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Top Green eCraft Projects

Mother Nature has always the best resources to provide us our needs. That's why we really need to be resourceful, too, not only to spend less money, but also to lessen waste in our environment. Be innovative and imaginative about how things can still be turned into good use and help us a lot in many ways. Being a creative woman who likes doing green crafts and show them online and is living in the area of Mother Nature hence, my blog is named “Green eCrafts and Country Living. ”  My motto is just simply: 

 "To create is to inspire,  to innovate is to amuse,  to imagine is to aspire, and  to try is to do our best.  Just stay focus, focus, and focus."

My husband likes to drink a lot of brewed coffee everyday.  So coffee cans file up in our garage and this is the reason how it made me start doing  this blog.  lt’s worth all the effort in doing this project because it is listed as #11 of Fave Crafts’ Most Popular Top 100 Craft Ideas – 2013. This project was featured as “Coffee Jug Planter” in my craft designer’s profile on Favecrafts and posted  #1 in Top Green Crafting Projects (Nov. 02, 2013). Because of this, I was given this recognition button, 2013 Top Blogger. Please take note that this ranking is not permanent. Thank you very much to all viewers and Fave Crafts again. For details, please click the name of the project.

This is really awesome. What a great surprise I got this New Year 2015!!! This project got another award from Favecrafts and listed #13 among The Best of the Best – Top 100 Projects of 2014.  Thank you very much to all viewers again (-.-)

COFFEE CAN FLOWER POT (with Wally, the worm)

I made my first animated story about this Wally, the worm, together with Teddy, the turtle.  Actually, I bought them from Walmart because they look cute and funny to me.  When you stick Wally, the worm, on the pot, it can indicate when to water your plant or not.  

This unique, crocheted gift box has many things to offer, like as a gift box itself for any occasion, as a storage box for anything you like to keep, and as a decor in any room as well. Posted # 4 in What’s Hot (March 01, 2015) on All Free Holiday Crafts as "Crocheted Christmas Wrap."  Aside from this,  I also got an extremely good recognition from them -- #1 in Top Craft Designer Profiles (March 21, 2014) Though it’s not a permanent ranking, at least I was able to reach the top. Thank you very, very much to all viewers and All Free Holiday Crafts again.  For details, please click the name of the project.

What's Hot

4.       Crocheted Christmas Wrap
5.       Name Your Gift Wrap
6.       DIY Felt Slippers
7.       Funky Gift Card Cozies

CROCHETED GIFT BOX (with Santa Bear)
This project was also included in All Free Crochet's ebook entitled “Secret Santa Gifts – 13 Gifts to Crochet and posted as #1 in Top Christmas Crochet Projects (Dec. 16, 2013) at All Free Crochet. Thank you very, very much to all viewers and All Free Crochet again.  It's also listed as #1 among my Top Holiday Projects.  Please take note that this ranking is not permanent.

Holiday Gift Box

By: Susan from Green eCrafts and Country Living
Don't be bothered with wrapping your holiday gifts in fancy and expensive gift wrap this year. Give your gifts in this Holiday Gift Box this year. Complete this easy crochet pattern using an empty oatmeal container. The best thing about this beautiful gift box is that it can be used to store other items around the house including cards, loose change, and more.
Holiday Gift Box
Holiday Gift Box
This image courtesy of
Crochet Hook: G/6 or 4 mm hook
Yarn Weight: (4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)
Check out Susan's Designer Profile more even more great crochet patterns!

What's Hot

I believe in angels. I pray everyday to St. Michael, the Archangel, for guidance and protection.  Because I love angels, I made this nice, cute project just in time for this holiday season.  Encourage your children to write their wish this holiday.  The angel’s spiraled hand can hold a small letter (size of a calling card). It’s a nice decorative figure in your house this holiday season.   

This project is also listed as one among my Top Holiday Projects.  Included in Favecrafts' What's Hot as "Colorful Christmas Angels," rank #1 dated Sept. 26, 2015.  Please take note that this ranking is not permanent.

What's Hot

  1. Colorful Christmas Angels
  2. 27 Angel Crafts to Make for Christmas + Bonus Craft Idea
  3. Recycled Plastic Bottle Christmas Angel
  4. Doily Angel
  5. Itty Bitty Angel
  6. Gold Star Angel Ornament
  7. Heavenly Angel Pillows
  8. Delicate Angel Doll Crochet Pattern
  9. Kids' Beaded Angel
  10. Simple Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Angel Craft

A simple, yet beautifully designed to hang pictures that are worth remembering you most and serves as a holiday decor as well. This project was featured as “Holiday Wall Décor” and posted as  #1 in Top Christmas Crochet Projects in What’s Hot  on All Free Crochet (October 11, 2013). Please take note that this ranking is not permanent. For details, please click the name of project.

Whether it's Christmas or not, this same project is for all seasons because it can be used  for posting your favorite pictures of your loved ones on the wall and serves as a beautiful home décor as well.  It’s easy to make, so simple, yet beautifully designed to hang pictures that are worth remembering you most.

This project was featured also in my crochet designer’s profile at All Free Crochet as “Stashbuster Photo Frame”  and  posted #5 in Top Home Decorating Projects (2013).

Once again, an updated issue from All Free Crochet -- under the subheading “Brighten Your Home with Crochet Afghan Patterns and Home Décor,” this same project renamed as “Stashbuster Photo Frame has been  included in the list of 23 Free Crochet Patterns to Use Up Leftover Yarns”, since last March 23, 2017.  It was also included in their “What’s Hot” list as # 6 dated last April 4, 2017.  Though this ranking is not permanent, I still like to extend my gratitude to all viewers. Thank you very much.

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6.                          23 Free Crochet Patterns to Use Up Leftover Yarn
7.                          Modern Crochet Outdoor Rug
8.                          Dollar Store Twine + Thrifted Belt Basket Pattern
9.                          Crochet Floor Cushions
10.                        25 Free Vintage Crochet Patterns

These cute honey plastic containers are useful for keeping toothpicks, needles, candies, hair pins, marbles,  and other small items. The whole family honey bears can be a cute gift for someone as well. Posted #3  in Top Home Decorating Projects (What’s Hot) and featured as "Clover Honey Bear" on All Free Crochet (Nov. 14, 2015).  Please take note that this ranking is not permanent. For details, please click the name of the project.

What's Hot

2.      Magical Pillowghan
3.      Clover Honey Bear
7.      Tea Light Flower
9.      3 D Butterfly

A good way of keeping things tidy especially, your precious  ones like your jewelry or any small things you like to keep. It can also be a nice gift for someone. This project was also featured in my craft  and crochet designer’s profiles at All Free Crochet as “Crochet Jewelry Jar.”  It was also listed #9 in What’s Hot -Top Crochet Project (May 02, 2014) of Favecrafts as  “Crocheted Jewelry Jar.” Please take note that this ranking is not permanent. For details, please click the name of the project.


What's Hot


Camera should be kept properly to avoid having scratches on its body and getting damaged.  This is an easy-sewing project simply designed for easy handling of your camera on the go while enjoying taking pictures. It can be used also for other purpose like, as a coin purse or used to keep small things. Posted #1 in What’s Hot - Top Felt Projects (Dec. 16, 2013) and featured as "Stylish Felt Camera Cozy" at Favecrafts. Please take note that this ranking is not permanent. For details, please click the name of the project.  


This is my greatest artwork of all my artworks when it comes to coffee can projects.  I was motivated to do this for Christmas celebration.  I made the nativity scene possible to be just small because of the limited space we have as shown in the video below.



A new style of coffee can project to put flower plants in it.  This is a wonderful project to make and can make your front porch garden look  more beautiful and  the flower plants nice to look at being set on a beautiful coffee can hanging planters. 


I also posted these projects last May 11, 2014 and within 3 hours, it was included as one among the TOP Rated Spaces  in HGTv – Rate My Space.  Please take note that this ranking is not permanent. It got these ratings as shown below:

Front Porch Garden

Created 2 hours ago with 11 views and 1 rating
1 Rating


1 of 3 (1 Comment)

Note For This Photograph

It's nice to hang flowers to show its beauty and enhance a space in your house.

About This Space

With different flowers that can either be hanged or planted on the ground, they can make a difference to add beauty to any small front porch garden.

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Front Porch Garden

Created 3 hours ago with 47 views and 3 ratings
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This project was featured as “Hairbrush Organizer Free Sewing Pattern,” #3 among the Top 10 Craft Projects and # 5 among the Top 10 Craft Designers in What’s Hot on (Feb. 09, 2015).  Please take note that this ranking is not permanent. For details, please click the name of the project.

What's Hot

9.      Craft Room in a Jar

What's Hot

1.      Maria Nerius
2.      Calley Pate
3.      Tiffany Windsor
4.      Roseanna Beck
6.      Heidi Borchers
7.      Linda Peterson
8.      Emma Hardy
9.      Laura Kelly
10.    Mark Montano


“Your hand is a symbol of  hard work, sacrifice, commitment, and love.  It has the power to create, alter, and destroy.  Your mind is a symbol of  immense positive or negative thinking of  one's choices and preferences.  It's the focal point we use in our decision making.  It has the power to create, alter, and destroy, too. A busy mind makes a busy hand. They should work hand in hand to magnify one’s God-given talents and skills.  Never spend your day without doing something good and beneficial.”  


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