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Monday, February 9, 2015

My hands can do this --- Yogurt Flower Vase

Whatever the flavor is, I like to buy and eat Activia Yogurt.  Yogurt is nutritionally rich in protein, calcium, Vitamin D, riboflavin, Vitamin B6 and B12.   It has nutritional health benefits beyond those of milk.  While enjoying eating it, have you thought of what you can do to its cup instead of just throwing it?  To give you an idea, try this simple, beautiful project and be glad you did it. 


(6)  empty yogurt cups
(3)  4.925 ft / 1.5 m tone wire
(1)  pack foam 2’ ball (12 pcs./ pack)
       many dried mini roses
       Offray ribbons (different colors)
       tissue paper (used / new) (different colors)
       aquarium gravel
       peanut foam or small styrofoam (used)
       needle nose plier
       Loctite Super Glue
       floral wire
       ice pick
Level of Difficulty – easy


Twisting of Tone Wire
Cut four 7 inches of  tone wire.  Hold them together at one end and twist them with the needle nose plier.  Leave one inch not twisted at the other end and separate  the four wires like in the picture above.   

Setting up in a Yogurt Cup
Insert three peanut foams inside the empty yogurt cup.  Poke the twisted tone wire on the foams and let it stand at the center.  Pour aquarium gravel to put weight on the cup.

(Note:  If you don’t have peanut foam, any styrofoam will do. Just cut a small size to fit in the cup.)

Attaching the Roses
Get one foam 2” ball and gently poke a small hole at the center using an ice pick.  Apply Super Glue on the hole and insert it on the tip of the tone wire.  Have something to elevate the yogurt cup like, books, before you begin attaching the roses.  Pick one dried mini rose from its stem, leaving half an inch of it for insertion. Apply glue first on the lower part of the receptacle connecting the stem.  Gently poke a small hole at the bottom area of the ball, but not too deep. Gently insert  the first dried mini rose, pushing a little bit till the lower part of the receptacle with a glue touches the ball.

(Note: If there are sepals that are folded or wrinkled, don’t remove it.  Gently stretch them as you apply glue on the lower receptacle.   If there are sepals detached from the receptacle, save them as fillers for spaces around the roses later.) 

Filling up the Spaces
Fill up the space around with more dried roses. On the second round, attach the first rose in between two roses. Put a mark near the first rose you attach to help you remember the end part where you need to attach the last rose.  Fill up the spaces around with more dried roses. Do the same with the rest of the spaces till you reach the top area. Remove the books as you are nearing the top. 

Apply glue on single, long sepals and insert them all over the spaces you think may need these fillers.  

Making of Ribbon (a)

Making of Ribbon (b)
Cut 25 inches of ribbon and 10 inches of floral wire.  To make a ribbon, tie it around your three fingers with equal allowance at both ends as shown in picture (a) above. Remove the middle finger and insert the floral wire at the middle. Gently pull out the two remaining fingers while holding tightly the ribbons with the wire. Twist the wire with a needle nose plier.  Spread out the loops of the ribbon as shown in picture (b) above.  Cut both ends diagonally.

Wrapping up with a Tissue Paper
Cut 12 X 12 inches of tissue paper. Center the cup and pull up the paper to the center of the wire.  Hold and tie the center with the ribbon by using your needle nose plier. Cut any excess wire.  This is the first ball of dried roses done on a yogurt cup. Set it aside.

Do the same procedures above for making another 5 balls of dried roses using the remaining 5  empty yogurt cups.


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