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Friday, January 1, 2016

My mind tells ... Let's face our New Year with a Big Bang

You might think that I’m crazy when I say this. But STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! for a moment and try to ponder on this because  I’m not referring to guns or even firecrackers.  I’m not going to talk about what are our New Year’s Resolutions. There are so many things to think about like -- starting our New Year with a plan to buy a new car or a new house or upgrade our cellphones;  starting our New Year with thoughts that whatever our problems are, they  might be solved this year; starting our New Year with hope that our children will do better, so they will get good grades in school and be able to finish their college degrees;  starting our New Year with all the conceivable things that we can think and willing to do just to be able to make our business prosper; starting our New Year thinking about more options to gain job promotions or advancement in careers. If not all of these, what else? I would like to go beyond these things.

Have we really thought of what’s in our hearts?  This is very important because whatever is in our hearts, it goes to our minds. Then the things in our minds transmit its messages for us to do what we like to do. Every year, we always make our resolutions to make up for all our shortcomings and failures. We are not all perfect and no one can really achieve that perfection simply  because we are humans and not God.  But the importance in making our yearly resolutions is our good intention to change for the better or our desire to improve ourselves.  Rather than be stuck in the same old ways and let your life be ruined just like going with the flow of strong current of temptations without any struggle to fight it. Even if we fall down many times in our life, we need to get up and face our daily existence. They say, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”  Yes, this is the reality of human life, but we should not use this as an excuse not to strive hard to get rid of our weaknesses.   If we can’t do it alone by ourselves, we need to seek help.   No matter how we are living independently by ourselves, there will come a time a problem will come up and we can’t solve it. It’s no shame to seek help.  No man is an island. 

Secondly, praying for someone is the most important and powerful thing we can do for our family members, friends, and even for those we aren’t really acquainted with. I believe in karma and whatever we do for others, it will be done unto us. 

Thirdly, selfishness should be disregarded. We should be living not for ourselves only, but for others also. Doing sacrifices for the sake of others is a great virtue.  We need to be proud of it as a mother, husband, brother, sister, grandparent, friend, and especially as a volunteer who does charity and missionary works.

Fourthly, learning to forgive ourselves for our failures and shortcomings. We tend to feel sorry about what we did wrong to others and ask forgiveness from them. But we should also learn to forgive ourselves to keep our dignity, confidence, and other virtues still remaining in us as a person. We still deserve respect in spite of our failures and shortcomings.

Fifthly, enhancing our sense of appreciation.  We appreciate other people for doing good things or favor for us. But our sense of appreciation shouldn’t stop when we become incapacitated or encounter some failures in our life. I greatly salute those people, like those war veterans who became disabled, those who got injured because of accidents, those who became disabled due to birth defects, and those who developed illnesses or diseases either physically or psychologically. They manage to survive in spite of their disabilities and still enhance their sense of appreciation for what is still left of them as a person and for the goodness they are still capable of doing.  They struggle so much to live and still continue to learn how they can cope with their daily life.

One good example to cite is the 18 year-old Miss Montana who competed for Miss America 2013 in Las Vegas.  She was diagnosed of autism when she was 11 years old.  But this did not prevent her from pursuing what goodness she can still do in spite of having autism. It’s also a very good thing that her mother has been so supportive of her that really boosts her moral.

Sixthly,  finding humor in life. We know that life is full of struggles in everything.  Finding humor in times of grief or sorrow, trials or problems, and failures is not an easy thing to do.  But lingering on sad stories of our life forever can succumb us to depression and cause us a great devastating effect at the end, if not controlled.  There are only two faces of life – one with the smiling face and one with the crying face. Which face would you like to have? 

Lastly, having faith that there is always a room for changes or improvements.  We think more of improving or upgrading our houses, cars, cellphones, and business facilities, but neglecting what we really need to improve in ourselves.  We need to realize that it won’t cost us money to improve what’s in our hearts.  Let's make our lives less complicated. Live simply and move forward. Let’s face our New Year with a Big Bang!


A Happy New Year to all !!!

A -  lways  year after year,
H – oping for the better, if not the best,
A – nything that matters to all the rest,
P – raying for peace and goodness,
P – romoting  goodwill  and kindness,
Y – ou  have to do it with gladness.

N – eeding you to attest,
E –very good  deeds at best,
W –ith  anyone who knows you less.

Y – ou and I together to test,
E –very hope we have in nest,
A – t dawn  look for the fullness,
R – ays of strength  to  our happiness.

T - o  a new horizon  nevertheless,   
O – r anywhere  your heart can rest,

A – good decision matters  most,  
L – ife is what you make it or else,

L – ife is worthless. 

“Your mind is the greatest minds of the time.  It has the power to create, alter, and destroy. Positive thinking is an energy that feeds your heart, body,  and soul and  everything  good follows. 



  1. Great piece, Susan! It's always helpful to me to look at the new year with a fresh perspective:)

  2. Great piece, Susan! I always love looking at the new year with a fresh perspective, and it's a nice reminder that money isn't necessary to do so!