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Monday, February 6, 2017

My mind tells... Everybody Knows and Nobody Knows

Everybody knows that water is essential.  But nobody can know when the water supply in your community will run out or be contaminated with chemicals, solid particles, and other toxic elements.  This also holds true when any accident or  natural calamity will happen. I would like other people to know about our own experience with this water problem which I think is really worth sharing.  I’m writing this article, not to endorse any product but, to make other people become aware of what bottled water to buy.  Be health conscious and spend wisely. Likewise, we also don’t have to wait for another water problem before we decide to save a clean, filtered water at home.  Whatever situation you might be in,  remember to stay calm, focus, and find a solution to that problem. Here’s how our story goes--  

The Welder and I have a country living.  We have a good supply of water for years, but one night, there was a great surprise to us.  I was in the kitchen filling up a big cup with water and then poured it in the pitcher with zero-water filter.   After that, I noticed there was something different in the water that hadn’t been passing through the filter yet.  I thought I was just having difficulty seeing things clearly.  I even brought the pitcher with water under the light to see it clearly.  I set aside my doubt about the water and went to our bathroom.  I flushed our toilet and found out that I was really right about my doubt.  The color of the water in the toilet was even darker than the water I got from the kitchen water faucet.  I told the Welder about it, but since it was Sunday night, he couldn’t call somebody in the water district office to ask what was wrong with the water supply.  So the following day, Monday, he called the office and he was informed that there was a leakage in the next county area. Somebody from the office told him that it was still safe to drink the water.  So the Welder still drunk that light colored water for a day, but I didn’t.  I told him that I neither would like to drink that water nor use it for my cooking  until it is really clear. The following day, the Welder told me that he wasn’t going to drink that water anymore because it tasted metallic.  For 4 days we had colored water from the kitchen and bathroom water faucets, but we didn’t buy gallons of water from Walmart.  Why? Because we have a supply of clean, filtered gallons of water at home  that I already saved for many months ahead of this situation.  Before we used the water in those gallons, I tested first the water with our zero-water tester. It still reads ‘000’ which means the water has no residue of any solid particles or toxic elements, even though they were stored for many months.  The truth is, instead of throwing empty water gallons to the trash can, I save these water gallons the Welder buys every time he goes to a job in different states.  I patiently filter the water and let him bring these gallons of water always whenever he has a job, instead of buying them again from Walmart.  From then on, he decided to buy another zero water pitcher for his own use while staying in a motel.

But one time while staying in a hotel in Newport News, Virginia, I saw black particles in the water under my own naked eyes while pouring it into the zero water pitcher. So the Welder decided to buy two 2.5 gallons of water, but we were able to use only one 2.5 gallons of water. He told me to just let the water from the faucet run for a while before getting water and pour it into our zero water pitcher. So after his job was over, we brought this unused one 2.5 gallons of water at home for storage.

After this water incident in our own house, I got this unused 2.5 gallons of water out from the storage. Out of curiosity,  I thought of checking the reading of this water and we were surprised to know that the zero-water tester read it as  “147”.  I poured the same water into the zero water pitcher and after it was filtered, I dipped the tester into it.  We were surprised again to know that the reading was “000” already.  The Welder said, “I think this bottled water must never be trusted, even if it says, it has been filtered and ozonated.”

I just tested one brand, but never tested yet other brands of bottled water from the grocery store. We are glad that this water incident led us to know that not all bottled water are filtered well. So we should be more conscious of the bottled water we are buying and drinking.  We also feel glad that, in time of any water problem, my effort in saving many gallons of filtered water at home is worthy of doing it.  I would also to like to inform that not all water filters are worth buying it because the other water filter brand I bought before and used it for years was not. Now, I even regret having bought 2 pitchers with this kind of water filter brand. Viewers, in your own opinion, do you think we wasted our money on it?             

Different Brands of Bottled Water
These are the different brands of bottled water that we bought and consumed.  Remember, we should be wise and selective in buying bottled water.  Not all bottled water go through the same method of how they should be filtered and processed effectively to produce a clean water, free of contaminants.  It's still your choice which one to buy.  

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