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Thursday, March 31, 2016

My hands can do this ---Coffee Can Birdhouse

You can’t see different kinds of birds flying around in front of your house unless, you  have a birdhouse, feeder, and bath.  We only have the bird feeder and bath at first, but we don’t have a birdhouse yet.   

Thanks to the Great Gardener.  Because of his many empty Folgers coffee cans,  I came up with this great project that will really benefit many small birds flying around in our country living.

I was inspired to make a birdhouse because of them. The Mama Bird had no place to lay her eggs, except in my flower basket. It's just so wonderful to see many kinds of beautiful birds of different colors. I was really very lucky  for being able to capture this amazing picture of the Hungry Birds. I already featured a video on Mrs. Jelly Beans' sticky notes about these birds. You can watch it again at the end of this tutorial.  This picture was also featured in our daily newspaper as "Reader Photo of the Day."

Reader Photo of the Day (a)

The Hungry Birds
Reader Photo of the Day (b)


(2) empty Folgers’ coffee container 27.8 oz (big)
(1) piece plastic placemat
      many 7-inch dried, straight sticks
      few  2 ½- inch dried, straight sticks (attached above opening
      and below the perch) 
      few 3- inch dried, straight sticks (attached below opening)
      many brown mulch
      glue gun and many glue sticks
      silicon sealer
      JB weld
      small knife
      manual saw
      portable drill with 1/16,  5/16, and 1 ¼  drill bits
      pipe (7 feet)
      round-shaped wood (size of coffee can)

Level of Difficulty Intermediate


  Cleaning the Coffee Container
Wash the container with soap and  rinse thoroughly with warm water.  Fill up the container with water.  Put 4 tablespoons of baking soda into the container to remove the smell of the coffee.  Let it stand overnight.  Wash again with soap and rinse thoroughly with warm water.  Check if there is still the smell of coffee.  If there is, follow the same procedure again as previously mentioned. 

Choosing and Cutting the Sticks
Choose dried, straight sticks from the falling limbs of a tree.  Cut them 7 inches long with a manual saw.  If the sticks are big, you can cut them into half.  In this project, I used all the small sticks, so I don’t need to cut them into half anymore.

 Making an Opening
The area showing “FOLGERS”  embedded on the container is where you are going to make an opening for the birdhouse.  Save the whole square plastic as you run the knife along the indented lines.  Write “Home Sweet Home” on the square plastic and then set aside.

Hole Drilling
Drill 3 small holes on the sides of container and 5 holes on the bottom using 1/16 drill bit.    Drill 3 holes on the center of the cap  and 1 hole on the center of the opening using 5/16 drill bit.  These holes will provide good air circulation to keep moisture from building up inside the birdhouse.

Inserting a Perch

Inserting Sticks on the Cap
Insert one 7-inch stick into the hole as a perch.  It will be glued later after all the dried sticks are glued on the sides around the container.  Insert one 7-inch stick on each hole on the  cap.

Attaching the Dried Sticks
Tie the 3 sticks on the cap with chicken wire to hold them. With a warm glue gun on hand, glue the 3 sticks on the cap and fill up the gaps, too.  Attach one  7-inch stick at a time on the side of the container.  Attach other sticks around the container until you reach the opening.  Attach the 2 ½ -inch sticks above the opening until you fill up the whole area.  Attach one 2 ½- inch stick also below the perch.  Attach the 3-inch sticks below the opening until you fill up the whole area.  Attach one  quarter of an inch stick on top of the perch to cover the space.  Apply glue on gaps or between sticks that need to be filled up. Apply also glue around the cap to strengthen the hold of the dried sticks to the cap. 

Making of a Roof
To use a compass, set the pointer at 5 ½ measurement to draw 11 x 11 inch round-shaped  roof on a plastic placemat. Find the radius of the circle with the use of a ruler. Draw a line and cut through the line up to the center only.  Bring both ends together to close the cut, punch a hole, and tie it with a yarn to hold the plastic roof.

Applying Glue on the Roof
Apply Super Glue on  the inside and outside areas of both cut sides of the plastic roof.  With warm glue gun on hand, apply glue again on the same areas to strengthen the hold of the shape of the roof.  Apply more glue on top of the 3 dried sticks on the cap and then quickly attach the roof on top. Hold for a while to let the glue stick to the roof. Put the plastic roof upside down on another empty coffee container for support.  Put the container upside down on top of the plastic roof.  With warm glue gun again, apply glue around the plastic roof attaching itself to the container.

Choosing and Applying the Mulch
Spread out some mulch on top of the newspaper on the table.  Choose almost the same size of every mulch that can be glued on the plastic roof, if possible.  Start attaching the mulch around the lower end of the plastic roof.   Glue each much as closely as possible to cover the plastic roof around until you reach the top level.  Glue the signboard, “Home Sweet Home,” below the perch.

Making a Birdhouse Stand
I need to ask my husband to do this for me.  Cut a pipe measuring 7 feet  and stick it on the ground.  Make a round-shape wood and drill a hole in the center using 1 ¼ wood drill bit. Insert the center of the wood into the pipe and glue it with JB weld. Arrange the birdhouse on top of the wood and apply silicon sealer around it. Insert some hay inside.  

Coffee Can Birdhouse (b)

Open House
Now, I'm proud to present to you, my Coffee Can Birdhouse. Today is an open house.  All small birds only are welcome (-.-) Sorry big birds (^_^) the coffee can is just small.  It’s ready for occupancy, 24/7, free board, lodging, and bath - ha ha ha ha.


Birds Taking a Bath
It takes some time to take a video of live animals.  The serenity of the environment and sound produced by these birds is a music to anyone's ears.  I was just standing near our glass door and took an opportunity to take a video of these different kinds of birds while taking a bath in our birdbath and feeding, as well. 

*This project was featured as Cheep Coffee Can Birdhouse on Favecrafts. As a craft designer, I was featured as #2 in their What's Hot list.  Please note this ranking is not permanent. Thank you to all viewers (-.-)

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    1. Thank you very much for the wonderful comment you have written regarding my projects. Have a blessed day.