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Sunday, February 14, 2016

My heart says... What Makes You Love

To love and be loved --
The greatest wonderful thing,
That can ever happen to anyone--
Makes you smile when someone winks at you with his crossed eyes;
Makes you thoughtful when you like someone to remember you by and vice versa;
Makes you laugh when someone tells a joke, even though it is not really funny;
Makes you feel young when you are already old;
Makes you a special person when you feel you are the least of all;
Makes you become a fool when someone offers you the moon and stars to fall on your lap;
Makes you become a fool when you run after someone who doesn’t love you anymore;
Makes you become a fool when you let someone abuse you;
Makes your life worth living when someone loves you for what you are;
Gives you hope when you thought there is no more room for it;
Gives you sense of direction when there is confusion and frustration;
Gives you sense of fulfillment when you do everything you can to maintain harmony;
Gives you sense of realization when you shouldn’t have done crazy things before;
Gives you happiness where money can’t buy;
Fulfills procreation when you want to add to the population explosion in the world;
Fulfills your duty as, “Love your neighbor as your self;”
Builds  your sense of responsibility when someone is not fulfilling it;
Builds mutual trust when you both hate cheating;
Builds good relationship where peace and harmony are hard to maintain;
Builds patience and sacrifice when someone is incapable of giving and doing; 
Encourages sharing when someone is being selfish;
Things infinitely can be done and given,
Just to have love and be loved;
For God created us out of His love,
So, love is the greatest of all.
Do you feel in love? 

Penguin #1 – “Hey, bros, let’s have a party.”
Penguin #2 -- “Why do you like to have a party?”
Penguin # 3 – “Wow!  That’s cool.  I like it.”
Penguin #1 – “…because I like to dance.”
Penguin #2 – “…but I don’t know how to dance.”
Penguin #3 – “…it’s just so easy.  Look at how I dance… (he taps his two feet on the ground producing  a beat sound -- takatakatak, takatakatak, takatakatak)
Penguin #1 – “Yeah, I like that and I can do that, too! (So he taps his feet in the same way like the penguin #3 -- takatakatak, takatakatak, takatakatak)
Penguin #2 – “I really can’t do it.” (He is really having a hard time tapping his feet on the ground.)
Penguin #3 – “So what are you going to do now? Just stand there?”
Penguin # 1 – “Hey, bro, what are you going to do?”
Penguin # 2 – “I’m just going to recite a poem.”
Penguin #3 – “Ok, bro, let's hear your poem then.”
Penguin #2 – "Thank you very much, bros. Listen, my heart says…


To love and be loved,
The greatest wonderful thing
That can ever happen to anyone,
In the world made as one.

Everything looks so beautiful
Like flowers in bloom,
In the garden so filled,
With love you so tilled.

Working hard to make them grow
Like spring time you're waiting,
Nurturing to make them live,
Cherishing every moment they live.

Time will test
How far have you gone?
Good fruits-- do you have any one?
Thank you, my beloved One.

Bromeliad Plant

This Valentine’s Day, my eldest daughter gave me this beautiful bromeliad plant because she knows that I love flowers and plants.  She allowed my youngest grandson to hand this beautiful plant to me.  I really love it (-.-) No matter what kind of gift you receive this special day, please remember, it’s the thought that counts.  



“Whatever your heart feels and says,  it is the essence of who you are, what you are, and how you are.  Your heart is the engine of your body.  Maintain a good, healthy heart and be glad you did." 

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