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Friday, March 18, 2016

My Travel --- Happy, Happy Me (Part 4) - Japan

Everyone was excited to go to our next itinerary that we didn’t get enough sleep the night before the scheduled date. We had a long train ride going to Yokohama, transferring from one station to another station several times, until we landed on the last train station.  

Yokohama Line

As soon as we landed on the street, we took the chance of taking pictures in front of several tall buildings, like the Queen’s Square as shown below, even though we didn’t go inside the building (-.-) ha ha ha --just having fun of taking pictures click, click, click. My granddaughter was really full of energy to take a long walk and not even complained about it.  I like walking, that is a good exercise.

Queen’s Square, Yokohama

Pacifico Yokohama
In Pacifico Yokohama directory signboard where my granddaughter and elder daughter were standing, it shows the different directions leading to National Convention Hall, Conference Center, Exhibition Hall, Annex Hall, Harbor Lounge, Intercontinental Yokohama Grand,  Sightseeing Ship Terminal (sorry, the name was covered by my daughter), and Rinko Park.  

I’m sorry, if I couldn’t name some of the places, as I wasn’t able to take picture of the signage. Their language is very difficult to study as told by my youngest daughter when she took time studying Nippongo, especially the Kanji, the Chinese characters used in their writing system.

Yokohama’s Skyscrapers

Yokohama Cosmo Ferris Wheel

This place with the big ferris wheel is like the one in Sky Ranch, in Tagaytay City in my country.  It’s more beautiful to see this during the night when different lights are turned on. This place is just almost in front of the Cupnoodles Museum that is across the street only.  We didn’t ride in this majestic ferris wheel because it was still closed.  Yokohama Cosmoworld is an amusement park with different rides for everybody.  

Cupnoodles Museum Park Street Sign

Yokohama Cupnoodles Museum

When we saw the signage above, we felt a sigh of relief (-._) Wow, at last, we reached our destination – Nissin Cupnoodles Museum.  We came here just for fun to have my granddaughter see how the noodles are being manufactured and know its history.  I took pictures of what I could to show what’s inside the museum.

Nissin Cupnoodles Museum (1)

Icon of Nissin Cupnoodles
The picture (1) is at the entrance before we  proceeded to the main floor where a room-sized cupnoodles factory was set up for viewing.  I love stuff toys and this chick stuff toy is the icon of the company.  Visitors like to take picture in front of this cupnoodle as we did also. 

My Cupnoodles Factory 

This is the Cupnoodles Factory set up for the visitors to view.  There were lots of people who went here patiently falling in line.  My granddaughter and I enjoyed the fun of designing the side of the cup by drawing whatever we could think of.  It helped the children developed creativity in them and provided educational experience.  Next, we went to line up for our cup noodle to be filled up and see how it was being made and packed.  We chose first the ingredients we like to have and they filled our cups with it.  They showed us how it was being packed with a small machine only.  Probably, if it is a bigger production, they have a bigger machine for packaging.  Lastly, we were told to encase it in an air-filled plastic bag with long thread intended for hanging or easy carrying like a small bag. (Note:  Sorry for the inconsistency in the size of the first 3 pictures above.  They were taken by my daughter in a horizontal angle using her iphone that made these pictures different from the rest.)

Nissin Cupnoodles Museum (2)

These are the different kinds of Nissin Cup Noodles with different flavors exhibited and were invented by Momofuku Ando. Imagine, probably there are several hundreds or thousands of them!!! This picture was taken on one side of the room only.  The room was  really filled up with different Nissin Cup Noodles on three sides of the room, from top to bottom.

Nissin Cupnoodles Museum (3)

This area is just like magic (-.-) to the eyes of the children.  I became curious, too, why their hands and eyes were glued to it.  My granddaughter and I took the chance to touch the grey pictures.  Wow! it showed up its true colors (-.-)

Momofuku’s Cooking Area (a)

After we had an animated film viewing of the history of Nissin Instant Cup Noodles (we’re not allowed to take pictures inside the viewing room),  a door was opened leading to Momofuku’s small wooden, garden shed where he worked on all his experiments about what is now a well-known food all over the world – Nissin Cup Noodles.

Momofuku’s Cooking Area (b)

This area inside the inventor’s place contains his all equipments and big cooking pot (not seen in the picture) he used trying to invent what is now well known as the World’s First Cup Noodles as shown in the picture below.  

The Birth of World’s First Cup Noodles

September 18, 1971

The Birth of World’s First Space Ramen
July 27, 2005

His perseverance and determination to reach his goal of inventing the kind of food that can last longer  when stored, with minimal amount of hot water to add on, and enjoy the meal by all people in the world.  He was really genius and never stopped working till he invented also the World’s First Space Ramen as shown in the picture above. 

Momofuku among the Greatest

Momofuku Ando (the one standing near the cupnoodle) can really be a good role model to look up to in helping us achieve our goals in life.  In this picture, it depicts that he is considered as one of the greatest among inventors and well-known personalities in the world.  I wish and pray that my granddaughter will become one, too, as she stood among them (-.-)

Sightseeing Ship Terminal

From the deck view of the building, I took picture of this beautiful scenery of huge Yokohama’s Shipping Terminal.  

ShinYokohama Raumen Museum

The next place we went to was in ShinYokohama Raumen Museum. At the entrance, my granddaughter got surprised why the noodles was moving up and down as shown in the video below.  It wasn’t really a big place to be amazed at things displayed inside. For me, it looks like an ordinary small convenience store  where people buy.  They charged us an entrance fee and I don’t know why, till we went down the very underground of the building that I think it was, 3 to 4 levels below from the main floor at the entrance.  There was no elevator and the stairs are not even wide for two persons to go down.  Here’s what we saw in the underground level of the building as shown in this video also.


ShinYokohama Raumen Museum

Kimmidoll – Masayo

After eating our ramen noodle in one of those restaurants in the underground level of the building, my youngest daughter bought me a kimmidoll named Masayo as a souvenir only.  Yeheyy, I will have this be displayed in my future, new house (-.-) It is just so small that I can just hold it in my palm.  It’s beautiful and cute and there is a write up about life's true value being expressed through the meaning of her name as shown in the picture below.  

Masayo – “True”
 My spirit is authentic and pure.
To live true to yourself every
day in every way, is to honour
the purity of my spirit.
May you always be known
and cherished for everything
that is uniquely you, so you may

live a truly authentic live.


Skiing in Nagano
We rode in a big bus for 4 hours going to Nagano in the morning. It’s the  ice-covered playground for those taking advantage of what the nature provides during winter season to have time for fun and adventurous activities, like skiing. There are also cable cars to bring those skiers up the hill for more exciting skiing. The hill view of this area is beautiful and temperature was so cold.  Lots of people come here every year and even foreigners do come,  they said. 

Making a Snowman
I also took video of my granddaughter while skiing on her sledge.  She also made snowman when she got tired of skiing in her sledge as shown in the picture below.  

Ready to Ski?

My children rented their skiing board and boots, but I was given a skiing boots only.  I didn’t want to take the chance of encountering falls or bumps.  I just watched them on the window side of the camp restaurant while they practiced.  It’s hard if one is just starting to learn how to ski.  There was no professional coach to teach them.  My elder daughter suffered a head bump after one fall.  She just stopped after several trials of skiing.  But I was very glad that nothing serious injury caused her head after undergoing a medical examination in our country when she returned.

Pulling the Sledge
After several hours,  it was time to go and take our hot bath in the hotel.  My granddaughter didn’t want to go yet.  She was lazy to stand up and walk. That’s why my youngest daughter pulled her sledge while going to the hotel.  I considered this the best shot of them while my daughter was teasing her niece.

The hot bath area has each private area for men and women.  We took our bath naked in a public bath before dipping into the hot pool. I didn’t dip into pool because I couldn’t stand the hot temperature of the water, but my elder daughter and her daughter did. That’s the way it is and nobody cares if you are fat or slim or have stretched marks or none (-.-) Taking pictures is prohibited in this area. 

Even for a one-day trip,  experience like this is a moment of time that we can cherish in our life.  We don’t know if there will still be another time to experience this moment because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow.  Actually before we travelled to Japan,  I read in the news online that there was a bus accident going to Nagano that killed the passengers.  It was during the evening that the accident happened.  That’s why I told my youngest daughter to reschedule our trip in the morning rather than in the evening.  Though it was a hurting moment for the family of those who died in the accident, it was a realization for us that this accident was brought to my attention by my Lord to make the necessary precaution.  I always thank Him for His guidance and protection. 
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