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Sunday, March 6, 2016

My Travel ... Happy, Happy Me (Part 3) Japan

Two years had already passed after I initially travelled to Japan.   Though it is expensive to travel, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages because money can still be earned, while time can not.  Time always passes by without us noticing it because of our busyness at work and home.  We are leading a stressful life at work and home.  Survival of the fittest is the game of life.  But there should always be balance between our time for work and gratification for all the hard work and sacrifices we have done.  Money to be spent for our pleasure must be budgeted and timely scheduled. Gratification can be delayed, if there’s no enough money to spend for and time doesn’t permit us to do so.  These should always go together and allow us to think over about our priorities in life. 

In reality, we can’t bring back the time that passes by our life.  We will all aged as the time goes by.  We can’t bring back the energy and stamina we have when we were still young.  That we can still be strong enough to walk a long distance going from one place to another is very important in travelling.  This is in addition to our long hours of waiting in the airport for checking in our baggage, boarding time, and taking the plane to reach our destination without sleep or so.  We need energy to carry our luggage and bags, especially if we have extra, heavy-weight luggage. Consider always our age, agility, and mobility in us when we were still young that we can’t bring them back when we get older.   The joy and happiness that we can acquire in seeing the different beautiful places we haven’t seen before in your life is very fulfilling to behold with our eyes. The cultures and the way of living of different people around the world that can increase our knowledge about them are very amusing.   The excitement in taking part in adventures we haven’t tried before  is very funtastic and helpful in lessening our stress in life.  These memories that we can always gather during our travel are irreplaceable, very definable, and embedded  in our hearts.  To keep record of these great memories, we are fond of taking selfie pictures using our own cell phones in front of such wonderful places as remembrance.  A few seconds these pictures are already posted in every social networking like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and so on. This is the fondness now of all netizens since the invention of hi-tech cell phones and social websites.  But I still prefer to use my small Canon camera to take pictures and upload them in my laptop for more convenient and better way of organizing my photo files.

We had more adventures this time in Japan because we went to different places like, Shibuya, Yokohama, and Nagano.  It’s  winter time in Japan as of this writing, but no snow in Shibuya. There were lots of people shopping in Shibuya the night we went there.  We rode in a train to go to this shopping mall in Tokyo.  There are many tall buildings around and lots of lighted billboards on every buildings, as well as, Christmas lights hanging on trees and everywhere. 

Tall Buildings in Shibuya

Street Walking in Shibuya
We did a lot of street walking as many Japanese people did.  We crossed the busy streets of Shibuya where we took our first family picture.  The rest went on and on…. click, click, click.

Family Picture 

Mother and Daughter Bonding

Grandma and Grandkid Bonding

Arcakit Kinshicho
We went to different department stores, like Daiso, Uniqlo, Docomo, etc. inside the Arcakit Kinshicho – a tax free shop. Other names of department stores are written in Japanese language, so it’s hard to read it, unless you have studied Nippongo. My daughter said that the hardest part in studying Japanese language is the Kanji, the Chinese characters used in their writing system. Anyway, though all items are tax free, you still need to spend your money wisely.   

All Items are Tax Free 

Different Department Stores

Few hours of window shopping were not enough to see all these stores in one building.  We just bought few items to bring home and went ahead to look for a nice place to take our dinner.  As we passed by the streets, the pictures below depict how the Japanese people are living in style based on their preferences, just like anybody in other countries.    

Nightlife in Shibuya (a)

Nightlife in Shibuya (b)

Nightlife in Shibuya (c)

 Simple Pose in Shibuya
My youngest daughter told me to make a pose and I was hesitant to do it at first because we were in a hurry to find a place to take our dinner.  But due to persistent demand, I obliged to make a simple pose for one take only, I said.  Afterwards I didn’t expect she would ask me again to pose because I thought I made a nice pose already.  What happened next?  Scroll down the tab please…

Wacky Pose in Shibuya (-.-)

We arrived home and ate our dinner late.  My daughter’s friend cooked and served the food on the table.  After our dinner and preparation for going to bed, I was about to fall asleep deeply already when my youngest daughter suddenly waked me up to show me something special and then sang, “Happy Birthday to You....”   Here’s what she and her friend  bought me as a surprise.

Cute Birthday Muffins

Remember about DisneySea (Japan- Part 2) I posted about already? I thought we would not be able to see the greatest amusement park of all -- of course, the DISNEYLAND !!!     I felt great and excited that I was able to celebrate my special day in Disneyland because my own mother was not financially capable of taking me to any amusement park when I was still young.   That’s why  my granddaughter is truly blessed to have this opportunity to be here and enjoy her childhood dreams.  Yeheyyy (-.-) please give 3 claps for my granddaughter, Zoe.

 Tokyo Disneyland Entrance

We met two cartoon characters who willingly gave time to have pictures with amused parents and children.  They are as follows:


Tigger meets my Granddaughter and Daughter
My granddaughter was even scared to come close to these cartoon characters as you can see in her reaction when Tigger approached them.

Happy Cruise (a)

Happy Cruise (b)

Happy Cruise (c)

Happy Cruise (d)

Happy Cruise (e)

Happy Cruise (f)

Happy Cruise (g)
We took our first ride in Happy Cruise as shown in the pictures above.  We were amazed at the sight of really beautiful, cute characters designed to move and dance with the music background.  They were artistically made with colorful background and designed outfits. I took some pictures only of the whole ride as our small boat passed by.  It’s really better to show them in video, but unfortunately, I forgot to fully charge the battery of my camera before we left the house (^.^) Oh my, I becoming forgetful already.  I hate aging (-.-)

Granddaughter Rides in Space Cruise
Kids like playing video games in their cell phones, laptops, or ipads.  This is the kind of game any kid likes to see and play – XP-38 Space Cruise as shown in the video below.  My granddaughter likes to greet all the viewers before she takes this ride --  “Happy Viewing to all,”  she said.   


XP-38 Space Cruise

Walking in the rain in Disneyland

It was raining during the time we went there late in the morning.  We couldn’t cancel the trip anymore because it was already paid in advance and no refund for this expensive, funtastic adventure was possible.  Even though it was raining, many people still flocked to this greatest amusement park.  No rain or thunderstorm can stop them from going and same with us (-.-) or even the parade.  We didn’t have the chance to see the parade when we were in DisneySea, though it didn’t really rain that time.  But in Disneyland, it really rained and still the show went on -- no matter what the weather condition was.  How come there is no consistency in their system???  Anyway, we are still thankful to see this wonderful, beautiful parade.  Here are some of the best shots I was able to take during the parade in spite of the rain and the cartoon characters I could possibly remember and name (if I'm correct):

 Disneyland Parade (1)

 Disneyland Parade (2)
Winnie, the Pooh 

 Disneyland Parade (3)

 Disneyland Parade (4)
Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Disneyland Parade (5)

Disneyland Parade (5)
Elsa in Frozen

Unfortunately, I really got wet heavily on my feet because I wore a suede boots only that are not suited for rain weather.   I had to excuse myself from taking the rides because I couldn’t afford anymore to take the long walk due to my wet, cold feet. I felt so terribly cold and begged off to find a sit under a shade while they took their chosen rides.  Luckily, I found one and seated between two people to keep me warm and removed my wet boots.  They didn’t know I need to be warm and it was just the right place for me to sit at.  This thought came to my mind while waiting – “it will be very long till the night comes along when my children finish their rides.” I could feel that my temperature was dropping too low already and my feet were terribly cold and becoming hard and aching.  Oh my God!!!  I didn’t want to experience having hyperthermia.

While having these deep thoughts, I didn’t expect that my youngest daughter would follow me where I was seating near a small store.  I thought she would just go on take another ride together with her elder sister and her niece.  Then she asked me how I was doing and I replied, “I’m terribly cold and my feet are already aching.”  Bothered by what I told her, she told me that she was going to buy me a new pair of boots  to wear.  (Note: This is really a lesson for me when my youngest daughter told me beforehand to buy a pair of boots intended for rain or snow weather.  I didn’t listened to her (‘_‘)

Unfortunately, no pair of shoes was being sold in any of the stores.  But she was very resourceful, caring, and smart.  When she came back, she bought me a pair of bedroom slippers and applied tapes on these slippers and  told me to put on plastic bags for each slipper, so that they wouldn’t easily get wet when I walked.  She held me closely and slowly brought me to  a nearby ride area.  

Seven Dwarfs’ Mine
She really wanted me to fully enjoy the day in spite of the rain.  I just took one ride to the Seven Dwarfs’ Mine and then begged off to go to a restaurant nearby before my pair of bedroom slippers get wet also.  Afterwards, it took a long while before I felt comfortable and warm during my stay inside the restaurant.  Taking a cup of hot green tea she ordered for me really helped my body temperature to go up.  She left to look for her elder sister and her niece and went ahead to take the different rides with them. 

Taking different rides in just one day will not be enough because of the  wide area to take a walk from one ride to another ride and the long line of people waiting to take a ride themselves.  Though I wasn’t able to take enough rides in Disneyland, I still appreciated this opportunity to see and take part in the fantasy adventures of Walt Disney’s creation for all children of this world to see and enjoy.  I like cartoons and I still like them up to now.  But we left the place at 6 pm because I needed to buy a new pair of boots for our next day travel to YOKOHOMA....

To be continued....

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