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Top Crochet Projects

I started making crochet projects while I was in Virginia. My inspiration was my only granddaughter who was born after several years of marriage to my elder daughter.  My first crochet projects were different pouches that I named after her  – Zoe Pouches. Some of them was featured already in my crochet designer’s profile on All Free Crochet. I also used my crocheting skill in doing greenecraft projects and also had them featured in my craft designer’s profile on All Free Holiday Crafts. I never thought that these crochet projects would be getting recognitions.  So I created this page for my most recognized crochet projects I have ever done so far. 

This unique, crocheted gift box has many things to offer, like as a gift box itself for any occasion, as a storage box for anything you like to keep, and as a décor for any room as well. Posted # 5 in What’s Hot (Aug. 17, 2013) on  All Free Holiday as “Crocheted Christmas Wrap.” Aside from this,  I also got an extremely good recognition from them -- #1 in Top Craft Designer Profiles (March 21, 2014). Though it’s not a permanent ranking, at least I was able to reach the top. Thank you very, very much to all viewers and All Free Holiday Crafts again (-.-)

What's Hot

Top Craft Designer Profiles

1.                           Susan Hamilton
2.                           Angie Holden
3.                           Maureen Wilson
4.                           Jenny Chang
5.                           Carlene Eshelman
6.                           Amanda Formaro
7.                           Breanna Newbill
8.                           Marie Chorak
9.                           Staci Wendland
10.                         Anne Weil

CROCHETED GIFT BOX (with Santa Bear)
This project was also included in All Free Crochet's ebook entitled “Secret Santa Gifts – 13 Gifts to Crochet” and posted as  #1 in Top Christmas Crochet Projects (Dec. 16, 2013) on All Free Crochet. Thank you very, very much to all viewers and All Free Crochet again. It's also listed as #1 among my Top Holiday Projects.  For details, please click the name of the project.

Holiday Gift Box

By: Susan from Green eCrafts and Country Living
Don't be bothered with wrapping your holiday gifts in fancy and expensive gift wrap this year. Give your gifts in this Holiday Gift Box this year. Complete this easy crochet pattern using an empty oatmeal container. The best thing about this beautiful gift box is that it can be used to store other items around the house including cards, loose change, and more.
Holiday Gift Box
Holiday Gift Box
This image courtesy of
Crochet Hook: G/6 or 4 mm hook
Yarn Weight: (4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)
Check out Susan's Designer Profile more even more great crochet patterns!

What's Hot

Kids, not only adults, like to wear their favorite bathing suit to beat the summer heat while in a beach or ordinary swimming pool.  This swimwear cover up is cute and simply designed to wear for your small child to cover her wet, cold body temporarily after taking a dip in the swimming pool, or while just taking a walk around the area with her bathing suit on. Posted #4  in Top Children Projects  and  #2 in Top Seasonal Crochet Projects (an ebook about 16 Summer Crochet Patterns), all in  (What’s Hot) (May, 2013) on All Free Crochet as "Child's Swim Suit Cover Up".  For details, please click the name of the project.      


I made another swimwear cover up for older child aged 5 as per request of one of my viewers.  They are both my granddaughters who were both enjoying wearing this project during the photo session.

This pouch can carry any small things your child  likes to pick up at home and keep for herself.  With this kind of cute, nice, unique pouch, your child will learn and experience how to pick up and keep things tidy. This is why the project is created to suit this purpose.  Posted as #1 in Top Children’s Project (April 12, 2014) and featured  as "Butterfly Garden Basket" on All Free Crochet. For details, please click the name of the project.   

Butterfly Garden Basket

By: Susan from Green eCrafts and Country Living
Make this beautiful Butterfly Garden Basket for your little girl. She'll love playing around the house or in the backyard with this colorful basket. Use worsted weight yarn and butterfly buttons to complete this easy crochet pattern. Little girls will enjoy picking items around the house and carrying them around in this adorable little basket. Plus, it will also teach children how to pick things up and keep things tidy.
Butterfly Garden Basket
Butterfly Garden Basket
This image courtesy of
Crochet Hook: 00 or 3.5 mm hook (steel)
Yarn Weight: (4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)
Check out Susan's designer profile and other great patterns!

Small children like having sweet candies on their mouth and are fond of keeping  lots of candies in their pockets.  What if the dress they are wearing don’t have pockets?  This cute, unique pouch is designed for this purpose and patterned like a candy. This project was featured as "Sweet as Candy Bag" on All Free Crochet. For details, please click the name of the  project. 


This regular-sized, beautifully designed bag is made for small kids on the go—whether going on summer camping,  shopping, field trips, and other vacation trips.  Its colorful, attractive, flowery design makes it real all summer for any kid to be proud carrying this bag. It was featured as “Summer Cross-Body Bag on All Free Crochet. For details, please click the name of the project.


Summer time! Summer time! Better to have fun this time! What bathing suit to wear when swimming? There’s no  better way to show off this beautiful, cute pattern than to have also a beautiful, cute, adorable child as she is. This project was featured also in my crochet designer’s profile as “Sassy Little Bathing Suit”  on All Free Crochet.   This is the most controversial crochet project I have because I got negative criticisms from their viewers.  For details, please click the name of the project.


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  1. What a cute design , thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you very much again. I hope you can be able to come up which project you like to do. Enjoy crocheting.