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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mom's Oven --- Garden Blend Salsa

Having your own garden with different kinds of vegetables planted on it can provide you almost all the nutrients your body needs.  What can you ask for?  For us, it’s worth all the time, effort, and most important – the Great Gardener’s love to plant.   That’s why I made this recipe – Garden Blend Salsa - a combination of everything  what the Great Gardener has in his heart.  Enjoy this tasty, hearty recipe to serve with your favorite chips or other snacks.  

They are a good source of *Vitamins A, C, and E that provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory  benefits, enhance our immune system, and make our skin and hair looking youthful, respectively.  They also contain Vitamin B6 which is essential for the health of our nervous system and helps renew our cells.  They are low in calories, can reduce bad cholesterol, and control diabetes.

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They are *low in calories , but high in Vitamin A and C that can help protect from heart disease and stroke and maintain a healthy blood pressure. They contain manganese that helps in the breakdown of carbohydrates and glucose, while potassium balances the body fluids, as well as, provides the muscles the energy they require.   Its fiber also helps promote colon and prostate health and has been linked to cancer prevention.  That’s why they are always included in my recipes. 


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They are a good sources of *Vitamins A, B6, C, E, K, potassium, folate, magnesium, phosphorous, copper, potassium, manganese, and dietary fiber. They are also very low in saturated fact, cholesterol, and sodium.  They can reduce the risk of heart disease  and cancer, maintain healthy skin and hair, improve bone health, and reduce inflammation.

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10 lbs   ripe tomatoes
1 c        golden egg summer squash, diced
1 c        saffron summer squash, diced
1 c        zucchini, diced
4 pc      garlic cloves
3 pc      onions, medium
3 pc      bell peppers, medium
1/3 c     extra virgin olive oil
2 cans   tomato paste, 6 oz
10 tbsp  sugar
3 tsp      Italian seasoning
3 tsp      basil, dried
3 tsp      salt
2 tsp      ground black pepper

Preparation Time:  approximately 2 - 3 hours

Cooking Time: approximately 1 ½ hours
1. Wash tomatoes, golden egg, saffron, and zucchini summer squashes, bell peppers with fruits and vegetables wash.  Rinse thoroughly and drain. Cut and remove the seeds of the tomatoes and bell peppers. Cut the other vegetables as directed above.
2. Set a large sauce pan over a medium heat . Sauté garlic in olive oil until slightly brown.  Add tomatoes first and continue stirring until the volume is reduced by one half. Raise the temperature to a high heat.
3. Add all the summer squash vegetables. Continue stirring to avoid sticking. Simmer for another 20 minutes.  
4. Add the onions, bell peppers, tomato paste, sugar, salt, and all the spices.  Continue stirring and simmer for another 10 minutes.
5. Remove from heat.  You can store it either in a freezer plastic containers or can it like what I did as shown below.    
(Note:  There is a reduction in its volume after the process.)

Servings -  approximately 15 servings (1 cup per serving)
Yield – 5 quarts (when canned)

Canned Garden Blend Salsa

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“Cooking doesn’t only involve knowing what and how to cook and prepare all the ingredients, but also how much you love to cook for somebody."  

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