is really very awesome!!! (-.-)  Another recognition button from Fave Crafts for the same project.  I really have a  "Wow-Wow" feeling now, as if I'm in heaven.  I'm inspired and I love it. Thank you very much again to all viewers of Fave Crafts.  I wish to have more and more recognitions (-.-)

Having an inspiration in life is very important to keep a person moving towards achieving his or her goal thereby, increasing efficiency and enhancing the creativeness, as well as, the productivity.

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