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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Travel - A Wonderful One-day Trip - Regina Rica

It was a sunny day, Sunday, when my elder daughter and son-in-law agreed to go to a one-day pilgrimage to Regina Rica.  This is my first time to come to this area.  Because it was almost a two-hour drive, I couldn’t resist taking a nap, while my granddaughter fell asleep, too.  We woke up when my son-in-law  told us that we were already passing by the windmills, but my granddaughter and I missed that view.  The place, my son-in-law was driving through, is a mountainous area.  Nevertheless, we reached our destination safely, feeling excited, especially me.  My elder daughter went to the reception area to register first.  We took the ride in going up the hilly area where the statue of Blessed Mother, named Regina Rosarii, is situated as shown below.

Regina Rica

Regina Rica is place for contemplative prayer and devotion to Mother Mary.  It is also a place of an ecological sanctuary and a wellness environment. It is situated in a 13.5 hectare land at the foothills of Sierra Madre Mountains.  It is founded by the Dominican sisters who conduct retreats, recollections, and seminars for many people from all walks of life who want to experience stillness, silence, and serenity.  They also provide socio-pastoral and medical services.  

Regina Rosarii

Below the statue is the orientation area, but there was no activity going on at that time. Out of curiosity seeing people lining up to go up a stairway, I went up, too, the spiraled staircase barefooted because shoes are not allowed to wear inside the holy place.  I reached the frontage area of the statue where there were several people taking their selfie pictures as shown above.  I just passed by them and didn’t mind what they were doing. I went through a door that I thought was the exit door leading to downstairs already, but behold I saw the wonderful sight that I have been longing to see – a big Blessed Sacrament in a wooden box decorated with flowers around the area where it was enthroned.  A Dominican sister was leading the prayers for the Blessed Sacrament.  I came late during the prayer, but I just focused my eyesight on the Blessed Sacrament as shown below.  After the prayers, we were told to touch the wall for our personal prayers before we go down the exit stairway because the wall is the extension of Mother Mary’s cape.

Blessed Sacrament

People lined up to buy colored candles and express their prayers or petitions in the area as shown below.  Each color of the candles has meanings, like aqua – for thanksgiving, blue for peace, brown for safe trip or good job, green for hope to pass exam, orange for good health, red for courage, rose for love for family, violet for financial prosperity, white for success, yellow for joy and friends, maroon for the departed, and all colors for abundance.  You can choose which colored candles you like to buy, but we bought a pack of multi-colored candles to pray for every concern we have.  There is also an area where you can write your petitions and put it in the designated drop box, but I didn’t do it anymore because of time constraint.  

Lighting the Candles

Afterwards, from the hilltop, I took pictures of this Pahuwayan - Columbary and Ossuary with an image of Mama Mary having different poses situated around the area - and the  Rica Chapel as shown below. 

Pahuwayan-Columbary and Ossuary

The Rica Chapel

I was really very glad and felt satisfied,  even though I wasn’t able to hear the mass on time because I saw again this adorable picture in bigger size as shown below. I always have a prayer leaflet with me showing this same picture.  The words written below the picture, “I am with you until the end of time - (Matthew 28:20). I will do anything for you,” is very endearing to me. This is the same copy of picture I showed in my previous article, “A Reflection on Lenten Season.”   After a contemplative prayer, we saw a  wishing well in front of this chapel where people drop coins and express their wishes or desires to enhance more hopes in any wisher's hearts. 

Picture of Precious Blood of Jesus Christ

Because of time constraint, we were not able to see the whole vast area of the place.  But before we left, we rested under the huge tree as shown below.  We had the same family picture 3 years ago that I showed in my previous travel, “Happy, Happy Me Part 3,” where we dined at Sonya’s Garden, a beautiful garden restaurant in Tagaytay City. 

Family Bonding at Regina Rica

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