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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My hands can do this --- Glassware with Metallic Touch

If you are thinking of making a children’s party, you can make something different to make the children be amused and have fun, while eating their favorite dessert or drinks. This project is easy, cute, and lovable one to make that even your own child can do it.

Goblet Glass with Copper Wire-made Fruit Holder

(4)  copper wires (different colors)
(4)  Offray ribbons (different colors)
(4)  goblet glasses
(4)  dessert glasses
(4)  cotton balls
(8)  wiggly eyes (small) (7mm)
       excess yarns (different colors)
       needle nose plier
       Elmer’s glue
       small empty medicine bottle
       ball pen
       scrap colored magazine paper

Level of Difficulty – easy

I.  Using a Wine Glass

Making Wire Heart Shaped
Encircle one end of the copper wire to make a heart shape.  Use a needle nose plier to tighten the end at the middle.

Making Wire Round Shaped
Below the heart shape, encircle the wire around a small empty bottle thrice and then remove the bottle.  This will serve as a part where to put something, like a small fruit, on top and make adjustment, if needed later on.

Encircling the Wire on Glass Handle
Level the circled wire above the rim of the glass and provide enough length of wire before encircling it around the glass handle. Continue encircling the wire till it covers the whole glass handle and then cut it.

 Making and Attaching Ribbon
Cut a 25 inches of ribbon and tie it around the upper portion of the glass and around the wire to hold it in place.  The result will look like the  picture below. Repeat the same procedures as above for the remaining 3 goblet glasses.

Goblet Glass with a Strawberry Fruit

II. Using a Dessert Glass

Making Wire Spiral Shaped
Encircle one end of the copper wire around a ball pen 30 times to make a spiral shape.  Cut the end of the wire and remove the ball pen.

Stretching the Spiraled Wire
Stretch the spiraled wire and straighten one end of the wire as shown in the picture above.

Encircling the Wire on Glass Handle
Encircle the wire around the glass handle till it covers the area and enough to make the spiraled wire to stand up alone.

Making of Centipede Head (a)
Stretch the spiraled wire a little bit to provide a space for the making of the head of a centipede.  Cut a 2 inches yarn and tie it once around the second circle before the last circle of the wire.  Apply Elmer’s glue on each end to make it stiff.

Making of Centipede Head (b)
Insert 1 cotton ball into the spiraled wire, pull it, and lift it at the back, covering the middle of the yarn and wire.  This will serve as the head of the centipede.

Making of Centipede Head (c)
Position and attach a pair of small wiggly eyes using Elmer’s glue.

Making of Centipede Head (d)
Make a cut out of the lips from a scrap magazine and attach it with Elmer’s glue.  A centipede not wired around the glass will look like this one as shown below.

Copper Wire-made Centipede

Dessert Glass with Copper Wire-made Centipede 

Table Setting of Glassware with Metallic Touch (a)

Table Setting of Glassware with Metallic Touch (b)
I thought of making this project during my daughter’s birthday celebration, so we can have fun ourselves, too. (-.-) while eating

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