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Saturday, June 11, 2016

My Travel --- Celebration in Baguio City

Celebration is something to look forward to and makes us always happy.  For whatever reasons why we need to celebrate, we really need it in our life.  Blessings having received and prayers answered, like a son or daughter graduating from school, passing a board exam, getting a salary increase or job promotion, having a new house or car, wedding, town fiesta, etc.  So many to list down, but the most important thing to consider aside from the how’s, when’s, and where’s to celebrate the special occasion – foremost is the budget.  Even if there is something to celebrate,  thoughts to ponder about before indulging into any celebration, will help us avoid having financial problems at the end:

Do we have a budget?
Is it necessary to have it now or can it be delayed?
Is it very important to celebrate?
Should it be grand or simple?
Where do we need to celebrate?
How do we celebrate?
How often do we need to celebrate the occasion?
What is our priority?
In spite of financial constraint, there is another option to consider -- two special celebrations can be done in one time to minimize the expenses.   Like in our case, we gathered together to celebrate two occasions – birthday of my beloved son-in-law and father’s day in Baguio City.  I came here also last year 2013 together with my elder brother - Happy, Happy Me - Part 4.

Dinner at Sumibi Yakiniku Tajimaya

We arrived at our rented place just in time for our dinner.  We just dropped off our baggage and then we went off to a nice Japanese Restaurant, Sumibi Yakiniku Tajimaya.  We ordered buffet dinner with bottomless iced tea which was served to us only.  It consisted of all the meat you can eat and we roasted them ourselves on the table with charcoal burner.  I ordered chicken meat and green salad, while my granddaughter was served with crispy chicken.  She is a crispy-chicken lover.   Of course, before we ate, we sung “happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you …” to my good, handsome son-in-law.  

Viewing at Camp John Hay
The following day we had our brunch at Hill Station Bistro in Camp John Hay.  We went around seeing different stores, like the ROX (Recreational Outdoor Xchange) in Convergys Center which they really like because these couples are both outdoor lovers.  We also went to see other stores, like Adidas, Camp, Izod, Labels, etc. and Commissary, all in Mile Hi Center as shown in the picture below.

Mile Hi Center at Camp John Hay

Mile Hi Center at Camp John Hay

My Granddaughter at SM City - Rainbow Trail
Upon reaching the rooftop floor, we saw this wonderful rainbow trail.  I wasn’t able to take the whole picture of this rainbow trail from end to end in my camera, but at least my elder daughter took a shot of her daughter in front of it with her celfone.  (Oops. sorry about the different size of the image.) Rainbow was really in full size to our naked eyes, so awesome to look at. 

We went off to SM City to see a movie, War Craft – The Beginning, but unfortunately we weren’t able to see it because it was rated G-13.  My granddaughter is just only 8 years old.  Nevertheless, the couple went around looking at anything they could find interesting, while I walked around, too, on my own.  I heard music and I looked down and saw this very nice cultural presentation, named “Pasundayag sa Northern Mindanao 2016”  with its theme – “North Min Car Can.”  There were three different cultural dance presentations that I was able to get a video as shown below:


 Pasundayag #1


Pasundayag #2 


 Pasundayag #3 


Old House at the Entrance (1)


Old House at the Entrance (2)


The following day, which was our last day in Baguio, we went to this awesome, artistically-made restaurant situated on the rooftop of the building as shown in the pictures above.  The owner is an artist who also owns VOCAS (Victor Oteyza Community Art Space). He had some of his students’ finest artworks displayed in a room area as shown below:




The place has a funny menu list specifically named after some of our famous historical persons, like Heneral Juan Luna,  Tandang Sora,  Antonio Luna, Lapu-lapu,  Andres Bonifacio, etc.  What did we order?  I ordered Tandang Sora Parmigiana, while my daughter and her family ordered – Kapitan Kabute Omelette, Heneral Luna’s Punyetang Shitake, Cesar Asar, and Bandilang Pula.  Ha ha ha ha ha we really enjoyed the tasty food (-.-)

Our Lady of Manaog
Even though we’re already running late in going home, we didn’t disregard our desire to drop by this place to pray and seek for guidance and protection from Our Lady of Manaog even for a short time only.  I’m a devotee of Blessed Mother Mary.  We have a big statue of her in the house as shown in “Our Christmas Story – 2012.”  It was raining and dark along the highway, but our prayers were answered when we arrived home safely past midnight already.  Amen.  

Father and Daughter Bonding
There are no other good and happy moments to have than to have a bonding with your children.   Who else can make your heart happy and glow than having a loving and sweet daughter or son beside you? This father and daughter bonding, as shown in the picture above, happen not only during this special occasion which we are celebrating today, but every day.  It’s her natural virtue of sweetness, showing her love always that makes her adorable and lovely.  She has grown fast since she was born 8 years ago, after several years of struggle of my elder daughter to have a baby.  Through the power of prayer, God really works miracle. It was her who gave me an inspiration to do my first crochet projects – “Zoe Pouches.”  Then when she was born, I wrote a poem about her entitled,  “Every Little Part of You” and posted in my article, “A Short Tale of Motherhood.

Since we are celebrating a special occasion today, I also have a related article entitled, “Do you have a Father?” where I initially featured them and also wrote a poem dedicated to my deceased father.  This time, I’m dedicating a short poem to all living fathers, especially to all my sons-in-law:

Fatherhood - a noble gift from God,
Where discipline among children never falters,
Where hard work never ends,
Where his love for his family never fades,
Where guidance never fails,
Where sacrifice never hesitates,
Where sense of responsibility never broken,
Where good deeds are always in his heart,
What more can a wife ask for?
Other than you who is dearest one!!!

A Happy Father’s Day
to all
Wonderful Husbands !!!

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