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In Deep Thoughts ...

Everyday in our life,  we are often busy doing our own tasks – whether in  a work place or at a home.  Each one of us has respective tasks to do as a mother, father, daughter, son, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, co-worker, employee, etc.  But how often do we realize that we need  to reflect on the quality of our tasks done at the end of the day?  Are we more of a good observant or more critical about what other people do rather than what we do? 

At the end of our day, have we asked ourselves this question, “What have I done well today?  How was my day in office or home)? Why did I fail or succeed?  Why did I get sick? and so forth. There are lots of why’s, how’s, and what’s to answer.  Reflecting each day is something we don’t often do because of our workload, lack of priorities,  giving more time looking on social media like, Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, etc.  Do we have to undergo trials or problems in life before we can realize that there is something wrong in our life that we need to fix or amend?  We are all vulnerable to trials, struggles, or problems.  No one is exempted from this and so am I.  This is how life is and this is how I struggle in life...  

I have been having deep thoughts since last two years ago.  I turned to my Lord for guidance and help.  Prayers help me a lot to get healed and move forward.   There is no other recourse but Him alone.   I made wrong decisions in my life before that were not pleasing to Him.  He allowed me to run my life for many years according to my ways and understanding, but I was proven wrong at the end by my Lord.  In His due time, He turned my life around.  There’s nothing impossible with Him.  Things happened, even if it was not my fault, hurt me a lot at the end.  They say, things happen for a reason and only God knows everything.  

While going through the period of reflection, I confined myself in solitude and went more often as I could, to the adoration chapel.  I felt comfort and healing with His gentle embrace while I cried out to Him.  I had to release all the loads in my heart for He said,

“Come to me,
all you who are weary and burdened,  
and I will give you rest. 
Take my yoke upon you
and learn from me,
for I am gentle and humble of heart;
and you will find rest. 
For my yoke is easy;
and my burden is light.”
(Matthew 11:28-30)

Aside from this, I refrained from attending the gatherings my sister would offer me  which she didn’t like me not going to the gatherings. She wanted me to feel happy and get rid of focusing on my inner hurts.  Sometimes, I went with her family, but more often, I didn’t want to.  Instead, I focused myself on doing my job during work days and my projects during my free time on weekends.

After less than a year, He made me go back to my country because of my ailing mother.   She has been bedridden because of hip bone fracture due to two successive falls.  I felt guilty about her second fall when I should not have left her because my nephew asked me that time to stay for a year to take care of her personally instead of the caretaker only.  I didn’t give in to his plea because I wasn’t prepared at that time to leave my job yet.  This time, I have to take care of her full time without worrying any job left.  My superiors were surprised when I quit my job unexpectedly.  

While in the country, struggles and problems still have never left me.  Whether a family member, or other people or things are involved, still I believe my Lord is with me always.  But it is really more painful to see a family member hurt you than anybody else. Through the power of prayers, He helped me solve my problem one by one in due time.   But the journey to healing process needs more time.  Three days before I left the house of a family member,  my Lord sent me this message:

“Thus says the Lord, your redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: 
I, the Lord, your God,
teach you what is for your good,
and lead you on the way you should go. 
If you would hearken to my commandments,
your prosperity would be like a river,
and your vindication like the waves of the sea; 
your descendants would be like the sand,
and those born of your stock like  its grains,
their name never cut off or blotted out from my presence.”
(Isaiah 48:17-19)

My Lord led me closer to His most Beloved Mother whom He knows, can provide me comfort, guidance, love, compassion, and protection in times of trials or problems.  I have never been so close and intimate to her before than now.  My relationship with her now is very intimate that I can tell her everything that is bothering and hurting me.  Actually, probably twenty years ago when my children were still small,  I dreamt about her. She appeared to my dreams, as if she was just standing beside my bed.  When I saw her, I suddenly knelt before her, prayed to her, and then I woke up suddenly.  She really looked beautiful in my dream and that was my first and last dream about her.  I didn’t know what the purpose of that dream was. I tried to be prayerful to her, but not really intimate, and I even taught the daily rosary prayer to my children.   

 Aside from Sunday mass, I regularly attend mass every Tuesdays and Fridays and say my rosary prayer to my Beloved Lady.  Afterwards, I always visit His sanctuary on the same days, too.  One day, He gave me a precious gift that I never had in my entire life --   GIFT OF VISION.   I arrange these instances according to chronological order below:

February 19, 2016, Friday -  This is the day when I initially saw the Blessed Sacrament glowing in splendor with white mist around it while in the midst of intense praying in the small adoration chapel of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

March 08, 2016, Tuesday -  I initially saw the Blessed Sacrament in the adoration chapel of the Holy Family Church, glowing in its splendor also with white mist around it.  There were trimmings of gold in the curtains inside the transparent glass enclosing the Blessed Sacrament.

March 29, 2016, Tuesday - This is the day I initially saw green color as background with the Blessed Sacrament glowing in splendor with white mist around it also in the big adoration chapel of Our Beloved Mother Mary.  Since then,  I have been seeing the same vision every time I visit the small  adoration chapel.  I took some pictures of the Blessed Sacrament in the same adoration chapel as shown below:

Blessed Sacrament

Blessed Sacrament (2)

Blessed Sacrament (3)

Blessed Sacrament (4)

Please try to look at each picture closely and see the rays extending from the Blessed Sacrament itself as shown above.  The Blessed Sacrament (4) changed its color to pinkish, greenish, and purple colors.  I saved these pictures in my laptop and became curious. When I zoomed in this picture, it shows rainbow colors of pink, purple, and green appearing in a slanting position, focusing on the images of agonizing Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, and St. Joseph holding the infant Jesus Amazingly there are also other images on it that I can’t recognize except the face of my Lord Jesus showing His crucifixion, the fall, agony in the garden, and scourging at the pillar.  These images describe the Sorrowful Mysteries in the Holy Rosary!!!  As I look at the Holy Host everyday, I noticed that there are also images that are really alive because they changed their original positions, like the heads moving up and down or downward and sideward.  I continually can see other images appearing every time I look at the Holy Host daily. 

Because of this revelation He gave me, I testify to the truth that God is alive, merciful and compassionate to those who believe in Him and beg for His mercy.  Though I never  expected this or even asked for this gift of revelation, I’m very much happy and blessed. This is really an amazing and precious gift I have received from my Lord, in spite of, not belonging to His chosen people and having imperfections.    

At first, I initially showed these pictures to my family members. as well as, the staff in the office of the church, without even realizing that there are images on it.  One of my sons-in-law initially disagreed with my claim regarding these pictures of the Blessed Sacrament.  In spite of his view, I wasn’t discouraged or felt disappointed, instead I  thought of drawing the vision I saw myself. That’s why I took pictures of the Blessed Sacrament in the small adoration chapel.  Of course, I asked my Lord His permission first (-.-)

After realizing that there are images on the Holy Host, I emailed the picture of the Blessed Sacrament #4 to both  my sons-in-law.  My intention was just to ask them to share it with others so other people might believe, become aware or enlightened that our Lord Jesus Christ is really alive and there is really one and only God.

It took me the whole day before I finally finished drawing it in pencil at the time when I got sick.  (-.-) Probably my Lord caused me to  get sick (the diagnosis by doctors was vertigo) for a while to stop me from doing my blog, so I could find time to do and finish my drawing.  I was busy editing all of my posts, staying up late in the evening at that time. Even though I took the prescribed medication, my dizziness would not go away for 3 weeks. I don’t feel dizzy when I’m sitting on a chair, so it really paved the way for me to finish the drawing because there was no way I could go online in my room to do my blogging.   I feel dizzy when I lie down in my bed and when I bow my head down.  For almost a month, I was in that health condition, but I stopped taking the medication already after my prescription expired and didn’t go back to the doctor anymore.  (-.-) More weeks and months passed by, until the drawing was finished with final gold color,  I don’t feel any dizziness now. I borrowed the green crayon of my youngest grandson for the finalization before putting it in a picture frame as shown below: 

My Drawing of Blessed Sacrament

Blessed Sacrament in Picture Frame

I was hesitant at first to post this page because I don’t really know how, when, and what to start with.  Even if I have been seeing this vision, the thought of viewers might not believe it, was bothering  me.  "But does it matter if they will not believe me?,"  I asked myself. "All it matters  is you are telling the truth," my conscience replied.

Actually, I started seeing a vision last 2015 when I attended a morning mass because it was my birthday.  I saw a white mist that came out standing near the priest in the pulpit while he was saying a prayer.  The attendees were all standing at that time, including me.  I was in the first row of the middle aisle pews, the closest to the altar.  The white mist showed a figure of one sitting on a chair while another figure  standing beside the first one sitting.  The figure standing looked like it has wings.  I closed my eyes and thought my eyes were just fooling me and the vision wasn’t real.  But I was wrong because when I opened my eyes again, I saw the white mist with the same two figures appeared again where it was beside the priest who was still saying a prayer. The vision stood there for few seconds only and then it disappeared and never reappeared until the mass was over.  I just kept the vision to myself when I went home.  It happened when I was in my country. 

The vision happened again when I went back to the USA the same year and attended one Sunday mass.  While the priest finished saying the homily, I saw again a white mist like a figure of a man standing beside the priest in the pulpit.  I was at a distance from the altar standing together with my sister.  After the mass, I told my sister about the incident in our country, but she just ignored me.        

After those incidents, I didn’t expect that this gift of vision would become prominent and evident because a greater and precious vision happened last February 19, 2016, Friday, which I already mentioned above.  This gift of vision is what making me feel blessed, confident, delightful, forgiven, healed, loved, protected, saved, strengthened, trusting, and vindicated by Him - my only Lord, my Savior, Jesus Christ. Until now, I have been seeing this same kind of gift of vision also in the adoration chapel of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage

To add more precious gift in my life, our Beloved Mother Mary has started calling my attention  since last March 13, 2016, Sunday, while I was saying my rosary prayer after the mass.  I initially saw one of the stones in the halo of Our Beloved Mother Mary glowing intensely like a small star, alternately twinkling in red color with white and yellow colors, before my eyes that really caught my attention.  Afterwards,  I even told my son-in-law, as well as, the staff of the church about the incident also.  I asked them what kind of stones are those and they replied -- Swarovski.  It still puzzled me why I have to see it and why it was focused on me, as if, calling my attention.  Then one time, I found out that there are lights in the halo of Our Beloved Mother Mary that can be turned off after the mass.   In my mind, I thought that what I saw was real.  In other words, I began to doubt the vision myself.  I just have to accept it that every time the mass is finished, the sacristan will turn off the lights in her house.  It came to my mind that the stone glows only when the lights are turned on.  In other words, that the glow in the stone wasn’t miraculously made by my most Blessed Lady!!! Though feeling sad, I just accepted that my most Blessed Lady was not really giving me any precious gift at that moment. Maybe there is something else, but I haven’t realized yet ….

In spite of this, I still always look forward to  see my most Blessed Lady and say my rosary prayer in front of her.  My faith and belief in the most Blessed Mother doesn’t depend on those glowing stones. But still, I always look at that single stone every time I pray to her.  One day, I didn’t wear my eyeglasses while praying to her.  While praying I saw the same stone twinkling like a star with its green color radiating its rays from the edge with yellow color at the center and it was moving in circle and getting bigger!  Then alternately it also showed red color radiating its rays from the edge with yellow color at the center and it was moving in circle and getting bigger, too. Then it became all white! 

When I came to meet the parish priest for the first time last June 14, 2016, Tuesday, I also told him about the glowing stone in the halo Our Beloved Mother Mary and my vision of the Blessed Sacrament.  He said that those stones were just ordinary stones. I even showed him the drawing I made without the picture frame yet.  He was very glad to know the gift of vision I have been given to experience in the adoration chapel.  

From July 7 to July 15, 2016, there was a 9-day novena mass for Our Beloved Mother Mary because her feast day falls on July 16, 2016, Saturday.   I attended the whole 9-day novena mass till the day of procession last July 16 after the 6:00 pm mass.  There were several mysterious instances that transpired during this 9-day novena mass after my saying my rosary prayer. No matter what is the purpose or meaning of all these or whether the glowing of the stone was really made by my most Beloved Mother or not, my faith and belief in her doesn’t diminish and doesn’t depend on the glowing stone. I have no intention of making the viewers believe it or even encourage viewers to join my religion.  I am just very happy to share to all viewers about my experiences with Our Beloved Mother Mary.  And this is what my most Beloved Mother is doing to me now -- out of her mercy and compassion, she has given me these precious gifts of happiness and gratefulness in my heart in the midst of trials!    

July 9, 2016, Saturday – This is the 3rd day of the 9-day novena mass. After saying the rosary prayer, I seated on  my legs while still kneeling in front of Our Beloved Mother Mary to put back my Holy Rosary and prayers pamphlet in my bag.  When I lifted my head, I saw the stones at the front side of her crown glowing with green color in a letter U shape for the first time with my naked eye. There were no more lights in her house and even on her halo at that moment!!!  I didn’t have my camera with me yet to catch that wonderful sight.  I intensely thanked her while sobbing in tears because of happiness and I uttered these last words to her,  “Mama Mary, please help me in all my prayers. Please help me, Mama Mary. I don’t know what to do anymore.” 

July 10, 2016, Sunday – This is the 4th day of the 9-day novena mass.  I saw 4 stones in the halo of Our Beloved Mother Mary glowing brightly while I was hearing the novena mass.  There were lights turned on in her house and even in her halo at that moment.  I still felt happy about it because it uplifted my spirit.  I still didn’t bring my camera, though I have been seeing other parishioners taking picture of Our Beloved Lady after the mass.  I just thought to bring it the following day.

July 11, 2016, Monday – This the 5th day of the 9-day novena mass.  While I was walking the aisle to go to my favorite seat to hear the mass, I saw all the stones in the halo of Our Lady glowing brightly, alternately twinkling like a star in rainbow colors, as if welcoming me, as I arrived.  I felt very happy at that moment.  There is always one stone focused on me glowing brightly.  After saying my rosary prayer, I asked her permission before I took a picture of her.  I brought my camera for the first time.  I didn’t expect that I would see Our Beloved Mother Mary smiled for the first time in this picture as shown below.  As usual, the sacristan turned off the lights in her house and even on her halo at that moment.  But why I could still see one stone lightly glowing in the darkness in the front center of her crown and one stone in her halo when I stood up???  I was hesitant to leave, moving sideward to the left and to the right upon seeing these stone lightly glowing even in the darkness to test if the vision was just a hallucination or if my vision was getting poorer.  But I wasn’t hallucinating or even my vision wasn’t just fooling me because every movement I made, the same green color was glowing before my naked eyes without the lights turned on.  I asked Mama Mary this question,  “Mama Mary, what do you really want me to do?”  I left without getting any answer from her yet.  But I went back to the church before noon time to meet a close friend because I invited her to visit the church.  I showed her the smiling picture of Our Beloved Mother Mary and the other picture where she wasn't smiling, as shown below.  In my camera, when I zoomed in her picture smiling, she was indeed smiling.  My friend was really happy and believed what she saw. 

Our Beloved Mother Mary - Smiling

Our Beloved Mother Mary- Not Smiling

July 12, 2016, Tuesday -  This is the 6th day of the 9-day novena mass.  After praying fervently to her, I asked for a miraculous sign – a single stone to light up in spite of having no lights anymore in her house or even in her halo,  to know if Our Beloved Mother Mary was really with me and hearing my prayers.  Again I asked her permission before I took a picture.  My wish also was to see her smile again in the picture as she did on the 5th day of the novena.  Behold! She granted my prayer at once – single stone glowing brightly in her crown in the dark without the lights turned on and a slight smile on her beautiful face.  I sobbed in tears again because of happiness upon seeing it.  I was able to take a total of 7 good shots of this miraculous sign until my camera was probably blocked out by her already.  The succeeding  3 shots were no longer showing a glowing stone in her crown.  Then the succeeding 2 shots showed darkness  already.  (-.-) Probably she wanted me to stop already (-.-)  I showed these pictures to the parish priest the following day and he was amazed at it.  He told me that I’m really blessed to have this experience.  He also blessed my drawing of the Blessed Sacrament. 

Single Stone in the Crown of 
Our Beloved Mother Mary 
Glowing in Green Color

Single Stone in the Crown of 
Our Beloved Mother Mary 
Glowing in Blue Color

July 16, 2016, Saturday – This is the feast day of Our Beloved Mother Mary.  I attended the 7:15 am mass.  From where I was seating,  there was one stone glowing in her crown seeing for the first time in green color and turning to blue color.   When I stood up, this stone turned to yellow color.  It really makes me happy even just looking at the beautiful face of my Beloved Lady!!!


There was a beautiful feast dance in the morning after the 9:00 am mass prepared by members of one of the community groups.  There were 7 scheduled masses held before the last mass in the evening. 


The last part of the feast celebration was the procession of Our Beloved Mother Mary and other saints, like St. Therese of Avila, St. John of the Cross, and St. Teresita of the Child Jesus.  It was made after the last evening mass held at 6:00 pm.  It was a hour -long procession that travelled around some streets in the community area.  We said the rosary prayer while walking.   I went along with the last caravan carrying the statue of Our Beloved Mother Mary together with the sacristans carrying the torch candles and incense burnt offering. After the final blessing of the parish priest for all the hundreds of attendees, I went home filled with joy and blessings brought about by the smell of incense, too (-.-)

Happy Feast Day
 Our Beloved Mother Mary !!!

July 16, 2016 

After her feast day, she was transferred to the temporary area on the ground, but with elevated platform.  The front area of the altar is being renovated and will be finished on December of this year, the parish priest said. After saying my prayer,  I came closer to her image and saw that the stones in her crown and halo are all white, especially the stone that glowed as shown above. Even the stones in the crown of baby Jesus are all white, too. I took picture of her for the last time without the lights showing a close up view of her.  

   Our Beloved Mother Mary 

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