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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mr. Pinto Beans' sticky notes --- Where's Rudolph? (Deer Hunting Season)

I know that it’s too late to write this article because the deer season has already ended almost 2 weeks ago.  With Christmas season coming, this article is still  in tuned with the enclosed title above.  Why?  Here’s my another short Christmas story --

People in all over the world celebrate this holiday season every year.  It has become a tradition and we always look forward to it.  Advance planning in each family household about how and where to have Christmas celebration, is always a big event.  Gifts for love ones are itemized on a long list. Foremost, shopping malls and online stores plan ahead their own marketing strategies to boost their sales by offering big sale deals to get people’s attention.  They create different kinds of needs and wants of consumers.   And one of their targets is children because they love to ask their parents – “Hey, Mom, I want to buy this …” “Hey Dad, I want to buy that…” And because we, as parents, don’t always bring with us our ear plugs in shopping malls, we tend to give in to our children’s pleas and cries.  With today’s new technology, different manufacturers create different kinds of toys – not only toys for children, but for adults, too.  Funny, isn’t ? (-.-)  Even if we are already adults, being childish is still in us.  That’s why companies manufacture many things for convenience and pleasure that can arouse the interests and childlike nature of people worldwide. Adults and children can now both enjoy playing different kinds of games that are installed in their computers, laptops, ipads, cell phones, etc.... Sometimes parents would even fight with their children, or sibling with another sibling, over playing these games, especially if there is only one ipad or laptop or computer to use.

Traditionally,  when it comes to manufacturing different kinds of toys, children and adults would always think of the story of one generous man who has been a great icon since Christmas was declared a holiday. He is the Father of Gift Giving, Father of Generosity, and most of all, Father of Toy Making. .He has his own manufacturing company named--  Santa Claus' Toys Company Unlimited.  He never stops making toys all throughout the many, many years. He likes to grant those children their wish lists. Because of so many wish lists to look at and so many toys to make, he is already forgetting someone special, too. Suddenly, a thought came up to his mind --  How can he be able to distribute all these many toys throughout the whole world?  The countdown has already begun – 10… 9… 8… 7…6...5...4...3... Then he stood up from his chair and asked – “Where is Rudoph?”  Everybody in the warehouse were surprised upon hearing his question and turned to each other. “Yeah, where is he?” his elves asked each other, too. Then he went out of the warehouse to look for Rudolph and called out its name loudly ... “Rudolph … Rudolph,  Where are you?”  Nobody answered.  Getting worried, he walked farther and yelled out again loudly … “Rudolphhhhh … Where are youuuu?”

Meanwhile, out in the woods, a big, sturdy guy was suddenly stunned. “Is somebody calling me?”  asked Rudolph.  

“I think I heard somebody calling me,” said Rudolph. 

Suddenly he heard footsteps --- “Who’s out there?” asked Rudolph.  He stood still, while sensing whose footsteps were those coming to his area.  He's ready to run as fast as he can, if there is a danger.

Then suddenly Rudolph exclaimed, “Oh, Santa!  I’m very sorry for not coming to you immediately, but I didn't recognize your voice,”  Rudolph exclaimed upon seeing Santa Claus walking out of the bushes.  “I have been here because of my family.  I have my son and wife with me now.  You can see them a little farther from here,”  Rudolph reasoned out. 

Santa Claus just gave Rudolph a tap on its head and smiled.  He went near to where the son and wife of Rudolph were and greatly felt very proud of Rudolph.  He said,  “There are only 2 days to go before Christmas.  There are still lots of toys to make, but we also need to make preparations for the delivery of all these toys worldwide.  I need you, Rudolph.”  “I’m always ready to do my job, Santa.  I have my little son now.  He will grow up like me. You can rely on him someday with all these deliveries.  Though he is still young, I’m already feeling proud of him right now,” answered Rudolph.  “Good job, Rudolph,” replied Santa.  Then he walked away feeling relieved and happy….    

    Merry Christmas 
A Happy New Year to all !!!

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