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Saturday, April 30, 2016

My hands can do this --- Native Towel and Bath Display Holder

Nature is beautiful and anything hand made with all-natural material is also beautiful. Because we are endowed also with natural creativeness  to create something useful,  this stylish towel and bath holder is a good example of showing the beauty of nature and serving its purpose as well. It’s simple, natural, and less expensive way to highlight your  accessories in your bathroom.  


(1)  10W X 10L native-square box made of palm leaves *
(1)  16W X 32L used red sinamay from long flower bouquet **
(4)  sets Scotch fasteners multi-purpose
(4)  thumb tucks
       many dried small roses
       many dried tomato blossom ends
       Offray ribbon
       Scotch tape
       glue gun
       glue sticks
       tape measure

Dividing the Sinamay
Measure 4 inches wide of sinamay from its edge, fold all the way through its length, and then cut in between its fold. Because of the shortage in length of the sinamay to cover the whole native box, measure another 4 inches wide and 9 ½ inches long from its edge on the other side, fold, and then cut in between its fold.  Set aside the remaining whole sinamay.  

Native-Square Box with Sinamay Covering

Using your glue gun, attach one end of the sinamay on the edge of the native box.  Be sure to extend the sinamay a little bit over the edge of the native box.  Attach the rest of the sinamay around the native box, as well as, the additional sinamay extension.  The area with the added sinamay extension will be considered as the top part of the project.  

Arranging the Fan-Shaped Sinamay Background

With the remaining whole sinamay, fold alternately into 4 parts vertically, bring together both its ends to fold into 2 parts only and then cut it in the middle only.  Put one part on top of the other part and apply glue on the center to stick them together. Glue its sides together  to make it like a fan shape.  Still with your glue gun on hand, attach this at the middle top of the native box, but be sure to provide a space for the setting of flower bouquet.                        

Flower Arranging (a)
Flower arranging can be done by selecting the biggest, nice rose first that will be the center of all the flowers.  Avoid getting your fingers burn as you stick the flowers together.  Also, be careful in handling the dried flowers to keep them from falling apart. 

Flower Arranging (b)

Attach more small flowers to each side until you form its shape like a fan bouquet.  

Flower Arranging (c)

If the flowers are well attached together and formed like a fan bouquet, then you are ready to attach them on top of the box.  

Setting the Roses with Sinamay Background
Apply glue at the back to attach the bouquet to sinamay at the center.  Apply more glue at the middle front area of the fan-shaped sinamay to make the bouquet of roses stand firmly.  If there is a need to attach more leaves or stems, you can do so.

Glue above each dried tomato blossom ends on the fan-shaped sinamay to enhance the arrangement as shown in the picture above.

Native Towel and Bath Display Holder (2)
Find the best place in your bathroom to stick this display on the wall. Measure the wall and align the native box on the mounting surface. Stick each thumb tucks on the 4 corners of the native box to mark the area where to attach the fasteners. Remove the thumb tucks , but remember the area where you stick these thumb tucks on the native box. Remove the liner of  one side of the fastener and attach at the center of each markings made on the wall. Remove the liner of another side of the fastener and attach at the center of each corner of the native box where the thumb tucks were previously stick.  Align the first two fasteners of the native box with the first two fasteners attached on the wall and then press them all together.   Arrange the hand and face towels and other bath accessories you like to display, and tie a ribbon.  Use Scotch tape to keep the bath accessories stand straight on the wall.  

* The native box was given to me by my youngest daughter as a wedding gift away during her friend’s wedding day where she participated as one of the bride’s sponsors.

**  The red sinamay was from the flower bouquet given to me by my eldest daughter during my special day. 

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