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Sunday, January 18, 2015

My hands can do this --- Knitted Beanie Band

Like to a have stylish headband?  Try this simple knitted half beanie pattern that turns into a headband and that’s why I called it Beanie Band, for short.   It’s simple and yet stylish to wear and hold your hair beautifully.  You can wear it during any season of the year.  With a beautiful model like her, it's a very good one to use to show off your beautiful face.

Knitted Beanie Band (1a)

Knitted Beanie Band (2a)


(1)  Caron Simply Soft, 6 oz/ 170g/ 315 yds, Dark Country Blue  9711
(1)  circular knitting needle, size 8 (5.0 mm)
(5)  doublepoint knitting needles, size 8 (5.0 mm)
       crochet hook  F5/ 3.75 mm
       yarn needle

Level of Difficulty – easy

Stitch Abbreviations:
(K)     knit
(P)      purl
(sts)    stitches
(sl st)  slip stitch
(sc)     single crochet
(lp)     loop

Ribbing - With circular knitting  needle size 8, cast on 92 (sts).  Always place a marker to mark the beginning of the round. Turn the needles around your hand.

1st Rnd –   (K1,P1) around.  Repeat Rnd 1 until ribbing measures approximately 5 inches from cast on edge.  Continue working as instructed without turning the work.    
Result -  92 (sts)

Binding Off
1)  To remove the circular needle, change to double-pointed needles by inserting the first 23 (sts) to the first needle.  Next, insert the second 23 (sts) to the second needle.  Do the same procedure for the remaining two double-pointed needles till the circular needle is removed.  Be sure the (sts) in each needle are hold close together and far from its tips.  Use bread ties to keep the (sts) on both ends of each needle from slipping off.     

2)  Starting with the fourth needle, use the remaining double-pointed knitting needle to (k) two (sts). 

3)  Insert the tip of the left needle into the first (st) on the right needle.  Lift the (st) over the last (st) you (k) and over the tip of the right needle.  This is the beginning (st).

4)  One (st) remains on right needle. (K) another (st).  Lift that (st) over the (st) just (k).  Remember not to bind it off tightly. Repeat and continue in this way until one (lp) remains.  Using the crochet hook, connect the last (lp) to the beginning (st) by making (sl st). Don’t cut the yarn yet.

Making of Tie at the Center
1st Row -   (Sc) on next 8 (sts).  (Ch) and turn around. 
Result – 8 (sc)

2nd to 15th Rows – (Sc) on 8 (sc).  (Ch) and turn around. 
Result – 8 (sc)

Connecting the Tie
Provide 5 inches of excess yarn before cutting. Tie the last (st) once to close it.  To finalize the beanie band, turn the tie around it. Using a yarn needle, sew the last row to the first row.  Arrange both sides of the band by folding evenly at the center for final sewing.  Sew the folded sides together by running the needle through the middle part going sideways on both sides.  Tie it twice inside to hide and then cut the excess yarn.   

Knitted Beanie Band (1b)

Knitted Beanie Band (2b)

Knitted Beanie Band (3b)
*This project was featured as “CountryChic Knit Headband,” #2 among the Top 10 Knit Designs and #8 among the Top 10 Knit Designers in What’s Hot of All Free Knitting (Feb. 09, 2015) as shown below.  Though this is not a permanent ranking, I'm still very thankful to all the viewers.

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Happy Crocheting and Knitting to All !!!

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