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About Us


Living in a country makes me feel that I’ve found the right place where there is peace and harmony in the area, though it's hard to be far away from my own family which bothers my heart.  But I never thought I would be creating a blog one day about my God's gifts to me and our country living.  Still I believe it’s not too late to share something good  to other people in whatever forms and even how simple it is.  This also made me realize that I have to take the opportunity of what our mother nature has to offer us and learn to appreciate its beauty and purpose.  Out of this opportunity, I hope this will lead us to something fruitful, productive, and beneficial. Here goes our story ....

The Gravel Road
This is our real Country Living where there is serenity, green trees, and fresh air, except when there is a car or truck running along this gravel road. Oops, sorry for the inconvenience 😐 


The Neighboring Field
Who wants to come up here and see them walk in line?  Because of huge acreage of land, family relatives tend lots of cows in their field.  Family members live not so far from each other.  In every special occasion, we gather together at my sister-in-law’s house to enjoy a simple celebration and the food we can share on the table.  Even a simple cup of tea or coffee on the table makes us happy talking and sharing some funny stories. We live simply, but fully because we have good family relationships.  

The Garden of Eve 
Trees on the right and trees on the left. Trees are everywhere. They are sweet haven for all animals, like birds, frogs, deer, etc that can provide enormous sustaining necessities of all mankind. All wonders of nature can be seen and it will bring smile on your face as you become amazed with its beauty.  More than enough to be thankful as if you have lived in God's Garden of Eden.  Oops, too much daydreaming 😊

The Little Shadow in the Garden of Eve
Yep, you can see my little shadow there standing in this Garden of Eve.  I called our place the Garden of Eve instead of Garden of Eden as in the Bible story. I named it after Mother Eve because of the story when she was tempted by the snake to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  

1st Baby Snake

2nd Baby Snake

The Snakes
So you see, snakes are really just around our place.  They weren’t able to tempt me to eat the fruit of Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil for I killed these baby snakes before they become bigger. Sorry, I'm bad πŸ˜” I also saw a bigger, longer one in our fruit-bearing tree field, but I wasn’t able to kill and take a picture of it. It crawled so fast and I didn’t dare to come near it.  I’m not here to scare you for I, myself,  was scared to death after seeing these baby snakes in front of our garage.  I’m not going to be like Mother Eve who came near a snake, talked to it, and just be tempted at the end.  No…. No…Never 😌 But it wasn't the only one I already encountered, but also other garden varmints, like raccoon, armadillo,  opossum, and skunk.

Let the Flag Fly
At the entrance, you can see this. The land rich in natural resources and cultural heritage. It’s a good place for hunting, trapping, fishing, boating, camping, and doing other cultural activities.   The Trapper is an outdoor guy and had experienced doing these activities.  He does hunting and trapping which he likes most doing during fall and winter seasons.  

The Shadow (again)
Mr. Sunshine is really up already. Look at my shadow as I stand behind it.  I look taller than in person and I like it πŸ˜ƒ  I’m an indoor woman because I don’t like to melt either under the sun or rain. That’s why I’m just a stay-home wife, a creative woman by heart, and a servant of my Lord.  

The birth of our first Garden Story 
 Since we have a wide area of land, the Great Gardener decided to make use of it.  He started planting during spring of year 2011, but  I was on a travel.  He bought this compostumblr, so he can develop our own organic fertilizer for the whole garden.  He likes to preserve the fruits of our labor, so he bought a canning book and learned how to can vegetables himself.  When I came back from travel, he taught me how to do the canning.  It was during 2012 that I begun canning  the fruits of our labor during harvest time. It was this year, too, that I begun our Garden Story in this blog. If they can’t be canned, I put them in a food saver bag with the use of our Food Saver Vacuum Sealing machine.  We even canned venison meat and bought a big, stainless steel dehydrator. He likes to eat pinto beans and include venison meat in cooking them. That's why I named him -- Mr. Pinto Beans πŸ˜„ Then I realized that I should make my own original recipes out of these harvests. I arranged them to look like a tree shape – from the shortest to longest titles. You may want to try any of these and here they are, as shown below, but please let me finish first my story... πŸ˜‰


Blackberry Field

 Vegetable Garden

Fruit-Bearing Tree Field

Sunflower Plant (1st variety)

The most beautiful plant in our garden
I really love this sunflower plant not only because of its nutritious seeds, but the most is, its beauty. If I can only preserve it by hanging it just like the way I do with roses, I will be very glad to do it also.  That's why I used sunflower as my logo in this blog, as well as, in my calling card.  I don’t know if it was just a coincidence that the website where I ordered my calling cards, has a picture of sunflower plant, the only one suited for the theme of my blog.  I patiently picked them after the plant wilted already and cleaned them.  You may like to click this - How to roast Sunflower Seeds after reading this post.

Sunflower Seeds (1st variety)

One time, I was with my husband who had an out-of-state job in  Newport News, Virginia.  He goes off to his job, while I just stay in a motel everyday.  He doesn’t really want me to work, but rather wants me to go with him always on his trips.  I go out to take a walk every morning and  go out to eat together during his day off. 

During those hours being alone while waiting for his arrival, it made me think to find even a work-at-home job.  I registered online to learn about being a virtual assistant, but it didn’t work for me 😒 I browsed and  browsed until I found "Google's Create a Blog and make money with your blog" πŸ™† Hmmm… that’s interesting.  Because of that,  I decided to work on something to spend my time well. But how 😩😩😩  My guardian angel softly whispered this,   “How about making use of your innate talent”  Why not? I answered gladly .…. hmmm 😌😌😌

The birth of my first Crochet Projects
I was inspired to design these pouches for my only granddaughter who was born after several years of marriage of my elder daughter.  I named these pouches after her and thought of having her use these  pouches when she grows up.  They are my first crochet projects – Zoe Pouches.  Some of them had been featured already in my crochet designer's profile at All Free Crochet, as well as, my other succeeding crochet projects. Thank you very, very much to all viewers and All Free Crochet. For details, please click on each project as shown below, but let me finish my story first (again)…. 😀

    Flower Girl Zoe Pouch                     Basket-Styled Zoe Pouch
    Lady Zoe Pouch                                       Go-School Zoe Pouch

      My Supportive Son
Since my son knew that I wanted to have an income from home,  he told his co-employees about my crochet projects.  Upon knowing it, they requested for a made-to-order crochet and knit projects.  I know how to crochet even when I was still young, but I never know how to knit before. Oh, my golly bow wow wow!!!  What should I do 😱 My son bought me a small knitting book, so his co-employees would have something to look on projects they like to order.   So I did what I could do and tried to learn how to  knit.  I even bought different sizes of circular knitting needles.  Oh, my golly bow wow wow (again)!!! They are expensive knitting needles 😲After several trials and errors, I couldn’t believe I can knit already πŸ˜‰ I was able to make my own crochet and knit designs specially made for them. I used them as my first models, too. I'm thanking them for all the support they gave me. I have my succeeding knit projects featured in my knitting designer's profile at All Free Knitting. Then I was even able to combine my crocheting and knitting skills when I was on a travelThank you very, very much to all viewers and All Free Knitting πŸ˜‚

The birth of my first Green eCraft Project
The Welder likes to drink lots of brewed coffee everyday. We reused these coffee cans for many purposes and I mentioned other things that can be saved and reused in my Home Saving Tips page. That's why I named my blog -- "green ecrafts" with an "e" to differentiate it from many other websites mostly using the word "greencrafts."

The first project is always memorable to mention because this made me more inspired to create more greenecraft projects, aside from doing my crochet projects.  It’s a great achievement that this project has been featured as “Coffee Jug Planter” in my craft designer’s profile at Fave Crafts and posted  #1 in Top Green Crafting Projects (Nov. 02, 2013). This project is listed as #11 of Fave Crafts’ Most Popular Top 100 Craft Ideas – 2013 under Recycled Craft Ideas subheading.  Because of this, I was given a recognition button as shown below, so it's also my number one in the list of my Top Green eCraft Projects. Consistently, I got another recognition button the following year as shown below also πŸ™ŒThank you very, very much to all viewers and Fave Crafts πŸ˜€

Favecrafts 2013 Top Blogger

Favecrafts 2014 Top Blogger

Zero Water Filter

The birth of my first Article
It all happened in Newport News, Virginia.  We always bring our pitcher with zero water filter with us on every trip.  It comes with a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter to let you know how much foreign bodies and chemicals are there in the water. To make the story short, I  wrote an article about this important information because water is essential to all.  It’s entitled, Everybody Knows, Nobody Knows”  which was my first one to be posted in this blog and then other articles followed.
Doing all these stuff (greenecrafting,  crocheting, knitting, gardening, flower arranging, cooking, and baking, etc.) can  make you wonder how I could have done these all?  Honestly, it’s not easy to think of new creative ideas and turn them into real, good, nice, beautiful, usable … projects. Please take note that it’s not just creating something, but it must have a purpose, too. I’m not even a computer savvy or technically knowledgeable about structured data and its technical words--- html codes. They are really boggling my mind and driving me crazy 😠   But somehow my desire to inspire others is my driving force to create more and more… Perseverance and determination are my personal weapons I have to sustain me throughout, while doing my passions.  It pays off all my effort in doing so, if my projects I’ve posted get a very good recognition from different well-known, reputable directory websites and be included in an ebook. My two crochet projects namely, Swimwear Cover Up and Crocheted Gift Box  were already included in the two ebooks of All Free CrochetI’m very, very thankful to all of them for allowing me to create my designer's profile and post my projects. I really appreciate very much all the kinds of recognition your good offices have given me.  Thank you very, very much to all viewers, too πŸ˜ƒ

I also got this another good recognition from All Free Holiday Crafts (March 21, 2014) and copied it from their website as shown below. This is what I mentioned previously that only a good recognition can pay off all my hard work. But this is extremely a very good payoff, a very uplifting one. Thank you very, very much to all viewers and All Free Holiday Crafts again 😊


Susan Hamilton

Susan HamiltonSusan is a creative mother to four children who have all grown-up and finished their college studies. One of her main goals is to lead a fruitful and productive life. In her spare time, Susan crafts and blogs about her creative experiences. Her favorite ways craft techniques include crochet, knitting, sewing, and green crafting. Susan also love to work outside in her garden and believes that it is never too late to share your own good with others, which why she created her blog.

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The Nativity Portrait

Crocheted Gift Box

I submitted only two projects.  The Nativity Portrait was featured as “Nativity Portrait” too, while Crocheted Gift Box as “Crocheted Christmas Wrap.” Actually, this Crocheted Gift Box was one of my projects  that were included in an ebook that I previously mentioned above.  It was also listed as  #1 in Top Christmas Crochet Projects (Dec. 16, 2013) at All Free Crochet. Each website has their own respective criteria. The important thing to remember is this: “a very good project provides a very good inspiration and begets a very good recognition at the end.” This is really an extremely great honor to be # 1 in Top Craft Designer Profiles (March 21, 2014).  Though it’s not a permanent ranking, at least I was able to reach the top.  Thank you very, very much to all viewers and All Free Holiday Crafts again 😀


My Wii
To maintain my sanity, I need to take a time out.  I open my Nintendo Wii  box and dance with 2 to 5 songs for 30 minutes only or for a day or after spending time in the computer for 2 to 3 hours, I take additional 2 dance songs. It’s my form of physical, mental, and visual stress relief to energize every g/L of my blood running through my whole body πŸ˜“

Medals in my Wii box
See what I mean here 😎  I’m also getting awards in my Nintendo Wii boxI have to strive hard  to follow the dance steps and aim high till I get the highest score, which in turn,  can boosts my level of inspiration psychologically to aim high, too, for more very good creative ideas.  I really love dancing, especially ballroom dancing, but those were the days in my life.  It’s also one of my passions.  Maybe I should join Dancing with the Stars,” too, someday πŸ’ƒ (joke only)

I also love playing Sudoku other than any other games in my Ipad mini.  My son gave away his first DS to me because he bought a new one. I don't care if it’s old or not the latest one because it is who I am –taking always hand-me-down items 😁 This helps me recharge my brain power 😫 and takes my mind to another world to concentrate temporarily about a different thing. I enjoy doing this in my own “oasis” where no one can bother me. I like numbers because my favorite subjects were Algebra and Math during my schooling days. It also helps me boost my moral and its speed type (rocket image)  and  music makes me feel “child like” again πŸ˜‡  

I also love watching HGTV shows featuring interior designs and house remodeling, like Property Brothers, Income Property, Cousins Undercover, and all the ----Crasher shows involving  kitchen, garden, living room, bath, etc.. renovations.  It’s my another form of mental and visual stress relief while it gives me some idea on what’s the latest or up trends in interior designing. I love interior designing and it’s my greatest passion actually.  I didn’t find time to fulfill my dream of becoming an interior designer because I spent more time providing for my children’s needs and their future. 

By the way, I’m also a contributor to other well-known websites, like Pinterest, Facebook, and Tumblr.  Where almost everybody has a Twitter account already, I just recently added one. So I don't really have much to show yet in this account. Sorry, I'm really slow and not really technically savvy 😐 Whew …  so many social networking  media I need in order to survive in this cyberspace πŸ™

Fambo (male Betta)

Blue Boy (male Betta)

My Pets
A good relationship does not develop only between two human beings, but also between a human being and an animal. When you have a pet and take care of it even just for a week or few months, you will still develop a strong bonding relationship with it. Regardless of what kind and size of pet you like to have, it needs love and care just like any human being in this world. Having a pet adds life to your everyday routine and in many ways.  For me, my pets provide me companionship and brings joy. By merely looking at them, it puts a smile to my face 😁 and temporarily brings my mind to their underworld,  hence another very good mental and visual stress relief to my whole busy day.    

Walking is also a good way of relieving stress.  I also go out of the house to take a walk around the yard and pick up dried sticks to save them for winter season. We have 2 cotton and 4 oak trees around our yard that are providing me these dried sticks for my coffee can projects as shown below:

Gardening is another way of relieving stress.  Actually, I really talk to plants. At least, I have a big crowd of audience listening to what my heart is expressing.  You maybe thinking that I don't help the Great Gardener in planting our plants and vegetables because I mentioned previously at the beginning that I'm an indoor woman.  I just need to wear my big hat, hand gloves, and long sleeves when going to the garden for I really don’t like to melt under the sun (-.-) I have a green thumb, too, because the plants and trees I planted, like the mums in our flower bed, blueberry, raspberry, grapes, persimmon, cherry, walnut, apple, and fig trees he lastly ordered grew.  

Strawberry Plant

The Greatest Source of All
Lastly, but not the least,  I always say my prayers everyday -- every morning before taking my breakfast and doing all my work.  This is my foremost source of energy providing me spiritual strength and guidance on what to do in all my decision making and problem solving.  I believe everything comes from Him, especially the gifts He has given me. On the other hand,  I have the duty to proclaim His marvelous deeds and be very, very thankful always… everyday… no matter what may come in my life. His words are the greatest source of my strength to pursue all my passions. 

" I will sing of your salvation. 
In you, O Lord, I take refuge; let me never be put to shame. 
In your justice rescue me and deliver me; incline your ear to me, and save me. 
Be my rock of refuge, a stronghold to give me safety, for you are rock and my fortress. 
O my God, rescue me from the hand of the wicked. 
For you are my hope, O Lord, my trust, O God from my youth. 
On you I depend my birth; from my mother's womb, you are my strength. 
My mouth shall declare your justice, day by day your salvation. O God, you have taught me from my youth, and till the present I proclaim your wondrous deeds."

Psalm 71:1-2, 3-4a 

My first Christmas Decoration Project at the Church
My sister-in-law is the president of our church’s Altar Society where I was recruited as a member, too. She asked me to make several Christmas wreaths for our church.  She provided me all the materials and I made my first Christmas decorations for our church last 2011. I had the pictures of  inside of our church Christmas decorations taken, but not my other individual Christmas wreaths. I wasn’t yet that very passionate of my creative skills to show it online because creating a blog wasn’t in my mind yet at that time. 

I never thought that my Lord will lead me to create more projects. I’m beginning to realize now that He wanted me to make my first Christmas decoration project for Him first.  Then everything followed naturally like a water flowing from a river.  He opened the way for me to do this and even used my sister-in-law as an instrument.  My sister-in-law had never known that I have creative skills when we first met. When she recruited me as a member, the more I become closer to our Lord.  I even volunteered to be one of the Saturday Lectors during the mass. Later on, when I started my blog last 2012, I made my first Christmas Story 2012 and remembered this picture.

My first Flower Arranging at the Church
I took a two-day Ikebana hands-on training in my country a long time ago because I love flower arranging and it’s one of my passions, too.  One time, I saw many previously donated artificial flowers in pots or vases in our meeting hall. For some reasons, nobody was paying attention to have them be arranged well.  I asked our previous parish priest then, if I could have them and make flower vase arrangements for the altar. Before the mass, I brought to him the flower vase arrangements I did. He was glad to see them, but the problem was, he didn’t really like to have artificial flowers be displayed in our church altar.  I thought I could convince him to have some flower decorations for the altar, since it is always bare,  unless there is a holiday or an occasion to celebrate or someone donates fresh flowers.  He just let me bring these flowers home when I asked his permission. Disappointed, but not really sad because at least,  I have flower arranging projects to make.  From then on, every time he has used baskets or pots from fresh flower donors, he calls my attention to get them. The artificial flowers that were rejected by our previous parish priest to be displayed at our church altar, turned out to be more beautiful after rearranging them as shown below. I’m very thankful to him for giving me these artificial flowers. I have them displayed in our house 😀

Flower Basket Arrangement

Flower Vase Arrangement

Flower Carton Arrangement

Mr. Pinto Beans
Not to forget --  the Great Gardener –the Hunter - the Trapper - who has been very supportive of all my endeavors, aside from being a hardworking man. I named him also as Mr. Pinto Beans because he likes to eat pinto beans.  While I named myself as Mrs. Jelly Beans πŸ˜Š

This is not the end yet.  But it is just the beginning of good things to come….. (-.-)

For complete lists of document pages showing my projects, recipes, gardening, flower arranging, articles, travels, and Sunday Gospel, please click this sitemap.

Please don't forget also to view our Privacy and Copyright PoliciesHome Saving Tips, and Advertising. Thank you very much again. Happy viewing (-.-)

“Learn to motivate yourself and think positively.  Believe in yourself that you can do it.  Never give up and don’t let others put you down. It’s never too late to show something good to do.  Love and enjoy your passion. Pray for guidance. Relive your life.  Stay focus, focus, and focus.” 

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