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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My hands can do this --- Coffee Can Hanging Planters

For more than three weeks, I have been busy doing these projects.  It has been a long time that I haven’t paid any attention to our front porch, since I started my first coffee can flower pot project.  This time, I made a “full blast” production of coffee can flower pots and added a new style to it.  I did some repainting to other elements of my simple landscaping. They made my front porch look better with different beautiful flower plants hanging above or placed on the ground.  I also included some fruit-bearing plants like strawberry plants, lettuce, and some herbal plants.  It really made me feel better, too, because they turned out to be beautiful and nice to look at.


(1)  empty, cleaned Folgers coffee container 27.8oz (big)
(4)  copper wires (different colors)   
       used tea bags
        many 6 inch dried straight sticks, pre-cut
        glue gun and glue sticks
        portable drill with 11/64 drill bit
        small manual saw or cutter
        potting soil
        needle nose plier
        garden jute string
        marker pen
        ball pen
        tape measure
        old newspaper
        screw driver
        plant hook or bracket
        fancy button

Level of Difficulty - easy


Drilling of Holes
Lay an old newspaper on the working table. At the bottom, mark the center and  additional 4 areas with equal spacing.  Using your portable drill, carefully make a hole on the marked areas.  Drill the area where the water will set in. Set aside the coffee can.

Attaching the Dried Sticks
Separate the small ones from the big sticks, so you can evenly distribute the number of big and small  ones as you attach them around the can. With your glue gun on hand, attach the dried sticks one by one on the surface of the coffee can.  Apply glue on the adjacent dried stick, so the next dried stick will be attached to it also.  Do it as quickly as possible, so the glue will not get dry fast. Though the sticks are not perfect, aligned them from top to bottom, if possible. Be sure the can is leveled after attaching every stick. Fill in the gaps at the top and bottom with glue to strengthen the hold.

Attaching the Jute String (a)

Attaching the Jute String (b)
The size of the string to be cut will depend on the kind of dried stick you will use.  The thicker the dried stick used, the longer the string you will need. So you have to measure it first around the can and leave an extra length for tying a knot.  In this case, I used not so thick dried sticks and cut  one sample size of string.  Then I cut additional 18 pieces of strings with the same size.  The string measures 35 inches long. Set aside the 7 pieces of strings. Hold 12 pieces in one hand and fold them into two to get its center.  Turn the can sideward. Arrange and lay them flat all together at the center of the sticks. Apply glue underneath to hold them together as in picture (a) above.  Going to the right direction, pull and flatten them altogether.  They should not be overlapping each other. Hold them with your forefinger and third finger, apply glue again underneath.  Do the same procedure, but stop the gluing if you are getting nearer the end of the string.  Turn the can on the other side, do the same procedure going to the left direction.  Be sure both the ends of the strings will be aligned together as they reach the center of the can.  Tie a knot, spread them out vertically, and apply glue underneath.  These are the first set of strings arranged vertically as in picture (b). Don’t cut the excess strings yet.

Making of Center Piece (a)

Making of Center Piece (b)
 Hold the remaining 7 pieces of string and  encircle them altogether around your four fingers. Get another string from the roll and insert its end into the middle of four fingers.  Pull up extra length for tying and then cut.  Tie the strings altogether once and carefully remove from your fingers.  Tie it tightly twice as shown in picture (a). Cut all corners and spread them out. Position it at the center of the knot horizontally.  Apply glue underneath and press the sides together to get the strings closer at the center. Apply glue to other areas to connect with the first set of strings arranged vertically.  Using the middle string, tie a fancy button twice at the back and glue it also as shown in picture (b).  Trim them around and remove some glue webs.        

Making of Spiraled Wire
Get one roll of copper wire. Leave some length untouched before encircling one end of the copper wire around your ball pen. Begin encircling the wire. Leave some length untouched also at the end.  Remove the wire from the ball pen. Do the same procedure with the other copper wires. 

Attaching the Spiraled Wires
Insert one end of the wire into the center hole.  Make adjustment to determine the length of the wire that need not be encircled anymore at the end before twisting and folding them altogether inside the can.  Make this as a pattern for other wires and  do the same procedure.  Turn the coffee can upside down and insert all together the wire ends into the center hole.  Turn it sideward. Hold all wires together at the back of the can as you pull, twist, and bend all the wires together inside the can. Turn it again upside down and make adjustments on the wires by pulling them straight up to the edge of the dried sticks.

Connecting all Spiraled Wires
Turn the can up.  Gather all the ends together. Using the needle nose plier,  twist them till it measures 5 inches high from its tip to the end. Bend them together to form a circle using the screw driver’s bigger area of the handle as a pattern.  Bend towards  one side in between two spiraled wires, so when you hang it, the center of the can will be facing the front side.  Twist more and close its ends. Make adjustments on each spiraled wire at the top, if possible, using your ball pen again.  Hold the can on the table and pull up all the wires together to reach its leveled length.   

Putting the Plants
Plants can either be put directly into the can or if the flower pot itself can be fitted inside the coffee can, you can do so.  In case, the flower pot won’t fit in, choose another empty pot that can fit in to the coffee can and transfer the plant into that new pot.  But, if you prefer to put the plants directly into the coffee can, don’t connect the wire ends yet. Fill up ¼ of the can  with potting soil.  Put the plant at the center and put some  potting soil again and pressed lightly. Put 4 used tea bags on top to serve as fertilizer and helps retain moisture.  Cover the top with additional potting soil and pressed lightly again.  

Hanging the Plants with Wally

Coffee Can Hanging Planter (big)

Coffee Can Hanging Planter (small)(a)

Coffee Can Hanging Planter (small)(b)

Arranging and Hanging the Plants
Install your shepherd hook or plant bracket or set up an ordinary hook in your chosen wooden area.  Hang the coffee can hanging planters or arrange an original coffee can flower pot on top of a table or log. Make adjustments on the spiraled wire to make the can leveled, if possible.  Water the plants and don’t forget about Wally, the worm. He will tell you if your plant needs water already or not. 

Hummingbirds flying above my head
When I had my first video of the hummingbirds, I was inside our house in front of a glass door. There were only two of them and not even close enough to them. I featured them in my “Birds on my Flower Basket.” Now, this is a great bonus. They really didn’t mind even I was there close to them. As I was setting up every coffee can hanging planters, hummingbirds began flying above my head.  That’s why I was able to take a closer picture of them, as well as, a video. This is my first time to have seen five hummingbirds flying around the feeder. It was a lucky day for me and really made me feel good, no matter how tired I was.  Everything turned out very good as I envisioned them to be.  Every day I see them and I’m thanking my Lord for them.  


My hummingbirds flying above my head photo as 
“Reader Photo of the Day” (May 16, 2014)   

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It's nice to hang flowers to show its beauty and enhance a space in your house.

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With different flowers that can either be hanged or planted on the ground, they can make a difference to add beauty to any small front porch garden.

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