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Sunday, May 8, 2016

My heart says... A Short Tale of Motherhood

Motherhood entails a lot of meaning because not all mothers are equal in terms of how to be a mother.  In addition, mothers don’t have the same attitude towards children, especially each has her own way of bringing up their respective children.  It will depend on how the mother was brought up before or what kind of family environment she had before she became a mother herself.  To give a brief background of ourselves, there are always two factors that mold our very own “being,” namely – nurture and nature.  Our experiences in the family and environment everyday are continuously molding each one of us as an individual. 

Motherhood is a vocation and very complicated in the sense that full responsibility in caring for a child must be met whether physically, emotionally, socially, educationally, and spiritually.  I’m not disregarding that fatherhood is a vocation, too.  I know that rearing up children should be a joint responsibility of both parents. 

In this case, I’m just going to tackle about motherhood. There are lots of mothers in this world who might have the same thoughts as I do.  I just want to share these thoughts about motherhood and it can be defined in many ways.  Take note of the questions I asked in every definition and you can answer them yourself.

Motherhood is getting up early in the morning to prepare breakfast, while everybody is in a hurry to go to school and work and not even finish their food.
(Note: Do mothers like wasting of food? Yes or No)

Motherhood is getting up every night to change baby’s diaper or prepare milk, while her husband snores.  
(Note:  Do mothers like / hate this?  Yes or No)

Motherhood is reminding her kids everyday to stay out of trouble and talking non stop about anything she thinks of her kids, as she drives them to school. 
(Note: Are mothers nagger? Yes or No.)

Motherhood is getting into fight when her child is being bullied by other kids at school or anywhere.
(Note: Are mothers war freak when it comes to protecting her child?  Yes or No)  

Motherhood is sacrificing not to buy anything for her, just to be able to provide for the needs of her children. 
(Note:  Do mothers have a priority mindset for their kids? Yes or No)

Motherhood is having hard time in doing two jobs to provide for her kids’ needs, while her husband is jobless.  
(Note:  Do mothers have a sacrificial mindset for the family? Yes or No)

Motherhood is taking time to attend the Parents and Teachers Conference, while her husband is so busy in his work or doesn’t want to attend. 
(Note: Do mothers care more about her kids’ education than her husband? Yes or No)

Motherhood is leading her family to have a prayer time, though how short it can be, as long as it comes from the heart. 
(Note: Can the mothers’ spiritual beliefs and practices be the source of religious differences in the family?  Yes or No)

Motherhood is being emotionally attentive to her kids’ emotional behavior, especially when punished or reprimanded by the father due to misbehavior. 
(Note: Do mothers have always emotional balance when kids misbehave or have tantrums?  Yes or No)

Motherhood is being judged for what you have done or what you have failed to do by your own children. 
(Note: Do mothers deserve to be judged?  Yes or No)

There are still lots of definitions that you can think of about motherhood.  The children are the ones who can give their own description of their own respective mothers.  How their mothers show their love and care for them is the most important in their life. 

Blessed are those children who have both parents take part in their life’s activities. Likewise, blessed are those children with single parent who takes the whole responsibility of taking care of them.    

If a mother fails in her responsibility, it will be like the whole world falls apart on her head.  But what does it take to be a good mother?  Does it rely on being a homemaker only? Or being a career woman and a mother at the same time?    

A mother whom I've known for years has her child only five years after her marriage.  She underwent several physical and laboratory test, so she could get pregnant.  When her child was born,  the child has a congenital heart defect that needs to be operated on. Financial problem caused them to borrow money for the child's operation. How terrible was it to feel that your own child would suffer this much after several years of waiting!!! But at the end, with constant pray for God's mercy, her child has grown into a beautiful daughter. 

Another mother who gave birth seven months prematurely to her child.  The baby needs to stay in an incubator for two months, but the health condition of the baby became worse when  he got pneumonia and diarrhea.  They, too, suffered financial difficulties because of this,  aside from having two small children to feed and take care of also.  The husband is the only one working and they don’t have family relatives who can be able to lend money to them.  God works miraculously in many ways because at the end,  they were able to survive these trials.

Another mother, a single parent, has three children and all are grown ups already.  After so much sacrifice for her children to support their needs and studies, one of her children turned her back on her when she went abroad and got a good job already.  She doesn’t even care to call her or talk to her while abroad, even though how many times the mother tried to reach out to her daughter.

There are still many heartbreaking instances in a mother’s life.  How mothers are able to survive these trials are great stories to share to others.  Her children will always have a soft spot in a mother’s heart, no matter how they turn out to be or no matter how they treat her when they grow up.   Our life is a continuous education.  We must learn a lesson each day, whether from good or bad experiences,  that should help us, in one way or another, become a better, strong person. For mothers, learn to stand up every time you stumble in life.  Don’t falter in your love for your children.  For children, honor your father and mother, as God commanded you to do.  Love them more in their old age.



Once when you were born,,
So intense the pain I felt,
Tears of joy shedding in light,,
While gazing you at my sight.

Every little part of you,
Beautifully formed and grown,,
As what God always wants to be,,
A precious gift you are to me.

Every little part of you,
Softly I touch and kiss,,
Need the strength to have,
A motherly care can only give.

Every little part of you,
My heart you have sought,
Gives warm embrace and kisses,
Instills you always with graces.

Every little part of you,
Angelic smile every time I see,
Lifts my spirit and always be ,
Never a dull moment with you can be.

Every little part of you,
Innocent and fragile as you are,
Childish being you have shown,,
Worth remembering as time has flown.

Every little part of you,
Well being always a mother’s desire,
Hope my love for you is perfect,
In time can you only reflect on it.



American Greetings

This video was sent to me by my eldest daughter in Facebook. This is a very cute Happy Mother's Day greetings from American Greetings and I love it. 

Happy Mother’s Day
To all beautiful mothers
of this world!!!


“Whatever your heart feels and says, it is the essence of who you are, what you are, and how you are.  Your heart is the engine of your body.  Maintain a good, healthy heart and be glad you did."  

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