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Hello Advertisers,

Promoting one’s product is very important to all business owners.  Customers or clients or consumers are the best asset to have to keep the business going.  Keeping them aware of the benefits of your product doesn’t end only when they buy from you.  They should also be aware how your product can be recycled, too, to promote a green environment. Sense of awareness and responsibility should always be practiced to have a clean, green environment in their respective area and households. 

That’s why this blog is created.  The ability to think, create, innovate, and inspire the consumers that there is more to do than just throwing things into the garbage can. Home savings tips are provided here to make life better for everyone by being practical and economical. My different greenecraft projects are combined with different techniques and craft ideas that the consumers have never thought of that they can possibly be done.   Other projects like, crochet, knit,  flower arranging, and holiday crafts, are also shown to inspire the consumers to be creative thereby enhancing their awareness about their hidden abilities and talents.  

In addition, gardening is a very good way of maintaining a green environment, especially if one is living in a country.  Consumers who have time to make food recipes out of the harvests from the vegetable garden can benefit from this area.  Gardening can help them not only cut down their daily food costs, but also enhance their  awareness about what they are consuming and the health benefits they can get from the products they choose to buy.  Whether fresh or canned, both have the healthy and nutritious benefits.  The value of gardening can help make life better for everyone, too.    

Because of these areas of concern, we would like to ask you to help us promote green environment and make life better for everyone by developing sense of awareness about its importance and make use of one’s time for creative and productive purposes. Creative positions are available for purchase on pages --Top Green eCraftProjects, Top Crochet Projects, Top Knit Projects, Top Holiday Projects, AboutUs, and Home Saving Tips, and on other URLs under  Labels shown on the right column area of this blog.

My beautiful Sunflower Plant

Sunflower Seeds
Every seed on my hand counts a lot to us.  They are the fruits of our labor. The fruits of our love and care for our small garden. The fruits of what Mother Nature has provided us.   The fruits of what is everything to us.  The fruits of what it takes to have a simple countryliving.

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“In worldly life, products and services are advertised to create  and satisfy people's needs.  But not all can be pleased at the same time and at the same place.  What matters most is what we can offer to satisfy God’s desires.”  


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