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Saturday, February 27, 2016

My mind tells -- Decision Making

What is decision making?  It can be defined depending entirely on the person making the decision based on the person's purpose, alternatives or options presented, circumstances where the person is in, advantages or disadvantages, means or ways how to do it, and the result or outcome it will cause the person to become or even to others. No one is spared from making decision in our life and it entails difficulty.  We are born and gifted with free will.  It’s with this gift that we are made to make decision about what life is stored for us. The daily struggles or problems we face like,  the goals we need to achieve and the “wants” and “likes” to have are never ending.  We are never satisfied because we always hunger for something.  We have inner desires built in us to satisfy our emotional, financial, physical, social, moral, and spiritual needs.   If we refuse to face our problems or fail to find solutions, what do you think will happen?  On the other hand, if we find solution, is it temporary or permanent,  advantageous or disadvantageous, fruitful or unproductive, effective or complicated, etc?  Remember, the end doesn’t justify the means or ways we use.   Meaning to say, we still have the moral obligation and responsibility to bring out a good, effective result and not inflict harm to others.  We need to adhere to the “Law of Karma” -- what you sow is what you reap; do not do to others what you don’t want to be done to you.

The most important question to ask ourselves is this – “What is life to us? When we have problems, we tend to be demoralized, as if, the whole world is upon our head to carry.  There are people who can not carry their heavy load  on their hearts and mind that they  commit suicide.  For them, life is not worthy to live by.  They lose hope because they can not cope with their struggles in life.  They feel left alone. Helpless to find solution or refuse to find solution?  Which one are we in this area? 

Knowing how to deal with anything is making use of our God-given abilities and talents.  From the moment babies are born, they are guided how to suck their mother’s breasts to satisfy their hunger, how to stand and walk, how to say a word, how to read and write, and all the how to’s.  At this stage and onwards, their abilities are enhanced and talents developed. But when we grow older, we tend to deviate from the normal way of living because our beliefs and personality change due to environmental factors and not only by our own family upbringing.  This is how our character is molded.  Regardless of this, how do we make a good, effective decision?    

In every decision making, spiritual guidance should be sought to have  peace of mind and heart especially, if one is dealing with what vocation to take.  God’s word is the most important source of guidance to help us in our daily decision making.  We need to reflect on what we need to do.  For example,  moral status is the choice we have to deal with, whether we like it or not.  The question our own parents usually ask, when we reach the late age 30’s of our adulthood life, is this -- “Do you have a plan of getting married or not?”  Sometimes, we feel intimidated by this question or we don’t know even how to answer this simple question.  Marriage is a vocation, likewise, being single is a vocation, also.   Being single with the desire to serve the Lord is a very good decision one is to take in his life.  That’s why we are very proud in the family that my beloved cousin, Eric, has done so much reflection regarding his decision to enter priesthood.  We love and support you, Eric.  God bless you (-.-)  


My Lord, my God has called me -
“You are chosen and blessed
To take the journey with Me;
With full guidance and graces,
To uphold my law is the best.”

What my God has given me -
“I’m your God, My love is eternal
To give what is  best for you;
Nothing is impossible with Me,
To follow Me is perpetual.”

What my God has blessed me -
“Courage and perseverance
To know the Way, the Truth;
The truth that My name is “I am,”
To lead people to deliverance.”

What my God has guided me -
“Not by anyone else to decide
To do what your heart desires;
The stewardship of man needed,
To serve Me not for awhile.”

What my God has instructed me -
“Take your humble heart
To serve and not be served;
Be strong, My beloved servant,
 To keep My sheep unhurt.”

What my God has wanted me to be -
“A simple, righteous life  to have
To set good example to all;
Stand firm, My loyal servant,
 To my lost sheep for you to save.”


*This poem is lovingly dedicated to my beloved cousin who is currently staying in a seminary in San Jose, California.  We feel blessed and happy that a member of the family will become a priest.  Here are some of the activities he likes to do that I like to share. 

St. Patricks’s Ministry of Acolyte

The Fisher of Men at the Faith Festival 

The Basketball Player

The Caroler

The Bowler

The Dog Lover

The Seminarians

Special Meeting with Pope Francis

Spiritual Mommy

Just as we have been praying for him, Sr. Mary Uchenna, his spiritual mommy,  prayed for him also while he went through the IPF Program.  


Your mind is the greatest minds of the time.  It has the power to create, alter, and destroy. Positive thinking is an energy that feeds your heart, body,  and soul and  everything  good follows. 


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