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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My Travel --- Happy, Happy Me (Part 5)

To travel is a great opportunity for everyone.  The excitement to see places that we haven’t been before, to experience things we haven’t done before, to taste the foods  we haven’t tasted before, and all other things we like to do while travelling are great opportunities.  Whatever is the purpose of travel, our hearts and minds bring us to where we desire or need to go. Every second, every minute counts because our time is valuable in our everyday living.  We don’t know whether we will be able to do it again and again or no more chance for us.  There might be some physical or financial problems along the way that will hinder us, but still it will depend on our choice or decision.     

For me, the most valuable thing in my heart is to be with my family and spend this limited time with them. Though it took me two days before I reached my final destination, it didn’t hinder me physically on my first day of arrival to celebrate my special day with my children and their families in a nice restaurant.  We took some pictures as shown below:

Beautiful Daughters
I wish I have all my children in this picture.  I’m missing my youngest daughter and youngest son.  They are both working in different countries.

Smart Grandkids
The next day, I went to church and attended a mass as early as 6:30 am.  I prayed and thanked my Lord for the protection  and my 5th opportunity to travel again. In spite of my physical and financial problems I’ve been having, I still feel blessed. Having another year  added to my life span is a real blessing.  Think about being able to survive a day’s life, is already good enough to gain strength and courage to face another day’s struggle. Whatever I have,  whatever I don’t have, and wherever I am,  I’m always grateful to my Lord. This is me… This is my choice…  This is what makes me a “happy, happy me.” 

February 9, Chinese New Year 2016,  was declared a special holiday.  As usual, people in my country celebrate this event with grandeur festivities and decorations in Chinatown and in shopping malls.  We always celebrate this event yearly because our country has been greatly influenced by Chinese cultures aside from Spanish and Malay cultures.  We just went to a certain shopping mall and took some pictures as shown below:

Chinese New Year Festival at the Mall (a)

Only Granddaughter
Remember, I named my crocheted pouches after her – Zoe Pouches.

Smart Granddaughter with Smart Grandma (-.-)

Chinese New Year Festival at the Mall (b)
I asked this man to pose for awhile and he agreed. Who woudn’t like to do it?  Free photo shoot and  free promotion  (-.-)

Chinese New Year Festival at the Mall (c)


“Kung Hei Fat Choi”
We always celebrate this every year. Just the same during our January 1 celebration, New Year, our way of thinking should always be a positive one. Looking at a new horizon  and changing the  old ways that didn’t work well for us. Whatever goodness we want to achieve in life, believe that they can be achieved.  Of course, this should be combined with hard work and prayers, too. 

Let’s celebrate the Chinese New Year with a Big Bang!  
On the day itself, my elder daughter and her family took time to spend this celebration with me last night. We had a Japanese buffet dinner and all the seats were occupied.  People usually line up and have their names registered in the list first.  We were number 25 in the waiting list. The foods are really very good and I love the ambience of the restaurant.   

Movie Time
It’s movie time!!! I love to watch cartoon movies with my grand kids.  Remember the Croods?  I love that movie.  I love to watch cartoon movies again and again in our television set the whole day when I was a kid.  My time out only was during meals and taking a shower.  I had no other toys to play with, except my tea cup set.  When I started my schooling,  watching TV cartoons were lessened.

The Croods, the movie in 3D

 Lego Movie (a)

Lego Movie (b)

The Batkid, (Lego) Ligo Story (Pinoy style)
This kid is really very smart.  He is fun of creating things himself. When there is a thing that amuses him, he copies it and tries to do it himself like, magic using cards, sword making, etc.  He even mimics the corrupted character called Gollum of The Lord of the Rings by acting and recording his own voice.  He said, he likes to be an actor someday and play as the Batkid in (Lego) Ligo Story  (Pinoy style) (-.-) 

I wish I can become a kid again and never grow old physically.  I hate to grow old.  ha ha ha ha (-.-)  Kids never stop playing.  They never run out of creative ideas. As early as 3 years old, they learn easily the new technology of playing video games whether in laptops, ipads, cellphones, tablets, notebooks, etc. They are very lucky to have these different kinds of toys, but there are also dangers or disadvantages to it. Since they like to explore and have fun, they don’t care about the time. They like to stay up late at night.  There is so much energy in them. Though kids quarrel about small or big things, but sooner or later they will reconcile and play again together.  They used to be babies only and now they have grown.  There was only one baby before, then another one came, then another one…  Time flies so fast.  If I can only turn the clock backwards ……


Grandkids Playing in the Fountain

It’s haircut time!!!  It’s always too difficult to cut a child’s hair because they are not really patient to just sit still and wait till their haircut is done.  So my elder daughter brought her only child to a children’s parlor where there are toy cars to sit on, play with it, and a small desktop screen to watch cartoon movie.  That’s a good idea to temporarily keep them from moving or doing something while their hair is being cut.  I patiently took a video of her


Haircut at the Parlor

It’s play time !!!  After the haircut, she was promised to have a play time by taking some rides at TimeZone playstation.  Nice haircut and nice rides.  Now say, “Zoe” – click, click.  

Helicopter Ride

Horse Ride

I wish I would have one of my grand kids become a sports champion.  Take a look. Here they are---


The Future Bowling Champion

The Future Swimming Champion

It’s play time not for the kids only, but for parents as well!!! She’s a sharp shooter.  She got more points than her husband. ha ha ha ha ha (-.-) 


The Sharpshooter

Memories of being together are deepened more in my heart when my old friends unexpectedly came to visit and invited me for a dinner.  Close friends who have never forgotten me and stood by me all those past years are real treasures worth keeping.  Actually, because of limited time, I already lost time seeing my other close friends.  Remember, Happy, Happy Me (Part 4)? They are the same friends forever.

Beloved Friends (a)

Beloved Friends (b)

Usually before I leave, I always tell my mother this --   “Always wait till the little chick has arrived.”  This is just a metaphor I always use to give her hope that I will return again and lessen her worries about me.  I enjoyed every second of my limited time being with my own family. The time they spent with me is precious moments to cherish in my heart. 

Beloved Family Members

In the morning before my departure, my elder daughter picked me up to bring me to the airport. We first went to a shopping mall and my son-in-law gave his time to be with us  to have our last lunch together there. Many things in my mind that I worried about were brought on the table.  In my life, I always consider a day as my last day, trying to do the things I need to do for the day, and seeing to it that everything has been done correctly and timely.  But time is up to face the reality that I have to go back.  Never say ‘goodbye’ for it really hurts.  I’m going to miss them all.   

Ogetsu (a)
They are both managers working in different companies.  My son-in-law just took a time out from his work to join me and my daughter for a lunch in a Japanese restaurant named, Ogetsu, before I took my flight. The place is just near his office.

Ogetsu (b)
We have lots of malls in our country and they are huge and have 3-4 floor levels.  Lots of people always buy things whether local or imported items. They dine, see a movie, take other forms of recreations, especially for children, or just stay in the mall for a window shopping or stroll.  Never can you find a mall in my country with few people only inside the mall.  Everyday malls are crowded that parking spaces are not enough to accommodate all the cars. It can become more crowded, especially during weekends and holidaysTall buildings are built to provide for parking spaces, but it's not a free parking space.  

My last day in this mall was just short lived because of the scheduled time I have to go to the airport already.  Actually, I'm a "mall girl."  I like going to malls because it gives me time to relax my mind, away from stress even just for few hours only.  Walking provides me a good exercise for my aging body, even if I don't buy any items.  It's a soothing spirit letting my eyes see wonderful things or ideas that I haven't seen yet, thereby giving me sense of joy or gladness in my heart momentarily. It's like putting myself in a wonderland and fantasize in seeing good things around me, but not at the expense of being too materialistic like -- I need to buy this or buy that.  It's unwinding, recharging my body and mind and that after this, I know I will be back into reality again.     

Foremost,  I know that my spiritual strength must come from my Lord only.  There is no greater substitute than Him.  He is my real source of happiness, strength and healing.  He is my Protector in every travel I take and Guidance Counselor in every struggles I have.  Amen.

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